Dreammon t.gif
Appears in: Digimon Universe App Monsters
First appearance "Goodbye Asutora!? Dreammon's Nightmare" [20]
Last appearance "An Artificial Intelligence's Dream [51] (Apperance)
"Oath of the Starry Sky! The Asutora Rescue Operation!" [46] (Voice)
Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Tadashi Miyazawa
Partner(s): Torajiro Asuka
Super Dreammon
App Fusion Partner (+ Mediamon)
Ultimate Entermon
App Fusion Partner (+ Fakemon)
God Ouranosmon

Dreammon is the Appmon of the Dream App.


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On February 18, 2017, Dreammon alerts Astora that his father may be in danger, in the form of a nightmare. However as the rest of team Haru was attacked by an infected Medicmon, Astora accepted Dreammon's power offering and went back into the AR-Field to help the team with a newly acquired Entermon. Goodbye Asutora!? Dreammon's Nightmare

Other Forms

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