Eiji Futami (双見英司 Futami Eiji?) is the main antagonist of Digimon ReArise Season 2.



Eiji is graduate student who majored in information science. He is a part-time worker who recently joined the Truffle Cafe. He has a gentle demeanor, and interacts with people and Digimon without distinction. He studied under Keito Tamada's father, and is acquainted with Keito and Nozomi Tamada[2] and has known them for five years.[3] He goes to the same college as Keito and they work together in the same lab.[4] He met their Father at a conference and then the two befriended each other on social media and eventually became close enough friends that he introduced him to his kids though in recent times the two of them have been unable to hang out due to their Father working overseas and Eiji being busy with college/work. Eiji's Digimon Fieldwork


Eiji Futami (双見英司)

Name used in Digimon ReArise.


When Eiji was a young boy, his parents both worked a lot so a lot of the time he was raised by a maid. When his parents could look after him though, they took him to places such as aquariums and movie theaters and would also take him camping, skiing, and fishing with these being his favorite memories. Newfound Power! Rasenmon and the Ties That Bind

Wanting to see their work, he asked them if he could go to work with them one day and to his surprise, they agreed. He goes with them, with them working in a facility that researched the Digital World, and during one of these visits, it caught on fire and his Mother, ended up falling into the machine that transports people to the Digital World. Just before she did, she was able to throw Eiji to safety, meaning only she was transported away. Though Eiji survived the ordeal, his Father and various other workers didn't. He then made it his life goal to find his Mother. The doctors had stated she had died in the fire but he knew otherwise, especially as her body was never recovered unlike his Father's. No one believed him though and they continued to insist she was dead. The End of the Road: Eiji's Fulfilled Wish Newfound Power! Rasenmon and the Ties That Bind

For a long time afterwards, Eiji had the same dream over and over where a voice begs him for help. He has it so often he is sick of it and it drives him crazy. As a result he decides to take matters into his own hands and end the dream forever, coming up with a plan to do so. God's Territory

Five years before meeting the other Tamers, Eiji visited the hospital and overheard Sara Shinkai begging to be allowed to continue using her VR treatment as she had met a Digimon there and didn't want to be separated from it. Though the doctors didn't believe her, Eiji did. He stole the VR headset she had been using and connected it to his laptop and was able to locate Tapirmon. He then transferred Tapirmon from the headset to his laptop, and then from his laptop to Sara's smartphone – allowing them to reunite in the Real World. Now reunited with her best friend, she swore loyalty to Eiji. Withstand the Endless Barrage! Settle Up With Sara

Five years later, Eiji created a virus and accidentally infected Dorumon with it. Although this wasn't intentional, Eiji uses this to his advantage and forces Takumi Hiiragi and Dorumon to work for him and help him achieve his goals of breaking into the Kernel as he was the only one who knew how to cure the virus. He has them team up with Sara and Tapirmon, and has the four of them do his bidding. Eiji's plan is to have them capture Spiral with his Sprial Capture Program, steal DigiCores from the Deva (who had been given them by the Four Holy Beasts), and then trap a member of the Three Archangels so that he can obtain their power, then use all of these together to get to the Kernel. To Wield a Blade for Justice

Eiji was hired as a part-time waiter at the Truffle Cafe when the Protagonist was on vacation with Pusurimon overseas, though had the day off when the Protagonist returned home and visited the Cafe, so they were unable to meet. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor Unbeknownst to the others, he did this so he could be close to the Tamers and manipulate them, always knowing where they are, with no one else aware of his true intentions. To Wield a Blade for Justice God's Territory

Some time later Eiji finally meets the Protagonist and Herissmon when they visit the cafe with Mon and Hackmon. Michi Shinjo and Mayu Kohinata are surprised that they have never met before. Eiji relays that he had heard all about Mon and Hackmon from Lopmon and that as soon as he saw Mon, he knew it was her - much to the shock of Mon. The girls point out that she dresses strange and decide to take her shopping though they realise that since Mon has no smartphone they wont be able to hide Hackmon. Luckily for Mon, Eiji gives her an old smartphone as he had many spares. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

When a strangely high amount of Digital Points open up Keito asks Eiji to help him looking into why so many had opened, though they are unable to figure out why. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara!

When Nozomi draws a picture of Elecmon, Eiji is the only one able to figure out what her drawing was. Shortly after a Digital Point opens up outside Truffle and so, deciding to research the phenomenon (as part of their college's research is about Digimon), he joins the rest of the Tamers as they battle the Spiral and watches as they defeat them. The group come across a ToyAgumon, which attacks Pumpkinmon out of fear for its life, though Eiji talks Leomon and Grizzlymon out of attacking it in retaliation, telling them that the ToyAgumon was just scared. Pumpkinmon and Nozomi are then able to convince the ToyAgumon that the group mean no harm and they all become friends with it. Keito then thanks Eiji for stopping them from attacking it. Eiji's Digimon Fieldwork

By using Keito's app that allowed communication whilst in Digital Points as a basis – as well as the data he learned from studying the Spiral – Eiji is able to create a new app that allows similar communication between the Human World and the Digital World. When the Tamers try it out, they are suddenly attacked by a group of Spiral as they were attracted to the app. Herissmon senses the Spiral data inside the app and when questioned about it Eiji informs them of the fact he he had used Spiral information to make the app. Eiji apologises, not realising that this would be an issue, though the group forgive him as the positives of the app outweigh the negatives. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts

When Examon, Crusadermon, Seraphimon, and Zhuqiaomon – of the Royal Knights, Three Archangels, and Four Holy Beasts – are fighting due to the dispute between the Royal Knights and Three Archangels over if Lucemon is hiding in the Archangel's domain or not, Eiji comes up with a plan and tells Mon to point out that not all members had been involved in their prior discussion that caused the battle. This was successful and the groups agreed to a summit that would involve all members. He also comes up with a potential list of topics that would be brought up during the discussion so that the Tamers could practice how they could deal with each situation. A Digimon Summit Begins?

A few days before the summit, Eiji allows Mon to use the cafe to prepare and gives her and Hackmon coffee. As the duo drink it they reminisce with Eiji about Mon's time with the Tamers. Eiji then decides to help her with the preparations. Mon and Eiji's Unbeaten Path: Markers of Betrayal

He then attends the summit via video call. A Digimon Summit Begins?

With Eiji's plan almost complete he has Takumi exceute the plan to trap Seraphimon. Takumi has a large group of evil Digimon attack the Digital World, with them travelling there through a portal from the Dark Area. Seraphimon and the Deva Sandiramon defeat them and eventually find the portal, leading them to Takumi and Dorumon. As they fight against Gaiomon Takumi realises they can't win and has Gaiomon flee with Seraphimon pursuing them. As they run away, they try to trick Seraphimon into falling into their nearby trap, whilst Seraphimon charges up an attack that would kill everyone. As Takumi refuses to give up, still wanting to defeat the Archangel, Gaiomon surrenders – finally standing up to Takumi, refusing to be evil and blaming itself as it realised that Takumi would never do something evil unless it was to protect his partner. Gaiomon then ends its partnership with Takumi and dedigivolves to Dorumon. Seraphimon accepts the surrender, however Sandiramon does not and attacks the duo with the intent to kill them. The other Tamers arrive and join the battle to help Takumi and seeing that Takumi had failed, Eiji activates the Spiral Capture App on Takumi's phone, releasing a large group of Spiral which then attack everyone. Eiji had hacked the Spiral and given them new abilties, which they use to paralyse everyone (the ability also absorbing some of their data). Eiji had known that Takumi would probably fail and whilst insulting him accidentally reveals that he was the one that infected Dorumon with the virus. Realising that Eiji had tricked him, as well as learning that the Spiral paralysing everyone included Dorumon, Takumi charges into the battle to try and protect his partner. Takumi finds Dorumon on the verge of death and admits he had done all the evil things to protect it and would still do it all over again, despite knowing that he was doing wrong as he just wanted to protect his partner. The two reconcile and come to understand each other, with Takumi deciding that he will stop working for Eiji and instead cure Dorumon's virus on his own. With their partnership renewed and the duo back on the side of good, Dorumon digivolves to Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode, defeats the Spirals, saves everyone's lives, then uses its new powers to remove everyone's paralysis – ruining Eiji's plan. Though he was disappointed to lose Takumi, he didn't mind too much as he still had Sara and could still achieve his goals with or witout Takumi. To Wield a Blade for Justice

Now having everything they need, Eiji and Sara prepare for the final step to invade the Kernel, though Eiji also sets up a Digital Point in the location first and has Spiral pretend to be him and Sara by manually hacking their appearence and then using an app to play their voices out of the fakes to trick the others. Just as the fake versions pretend to start the plan, Leopardmon and Jesmon show up and attack them. As they had to go to an exact location to be able to infitrate the Kernel, it made finding them easy. Eiji had thought the Royal Knights would be busy but they had outsmarted him as they had lied to him about what they'd be doing as Jesmon had suspected Eiji from the start. The fake Eiji summons a large group of fellow Spiral and though they are able to paralyse the two Knights, they had not come alone. Kentaurosmon ambushes them from the sky and kills them, however this reveals to the trio that they were not the real deal and instead, their deaths triggers the hidden Digital Point – sucking the three of them into it as Eiji and Sara laugh at them, watching from afar.

They then succesfully complete their plan and open a gateway Kernel. The Three Archangels were onto them however, and before they can go inside it, Cherubimon comes out of it and attacks them. Eiji summons Spiral, whilst Cherubimon summons many Angel Digimon and using a program they had created to nuetralize Eiji's Spiral (having analyzed the program when it was used against them in the past) it is able to delete Eiji's Spiral. Still having loads left, he summons more of them and has Sara digivolve Tapirmon to Machinedramon in the hopes that they can defeat Cherubimon in a battle of attrition. Cherubimon easily deals with them despite the numbers however Eiji uses his hacks and disguises the Spiral as Angel Digimon and Machinedramon which is enough to throw Cherubimon off with the Spiral and Machinedramon being able to team up and defeat Cherubimon. As they prepare the killing blow; LovelyAngemon, Mitamamon, and their partners arrive – having noticed the gateway from afar due to how bright it was. Though confused at the fact Eiji was evil, they defeat the Spiral and save Cherubimon, though in defeating the Spiral, they are effected by their palarysis ability. This doesn't last long however, as Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode also shows up and is able to remove the palarysis and is followed shortly after by Rasenmon, HeavyLeomon, and Grizzlymon. The group fail to stop Eiji however as he is able to have Machinedramon and the Spiral stall them long enough to be able to run through the gateway. Unfortunately for Eiji, the gateway remained open due to Cherubimon using its remaining power with the Tamers being able to get Rasenmon, Jesmon (who was able to escape the prevous Digital Point), and their Tamers through the gateway as well before Cherubimon passes out. God's Territory Eiji is then able to stop anyone else from accessing the Kernel. Withstand the Endless Barrage! Settle Up With Sara

Now in the Kernel, Eiji begins using it to access all information about the Digital World both past and future though the amount of data, most of it chaotic and tangled, makes the task unmanageable. Deciding that said information was useless, he heads off to look for the main access point to make searching for information easier. He is eventually able to find it, and after playing around with the data is able to figure out how to work the Kernel. Just as he has it figured out though; the Protagonist, Rasenmon, Mon, and Jesmon arrive to confront him with Eiji realizing this meant Sara had failed. He sends Spiral after them, though Jesmon is able to defeat them having been able to copy Gaiomon's technique from simply having seen it once. Undeterred, Eiji summons more of them and has them attack the Humans, figuring they would rather save their partners than stop him. After they defeat those Spiral, they group are suddenly ambushed by a memory revealing not only did his Mother die whilst stranded in the Digital World, she gave birth whilst there with Mon being his younger sister. As he freaks out upon learning this, one of the Diaboromon type Spiral reveals it is actually a Spiral-4004Y then attacks him – with this being the original Spiral that had glitched. As the group question the fact that this Spiral was acting on its own instead of being part of the Hive Mind, it names itself Spiral Origin and reveals that it plans to wipe out both Humans and Digimon as revenge for them persecuting the Spiral. Jesmon and Rasenmon try to stop it, but it easily defeats them – having gained the power of the Kernel thanks to Eiji. It then banishes everyone from the Kernel and begins its plan to destroy both Worlds. The End of the Road: Eiji's Fulfilled Wish

Upon awakening they are attacked by a group of Spiral, and Hackmon and Herissmon are unable to digivolve. Unable to defeat the high level Spiral, and unable to escape, they are almost killed until Sara, Michi, LovelyAngemon and Machinedramon arrive. Machinedramon defeats the Spiral, after which Sara talks him into helping them get back into the Kernel as his own goals had been completed even if they didn't turn out how he wanted with his Mother being dead. He didn't originally agree as he was too depressed about the last decade of his life being a waste of time, though Sara is able to convince him otherwise by telling him how he had saved her life. Mon informs him he will be punished after the World is saved and Eiji leaves to do research.

After he returns, he tells them that it would be impossible to get back into the Kernel in the conventional way due but theorises that by hacking Herrismon and accessing its connection to the Spiral Hive Mind they could manifest a gate that would allow them to travel to Spiral Origin, who just so happened to be inside the Kernel. He whips up a program that allows them to do this and installs it into Herissmon – who is then able to open said gate though the gates instead send them to the other Tamers one by one, which allows them to join in on the assault against Spiral Origin. Eiji asks Herissmon if this was on purpose, though it states it wasn't and the gates must've just been reacting to the fact it did want to reunite with the others. After recruiting everyone else, they go through the gate once again only for it to instead send them to the Dark Area – with them being dropped right in front of GranDracmon. GranDracmon is delighted that its beloved Tamers had appeared before it though with it not yet being strong enough to defeat them it survives the Tamers combined attack, uses Eye of the Gorgon on Herissmon and is able to brainwash Herissmon and cause it to warp digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode once again. Before it can do anything however, the Protagonist is able to snap it out of it and revert it back to Herissmon simply by calling out to it which annoys GranDracmon. It manifests a copy of Rasenmon Fury Mode and has it attack the group, though Herrismon warp digivolves to Rasenmon and is able to tap into the real Fury Mode's powers causing it to use a new attack featuring the powers of both Rasenmon and Fury Mode, which it uses to defeat the copy. Defeated, GranDracmon retreats. Whilst the others fought GranDracmon, Eiji had daydreamed about what his life would be like had he been able to live happy life with his family instead of them dying, with his daydream including his little sister Mon as well, though after snapping out of it the fact he could never have this happy life causes him to become even more depressed.

Rasenmon is then finally able to open a gate to the Kernel, though Spiral Origin sends the Spiral Guardians (G-Spiral-6097, G-Spiral-6098, and G-Spiral-6099) through it from the other side to attack them. Newfound Power! Rasenmon and the Ties That Bind

As the group struggle against the Spiral Guardians they realize that they need more help to be able to defeat them. Grizzlymon, wanting to be more useful to the group as it couldn't do much whilst still stuck at the Champion level, forces itself to digivolve to Cerberusmon so that it could open a gate to the Dark Area so that more of their allies can join the battle. No one appears to come out of it though, which leads Spiral Origin to boast that it had used the Kernel's power to delete the Digital World, and assumes it had worked. It taunts the Tamers about the fact they had failed and that everyone was dead only for Sandiramon to tell it to shut up, which caused the group to realize they had indeed summoned at least one ally to help them. Spiral Origin freaks out, as it should've been dead alongside the Digital World, with Sandiramon telling them that the Digital World still existed as the Four Holy Beasts had managed to stop the deletion at the last second. Sandiramon then allows Cerberusmon to use the DigiCore it had been entrusted with by the Four Holy Beasts to be used to open multiple gates at once which allows all members of the Deva, Royal Knights, and Three Archangels to join the battle. With the group now being much bigger, their combined forces are able to defeat the Spiral Guardians. Spiral Origin revives them however, though the large group of newly summoned allies fight them and allow the Tamers to go to the Kernel. Vs. Guardians

As the Tamers travel the Kernel, they are ambushed by stronger and stronger Spiral until they eventually reach Origin. Origin spawns even more Spiral, with everyone except Rasenmon fighting them. Rasenmon tries to talk Origin down and as it does, it is given power by rebellious Spiral who didn't want Origin to destroy the World and instead wanted to be friends with everyone (as Origin was unable to exert its will over the entire Hive Mind at that point). Origin uses the ones it still had control over to become its own unique form, though the rebellious Spiral power up Rasenmon up enough to allow it to defeat Spiral Origin. This also causes the Spiral Guardians fighting in the Dark Area to disperse as well.

After Spiral Origin's defeat, the Three Archangels return to the Kernel and usher everyone out with the exception of Eiji and Spiral Origin as their data had been altered due to taking control of the Kernel. Due to them doing this, both the Digital World and Real World would reject them, meaning they were now trapped in the Kernel forever though Cherubimon stated they would both be deleted as punishment for their actions once they had regained control of it (though had no clue how long this would take, as the duo had done large amounts of damage to it meaning it could take "all eternity" to fully fix it). Eiji didn't care about the fact he was trapped there, as he no longer had any reason to want to return anyway since he had achieved his life goals and simply decides to wait for his fate to be sealed. He pretends to not care about the others, though after Sara tells him about how much she cares about him and Mon tells him how happy she was that she ended up having a big brother that had welcomed her "home" to Truffle every time she visited he blushes and thanks the group for being so nice to him despite all he had done as they separate forever. He then creates a program that allows the Spiral to be reborn as real Digimon. The Spiral, now as actual Digimon, are then finally happy with some of them becoming partner Digimon to Humans. Destiny Calls, Future Weavers

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