(ドルモン DORUmon)
Dorumon (ReArise) b.jpg
Appears in: Digimon ReArise
First appearance "Destiny Realized! I'm Herissmon!" [1]
Voice actor(s): (Ja:) Takuya Eguchi[1]
(En:) Ben Diskin
Partner(s): Takumi Hiiragi
Rookie Dorumon
Champion Dorugamon
Ultimate DoruGreymon
Mega Gaiomon
Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode

Dorumon is Takumi Hiiragi's Partner.[2] Although initially a reluctant ally of the Tamers, Takumi and Dorumon later team up with Sara, pitting them against the group.


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When enveloped in a dark aura[please confirm] Dorumon becomes much more powerful and is able to defeat even Champion and Ultimate level Spiral whilst at the Rookie level, however when this happens Dorumon loses control of itself and becomes a threat even to its tamer, Takumi Hiiragi. Due to this, Dorumon doesn't willingly use this ability with it instead activating against its wishes when Dorumon is in life or death situations. Takumi is able to stop these rampages with an unknown item. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts


  • Metal Cannon: Stands still and accumulates power, then fires a more powerful iron sphere from its mouth.
  • Dash Metal: Fires an iron sphere from its mouth while charging.


Other Forms


Dorugamon dl.png

Dorugamon is Dorumon's Champion form.

When fighting a Spiral Frigimon, Dorumon digivolves to Dorugamon and defeats it. The Lonely Pair: Dorumon & Takumi!

When the Protagonist and Herissmon get trapped in a Digital Point, Michi Shinjo asks Chihiro Tsukimori for help, and Chihiro sends Dorumon and Takumi. After digivolving to Dorugamon and breaking into the Digital Point, the duo instead find Mayu Kohinata and Kudamon. Dorugamon and Kudamon then team up to defeat some Spirals, followed by Salamon arriving and helping to defeat the rest, saving the Protagonist and Datamon. The group are then ambushed by more Spiral, but are able to defeat them, freeing the group from the Digital Point. Dorugamon! Save the Library!

When the Truffle Cafe is overcome by a Digital Point, the group of Tamers fight against the Spirals in an attempt to return the cafe back to normal. They split into teams, with Takumi, the Protagonist, and Mayu Kohinata being one group. Mayu wallows in self pity about her usefulness, causing a Wizardmon spiral to attack her, and Dorumon digivolves to Dorugamon and defeats it to protect her. Dourgamon then fights other Spirals alongside the newly digivolved Reppamon to return the cafe back to normal. Whirlwind Reppamon!

Some time later multiple Digital Points appear all over the City at once, so the group split up to deal with them at once, with Takumi and Dorugamon going to the one in the station, and defeat all the Spirals, turning the park back to normal. Leomon's Determined Fist!

When Tyrannomon goes on a rampage in a Digital Point and takes no damage from the attacks of Reppamon, Dorugamon appears and protects Reppamon by attacking Tyrannomon, after which Dorugamon fights Tyrannomon, whilst Reppamon, Leomon, Gatomon, Agumon, and Herissmon fight the Spirals. Even more and more Spirals appear, overwhelming the group. Agumon senses the courage between Herissmon and the Protagonist which causes Agumon to digivolve to Greymon, and Dorugamon helps the others clear the path to Tyrannomon so that Greymon can try and talk to it, but it doesn't work as Tyrannomon attacks Greymon as he tries to reason with his friend. After defeating most of the Spirals, the Champion level Digimon help out Greymon, and they come to the conclusion that they will have to kill Tyrannomon to stop its rampage, though Greymon is able to talk them into giving him one more chance to talk to Tyrannomon. As Greymon and Tyrannomon fight, Tyrannomon attempts to digivolve which causes the remaining Spirals to resonate, and their dark energy cause Tyrannomon to dark digivolve to SkullGreymon. A Frenzied Menace! Tamers Unite!

During the battle, SkullGreymon defeats Greymon and reverts Greymon back to Agumon. Dorugamon, Reppamon, Gatomon fight back, and eventually, Herissmon digivolves to Filmon, which also causes the Spiral to freeze, which allows Leomon to join the fight. As the group of Champion level Digimon fight SkullGreymon, Agumon rejoins the fight and then once again digivolves to Greymon, only this time Greymon is able to digivolve a second time, and digivolves to MetalGreymon, after which it kills SkullGreymon, which ends the Digital Point. The group then hope they can see Tyrannomon again one day once it's reborn. Herissmon, Digivolve to..!

When Keito creates an app based on previous Digital Points to help find other Digital Points, it reacts and the group go to the newly found Point, where they find that Takumi and Dorugamon are already fighting the Spiral there. After Elecmon digivolves to GrapLeomon Takumi is surprised as he wasn't there when Leomon gained the ability to digivolve to the Ultimate level. Whist fighting, one of the Spiral attacks Filmon, causing Filmon to be unable to move. The Spiral then all group up and attack Filmon, with GrapLeomon and Dorugamon unable to help due to being stuck fighting other Spirals. Filmon's desire to defeat the Spirals to protect his friends causes him to lose control and go berserk, and its rage causes him to defeat the Spirals that were attacking him. A SkullMeramon type Spiral than spawns and attacks him, and Filmon's desire to protect its friends causes him to digivolve to Stefilmon. Filmon's digivolution to Ultimate causes Takumi to get even more jealous. Stefilmon easily defeats the SkullMeramon Spiral, however this doesn't calm Stefilmon down who then proceeds to attack his friends during his rampage. As Stefilmon fights GrapLeomon, Dorugamon, and Agumon, the group realise that the Spiral must've done something to Stefilmon, and Takumi states that they may have to kill Stefilmon if he continues to rampage. After the group defeat all the Spiral, the Digital Point disperses and Stefilmon, still rampaging, reverts back to Herissmon and passes out from exhaustion. Super Digivolve to...! Stefilmon!

Takumi and Dorugamon spend an entire day fighting Spirals in various Digital Points, exhausting both of them. Takumi however refuses to let Dorugamon rest. Eventually they find themselves in the same Digital Point as Herrismon, the Protagonist, Keito, Elecmon, Michi, and Salamon, and when Salamon was about to digivolve to Gatomon to fight a Starmon type Spiral, Takumi and Dorugamon interfere and try to defeat the Spiral instead, although Elecmon defeats it before Dorugamon can. Seeing the rough shape Takumi and Dorugamon are in the rest of the group are worried and tell them to rest, but Takumi states that there is no time do so. The Digital Point expands, and Takumi claims that Dorugamon can deal with it on its own. Whilst Dorugamon fights the Spiral, Leomon digivolves to GrapLeomon and protects Dorugamon, which makes Takumi jealous due to GrapLeomon being more powerful than Dorugamon, so he ditches the others, still wanting Dorugamon to defeat all of the Spirals on its own. They find a group of Tankmon fighting Starmon and SkullGreymon type Spiral, however the Spiral do something to the Tankmon, which causes them to go on a rampage and so Takumi tells Dorugamon to not only defeat the Spirals, but the Tankmon as well. Dorugamon is no match for them however and is defeated, so GrapLeomon once again comes in to save Dorugamon, knocking away most of them to protect its friend. As Dorugamon laments that it is unable to digivolve to Ultimate, Takumi tells Dorugamon that it is the strongest Digimon which gives Dorugamon the spirit to fight again and causes Dorugamon to finally be able to digivolve to Ultimate. DoruGreymon's Crimson Wings of Fury!

When it snows, the group all have a snowball fight, however in the middle of it Herissmon is suddenly enveloped in a dark aura and wanders off. After the group follow Herissmon they discover he had lead them to a Digital Point, in which Frigimon-type Spiral were attacking a Wanyamon and a Motimon. The Spiral split the Digital Point in two, causing the group to split up, and Elecmon, Dorumon, and Salamon digivolve to Leomon, Dorugamon, and Gatomon to fight the Spiral in an attempt to reunite with their friends. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!


  • Power Metal: Stands still and accumulates power, then fires a large, more powerful iron sphere from its mouth.
  • Cannonball: Fires a large iron sphere from its mouth while charging.


DoruGreymon dl.png

DoruGreymon is Dorumon's Ultimate form.

After Dorugamon is defeated by a group of SkullGreymon and Starmon type Spiral, alongside a group of Tankmon that had gone on a rampage due to the Spirals influence, GrapLeomon comes to Dorugamons aide and knocks the enemies aside. Jealous of GrapLeomon's Ulitmate level power, Takumi tells Dorugamon that it is the strongest Digimon and this gives Dorugamon the will to carry on fighting. Spurred on by its bond with Takumi, Dorugamon digivolves to DoruGreymon and attacks and defeats the Spiral, with the Tankmon getting hurt in the attack, though the defeat of the Spiral returns them to their normal states. DoruGreymon attacking the Tankmon upset the rest of the group, though Takumi and DoruGreymon don't care as they were able to defeat the Spiral, protecting everyone. DoruGreymon then states that it will deal with Stefilmon if it ever goes on a rampage again with its new found powers and leaves alongside Takumi. DoruGreymon's Crimson Wings of Fury!

After the group are split up due to a group of Frigimon-type Spiral splitting the Digital Point in two, Leomon, Gatomon, and Dorugamon try to attack the barrier preventing them from reaching The Protagonist, Herissmon, Mayu, and Kudamon, however they find that Champion level attacks hav no effect on the barrier, so Leomon and Dorugamon digivolve to GrapLeomon and DoruGreymon. After repeatedly attacking the barrier they are able to break through and reunite with the rest of the group. Takumi then realises that they cannot win fights with power alone. An Onslaught of Spirals! Digimon Under Attack!

Takumi and DoruGreymon spend the next two months using Keito's app to track Digital Points, clearing them of Spirals. After clearing three in one day DoruGreymon requests a break, though Takumi refuses and tells DoruGreymon to continue, which pisses of DoruGreymon. As they find another Digital Point, they find it unusual that there are no Spiral around and after coming across a group of SkullMeramon and a Chaosdramon arguing, DoruGreymon realises that the Spiral were gathering Digimon. Eventually the Chaosdramon kills the SkullMeramon and DoruGreymon and Takumi are surprised at how easily it managed to kill the Ultimate level Digimon, though still decide to fight it and agree to "tap out" if the fight gets too hard. DoruGreymon ambushes the Chaosdramon, however its attacks do nothing and DoruGreymon is easily defeated, so Takumi and DoruGreymon run away as DoruGreymon de-digivolves back to Dorumon.

They round up the rest of the tamers and the group return to the Digital Point. Dorumon warp digivolves to DoruGreymon, and alongside the rest of the Digimon, fight the Spiral that spawn, coming to the conclusion that they didn't show up last time as they were hiding from Chaosdramon. After defeating all the Spiral they find Chaosdramon, and DoruGreymon attacks Chaosdramon on its own, however its attacks once again do nothing though this time DoruGreymon is able to withstand Chaosdramon's attack. As Chaosdramon readies its second attack Filmon runs in the way of it to protect DoruGreymon and after taking the blow is overcome by a dark aura, demanding more power so that it can protect Takumi and DoruGreymon. Filmon digivolves to Stefilmon, followed by Chirinmon and GrapLeomon teaming with Stefilmon - which pisses off Takumi as he prefers to be taken out by the Chaosdramon on his own. Mayu and Michi lecture Takumi, telling him that he isn't on his own and that his friends are here to help him and Takumi eventually realises that they're right, and that he was being too arrogant - always thinking he could do everything on his own. He decides to actually work together with the rest of the group and this new found resolve from Takumi causes DoruGreymon to digivolve to Gaiomon. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

When Herissmon runs away due to the Spirals telling it to kill all of its friends the group split up and Takumi and Dorumon find Herissmon in a nearby Digital Point. Once they arrive a group of Spiral spawn and Dorumon warp digivolves to DoruGreymon to destroy them. As Herissmon leaves, even more spawn in an attempt to stop the duo reaching Herissmon and so they decide they will have to stop the Digital Point to be able to help Herrismon. The Boundary Shaken by Fury


  • Bloody Tower: Skewers the opponent before flinging them up into the sky.
  • Metal Meteor: Fires a supermassive iron sphere more than ten times its own size, crushing the opponent in one hit.


Samudramon dwno.png

Gaiomon is Dorumon's Mega form.

After Filmon runs in the way of an attack from a Chaosdramon to protect DoruGreymon, Filmon digivolves to Stefilmon so that it can protect Takumi and DoruGreymon. As Stefilmon fights the Chaosdramon, Chirinmon and GrapLeomon join it in battle, which pisses off Takumi as he prefers to be taken out by the Chaosdramon on his own. Mayu and Michi lecture Takumi, telling him that he isn't on his own and that his friends are here to help him and Takumi eventually realises that they're right, and that he was being too arrogant - always thinking he could do everything on his own. He decides to actually work together with the rest of the group and this new found resolve from Takumi causes DoruGreymon to digivolve to Gaiomon. Feeling its bond with the rest of the group, Gaiomon overpowers Chaosdramon and states that Chaosdramon cannot win against the group, and so Chaosdramon decides to attack the Tamers in attempt to lower their numbers though Gaiomon finishes off Chaosdramon before it is able to kill the Tamers. As Chaosdramon dies, it swears it will return to get its revenge against the group one day. Crisis in the Real World: The Mega Digimon Blocking the Way!

When Herissmon runs away due to the Spirals telling it to kill all of its friends the group eventually find it, having been forced to digivolve to Stefilmon by the Spiral, where the Protagonist and Herissmon first met. The Spiral trick it into thinking that the Protagonist had replaced it as its partner with Agumon and the shock of this causes Stefilmon to become depressed, which allows the Spiral to take control and force Stefilmon to go on a rampage and so Dorumon warp digivolves to Gaiomon in order to fight Stefilmon and the nearby Spiral that were controlling it. As the group fight Stefilmon and the Spiral, the Spiral fuse with Stefilmon, force it to digivolve to Rasenmon Fury Mode, and then force it to leave the Digital Point in an attempt to destroy the City. The Boundary Shaken by Fury

As Rasenmon Fury Mode attacks passersby the group realise they can't fight in the City due to buildings and the nearby people and so try to evacuate the City and find a more safe place to fight. Chirinmon attempts to leave to help evacuate the citizens, however Takumi points out that Gaiomon is faster and so would be able to do it quicker and so leaves to do so. As the rest of the group distract Rasenmon, Gaiomon is able to help evacuate everyone from the City. The group then continue to fight Rasenmon, only for a Digital Point to suddenly open up, after which a group of Spiral spawn, leading to group to fight not only Rasenmon but the Spiral as well. As Gaiomon fights countless Spiral, Antylamon, Terriermon, and Chihiro Tsukimori arrive and take Gaiomon's place in fighting the Spiral so that Gaiomon could focus on fighting Rasenmon. The Unforeseeable Future Part One

The group continue to fight Fury Mode but just as it starts to slow down it absorbs some of the nearby Spiral which re-energises it, restoring it back to full power. As the fight continues, Fury Mode and the remaining Spiral suddenly turn into fragments as Herissmon had awakened inside Fury Mode, digivolved to Rasenmon, and got its message across that the Spiral and Herissmon were the same and that there was more to the World than just sadness and despair. The fragments then form into Pusumon's Digi-Egg. The Unforeseeable Future Part Two

Months later when Chirinmon was fighting the two Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon, in a Digital Point, as the Deva assumed the Humans were behind the constant Spiral attacks in the Digital World, they acknowledge that Chirinmon is strong. Just as the fighting ceases Machinedramon charges into the battle and defeats the two Deva. Assuming that Machinedramon was on a rampage BaoHuckmon digivolves to SaviorHuckmon and attacks Machinedramon, though Gaiomon suddenly arrives and intercepts the attack. As Takumi arrives Kazuma Natsuyagi runs up to him, reuniting with the friend he had been searching for. Mon angrily yells at Kazuma for putting Wanyamon into danger by running up to the enemy in the middle of battle. Wanyamon chases after Kazuma, stating it will protect him and digivolves to Bearmon though Takumi has Gaiomon fight SaviorHuckmon instead of Bearmon. Takumi, deciding that he needs to press "them" for answers, moves onto the next location though is chased by SaviorHuckmon and Bearmon. As the fight continues Takumi is sent a message, which causes him to have Gaiomon retreat from the battle. SaviorHuckmon and Mon attempt to chase the duo though Gaiomon aims an attack at Mon - which SaviorHuckmon blocks - the distraction giving Takumi and Gaiomon enough time to escape. A God Beast Digimon?! A Path for Mayu to Follow

Having learned that the Four Holy Beasts had given their Deva subordinates their DigiCores Takumi and Gaiomon track down Sinduramon and try to force it to give them one of the DigiCores, which Sinduramon refuses. Takumi and Gaiomon resort to beating up Sinduramon and just as it's about to kill the Deva, Bearmon and Kazuma charge in to try and protect it though are unable to do anything due to Gaiomon being a Mega – and digivolving to Grizzlymon fails to change the tide of the battle. Just as Gaiomon is about to kill them SaviorHuckmon arrives and saves Grizzlymon from Gaiomon though it tells the entire group to retreat when Gaiomon charges up an attack intended to blow up the area as Takumi no longer cared what happened to anyone as he had managed to retrieve the DigiCore from the defeated Sinduramon, with the group escaping death just in time. Deva Training! A Battle to Remember!

When Leopardmon is about to defeat Machinedramon in a Digital Point after Sara confirms to everyone else that she is behind all the problems in the Digital World, Gaiomon suddenly arrives and attacks Leopardmon. Gaiomon uses itself as a distraction and fights Leopardmon so that Machinedramon can escape whilst Sara spawns a group of Spiral to distract everyone else. Just as Machinedramon is about to fire a surprise attack it stands on an Eroberung energy mine that Leopardmon had set up earlier in the fight. Despite taking large amounts of damage Machinedramon is still able to battle and continues to team up with Gaiomon, firing off a combined attack. Leopardmon realises it is about to be defeated by the two Digimon, only for Jesmon to arrive and block the attack. Sara and Takumi realise they wouldn't be able to take out two Royal Knights and escape through the gate to the Dark Area. This pisses Leopardmon off, having underestimated its opponents, and it leaves after apologising to the other Tamers for fighting them. Advent of the Holy Knight! Mark of the Blade

When Matadormon travels the City drinking various human's blood it one day runs into Sara and Tapirmon, though Matadormon escapes stating this wasn't the right time for them to meet. She tells Takumi about this who decides to search for Matadormon and eventually finds it one night about to attack Chihiro Tsukimori. Gaiomon attacks Matadormon and saves Chihiro. It fights Matadormon, though Matadormon's attack do very little damage – which annoys it as it realises it stands no chance against a Mega whilst stuck at the Ultimate level. Realising it needs to escape it fires an attack at Chihiro and escapes as Gaiomon blocks the attack. Darkness Invades! The Dancing Vampire

Despite pretending he didn't care about the coma case, Takumi eventually decides to help deal with it against the wishes of its team mate[please confirm], though it allows him to do so provided he doesn't get in the way of its plan. When Takumi tries to contact the others he is attacked by a VenomMyotismon sent by GranDracmon, causing Gaiomon to fight it. After defeating it they see Sara and Tapirmon go through the portal to the Dark Area but are too late to stop them. Illuminating Light: A Guide to the Rainbow

Sometime later, Gaiomon and Machinedramon fought Crusadermon of the Royal Knights though they ran away due to Crusadermon overpowering them even with the two on one advantage. The Digimon and their Tamers get split up in the ensuing fleeing, and whilst trying to find Sara and Machinedramon they are stopped in their tracks by a group of Knightmon sent by Crusadermon. Gaiomon is able to kill most of them though reverts to Dorumon due to not having enough energy to kill all of them and ends up getting separated from its partner. The Time of Awakening Approaches! The Mighty Heartbeat of the Four Holy Beasts

When Takumi and Sara are discussing their plan to ambush the summit between the Royal Knights, Three Archangels, and Four Holy Beasts they are attacked by a group of Spiral, leading Dorumon to warp digivolve to Gaiomon to defeat them alongside Machinedramon, which also allows Sara to add to her collect of Spiral. As the summit was on break, with each group split up during said break by the time Sara and Takumi show up, they are only able to find the Archangels. Machinedramon and Gaiomon attack them though during the fight the Protagonist, Rasenmon, Michi, and LovelyAngemon arrive, confused as to why they were fighting. The Tamers join the fight to stop them, though Sara summons a group of Spiral which are able to stall the group long enough for Sara and Takumi to complete their goal, after which they flee through a portal. A Digimon Summit Begins?


  • Will-O'-Wisp Slash (燐火斬 Rinkazan?, lit. "Phosphorus Fire Slash"): Uses its Kikurin swords to leave behind eerie tracks of light which cut anything that comes in contact with them to pieces.
  • Gaia Reactor: Concentrates all the energy within the atmosphere, and then detonates it.
  • Rinkageki (燐火撃? lit. "Phosphorus Fire Attack"): Fuses the two Kikurin swords, which causes the eerie tracks of light to converge all at once, allowing it to attack distant enemies.

Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode

Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode ra.png

Gaiomon Fierce Blade Mode is the digivolved from of Gaiomon.

Notes and references

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