DonShoutmon is an Enhancement Digimon. It is the "Manly-soul Mode" (漢魂形態 Kankon Keitai?) which possesses a furious soul brought forth by the burning fighting spirit of Shoutmon and Dondokomon. As its rhythmically swung-down Stick strikes its opponents, the shriek of the percussion across the battlefield resounds. Generally speaking, as a Digimon burning hot, its irrepressible fighting spirit will make DonShoutmon rush even into conflicts it's not a part of, worsening the situation by leaps and bounds. If there's a petty quarrel in the west, it goes and starts a fist-fighting rumble, and if there's a trivial dispute in the east, it goes and starts a feud of wounds. Wherever DonShoutmon is, the conflicts will not be settled. The second that it abruptly dives into someone else's fight, discussion is useless and the opponent, with its Stick, it beats. Next, a different opponent, with its Stick, it beats. The first one, it beats. The next again, it beats. Then a third, it beats. Despite pretending to beat, it beats. No matter how, it beats. With this beating and beating and beating, a rhythm will gradually be produced. Sometimes harshly and sometimes dolefully, DonShoutmon will battle while spinning a tune. Those are DonShoutmon's Special Moves. Although each of these techniques are the same, their names (song titles) seem to differ according to their rhythm.[3]


  • Kankon Midare Daiko (漢魂乱れ太鼓? lit. "Manly-soul Random Drum"): Battles while spinning a tune with a unique rhythm.
  • Rowdy Drummer: Battles while spinning a tune with a unique rhythm.



DonShoutmon (ドンシャウトモン)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


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