Dondokomon is a member of the Fusion Fighters in Digimon Fusion.


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Dondokomon appears every so often to give support to his teammates by banging his drum-head. Although, he soon runs off saying "You do the rest!". He is shown to like parties and dances when told of the festival.

He is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar! Island Zone in Chaos! Crisis or Conquest Danger Erupts! Meltdown in the Magma Zone! Ice To See You, Angie!

In the Sand Zone, he helps to fight the Bagura Army along with the rest of the team. Some of his energy was drained by HiMugendramon. Soon after, he returned into the Fusion Loader to rest. Showdown in the Sand Zone

Trouble in Paradise A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone Rumble in the Jungle Zone! Disaster in the Dust Zone!


  • Dondoko March (ドンドコ音頭 Dondoko Ondo?): Resounds a rhythm which raises the tension between friend and foe alike, and there isn't anything that will settle the commotion.
  • Dondoko Rush (乱れ打ちラッシュ Midareuchi Rush?, lit. "Random-drumming Rush"): Randomly fires shock waves.
  • Extreme Taiko (極め太鼓 Kiwame Daiko?, lit. "Mastered Drum")

Other forms[]