The Dramon-type (ドラモン系/ドラモンタイプ Doramon-kei/Doramon-taipu?)[1] is a group of Digimon with "-dramon" in their names which is derived from "dragon" and as such most possess draconic features and traits. They are descendants of Dracomon, an ancient, pure-blooded Dragon Digimon.[2] To be worthy of the name "Dramon", a Digimon typically needs to possess some Dragon data in their DigiCores.[3] The Dragon Man Digimon WarGreymon—as well as its darker derivatives BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon—wears special "Dramon Destroyer" (Dramon Killer) gauntlets on its arms which are deadly to Dramon Digimon, though they put itself at risk as well.[4]


Digimon Adventure[]

While the DigiDestined are being chased by MetalSeadramon, Izzy reveals that according to his research, WarGreymon is a "Dramon Destroyer" due to his gauntlets, which are highly effective against "Dramon" Digimon. Tai has Agumon warp digivolve to WarGreymon to fight MetalSeadramon, and WarGreymon is eventually able to rip him to pieces by using "Great Tornado" within MetalSeadramon's mouth. Under Pressure

Later, when Machinedramon ambushes Tai, Sora, Izzy, T.K., and Kari within his sector, WarGreymon is able to use his Dramon Destroyers to "slice him like an onion", destroying him. The Crest of Light

Digimon ReArise[]

WarGreymon uses its Dramon Killers to easily kill Machinedramon. Proof of Courage

Due to its Dramon Killers, BlackWarGreymon defeats Cyberdramon without effort simply by scratching it. Fists of Justice x Claws of Darkness

List of Dramon[]

Notes and references[]

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  6. Gaiomon is sometimes considered a member of the Dramon-type in English, as its name is sometimes localized as "Samudramon". It is considered a Dramon-type in Chinese material, where it is named "Samudramon". Its Japanese name, "Gaioumon" (ガイオウモン?), and profile give no indication of any connection to the Dramon-type.