Durandamon b

Durandamon concept art

Level Mega
Type Holy Sword
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire
Debut Digimon Reference Book
(March 23, 2017)
Prior forms Duramon[1]
Next forms RagnaLoardmon
* (w/ BryweLudramon)[2]

Durandamon is a Holy Sword Digimon. A Digimon possessing the ultimate holy blade, it digivolved by honing its sword to its best ability and attaining data on "legendary swords" found in mythology and video games. Boasting strength that puts it among the strongest Legend-Arms capable of transforming into swords, it is said that wielding Durandamon in sword form will surely bring about victory. Its slashing attacks are fierce enough to cut through any sort of defense, although there have been records that only the strongest of the Legend-Arms Digimon capable of transforming into shields are able to withstand Durandamon's attacks. While both its attacks are powerful enough to take enemies down in one hit, Durandamon's greatest appeal is still its ability to transform into a weapon and unleash slashing attacks.[3]


  • Zwei Glänze[4] (Deu: Two Gleaming) (Zwanglänze, Deu: Twenty-Gleaming): Focuses its fighting spirit into the blades on both arms and slices the enemy with them.
  • Thron Messer (Deu: Throne Knife): Spins its body to slice multiple enemies in one fell swoop.



Durandamon (デュランダモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Durandamon is #264 and is a Neutral Vaccine Type, Mega level Digimon and uses 20 memory. It digivolves from Grademon, Duramon and Knightmon. Its special attack is Zwei Glänze and its support skill is Legend-Arms, which increases damage from Light and Dark type attacks by 10%.

Digimon Links

Durandamon digivolves from Duramon.

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

Durandamon digivolves from Duramon and can DNA Digivolve to RagnaLordmon with BryweLudramon.

Notes and references

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  4. This attack retains its original name of "Zwanglänze" in Digimon Links.
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