Eiji Futami (双見英司 Futami Eiji?) is a character in Digimon ReArise Season 2.



Eiji is graduate student who majored in information science. He is a part-time worker who recently joined the Truffle Cafe. He has a gentle demeanor, and interacts with people and Digimon without distinction. He studied under Keito Tamada's father, and is acquainted with Keito and Nozomi Tamada[2] and has known them for five years.[3] He goes to the same college as Keito and they work together in the same lab.[4] He met their Father at a conference and then the two befriended each other on social media and eventually became close enough friends that he introduced him to his kids though in recent times the two of them have been unable to hang out due to their Father working overseas and Eiji being busy with college/work. Eiji's Digimon Fieldwork


Eiji Futami (双見英司)

Name used in Digimon ReArise.


Eiji was hired as a part-time waiter at the Truffle Cafe when the Protagonist was on vacation with Pusurimon overseas, though had the day off when the Protagonist returned home and visited the Cafe, so they were unable to meet. A New Quest! The Mysterious Visitor

Some time later Eiji finally meets the Protagonist and Herissmon when they visit the cafe with Mon and Hackmon. Michi Shinjo and Mayu Kohinata are surprised that they have never met before. Eiji relays that he had heard all about Mon and Hackmon from Lopmon and that as soon as he saw Mon, he knew it was her - much to the shock of Mon. The girls point out that she dresses strange and decide to take her shopping though they realise that since Mon has no smartphone they wont be able to hide Hackmon. Luckily for Mon, Eiji gives her an old smartphone as he had many spares. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

When a strangely high amount of Digital Points open up Keito asks Eiji to help him looking into why so many had opened, though they are unable to figure out why. Chasing the Shadow of an Angel! Joining Forces with Sara!

When Nozomi draws a picture of Elecmon, Eiji is the only one able to figure out what her drawing was. Shortly after a Digital Point opens up outside Truffle and so, deciding to research the phenomenon (as part of their college's research is about Digimon), he joins the rest of the Tamers as they battle the Spiral and watches as they defeat them. The group come across a ToyAgumon, which attacks Pumpkinmon out of fear for its life, though Eiji talks Leomon and Grizzlymon out of attacking it in retaliation, telling them that the ToyAgumon was just scared. Pumpkinmon and Nozomi are then able to convince the ToyAgumon that the group mean no harm and they all become friends with it. Keito then thanks Eiji for stopping them from attacking it. Eiji's Digimon Fieldwork

By using Keito's app that allowed communication whilst in Digital Points as a basis – as well as the data he learned from studying the Spiral – Eiji is able to create a new app that allows similar communication between the Human World and the Digital World. When the Tamers try it out, they are suddenly attacked by a group of Spiral as they were attracted to the app. Herissmon senses the Spiral data inside the app and when questioned about it Eiji informs them of the fact he he had used Spiral information to make the app. Eiji apologises, not realising that this would be an issue, though the group forgive him as the positives of the app outweigh the negatives. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts

When Examon, Crusadermon, Seraphimon, and Zhuqiaomon – of the Royal Knights, Three Archangels, and Four Holy Beasts – are fighting due to the dispute between the Royal Knights and Three Archangels over if Lucemon is hiding in the Archangel's domain or not, Eiji comes up with a plan and tells Mon to point out that not all members had been involved in their prior discussion that caused the battle. This was successful and the groups agreed to a summit that would involve all members. He also comes up with a potential list of topics that would be brought up during the discussion so that the Tamers could practice how they could deal with each situation. He then attends the summit via video call. A Digimon Summit Begins?

Notes and references

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