Dos (ドース Dōsu?) is one of the Bandits. He is partnered with BomberNanimon, and AncientVolcanomon, although he also acts as a stand-in Tamer for Gryphonmon, Tactimon, and Leopardmon while heading "Team Bandits".


Dos is a slim man with a blond mohawk. He wears a black jacket with a white ruff in the top, a red gem in the chest, and a red logo in the left sleeve. He also wears white gloves, a white belt, black pants, and white boots. Like Uno, his left arm displays the characters "B2", with "B" and "2" referring to "Bandits" and the meaning of his name, derived from the Spanish word for "two", respectively.


Dos is in charge of Bandits' mechanics, and is also the oldest member of the group at twenty eight years old. He is an ironic and snobby person who possesses a kvetching side. Although his position is low, his age is high and he has also spent a long amount of time in the Digital World.


Dos (ドース)

Name used in Digimon Story: Lost Evolution.

  • Es: Two.


Other Appearances

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red

Dos is fought in the Platinum Tamer Match as a member of the Team Bandits (バンディッツ Bandittsu?).

Monster Mode

Ex-Eraser β

Ex-Eraser β vg.gif

Ex-Eraser β is Dos's Monster Mode.

Ex-Eraser Ω

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