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Dokamon is Eri Karan's Buddy Appmon.



Dokamon has a tendency to end his sentences with "(de)wasu" ((で)わす, "(de)wasu"?)


  • Doka-Doka Rush: Surrounds himself with an aura and flies towards the opponent like a meteor while punching them multiple times.
  • Big Bang Punch (Dokkan Punch): Flies towards the enemy whilst surrounding himself with comet-like energy, then delivers a punch.


Six months prior to meeting Haru Shinkai and Gatchmon, Eri Karan accepts an App Drive and becomes Buddies with Dokamon. At the same time, Eri decides to become an idol and hides away Dokamon in his chip form. On November 3, 2016, Eri participates in an interview in Roppongi, after which Haru and Gatchmon sneak into her dressing room to meet another holder of an App Drive. Eri introduces the excitable Dokamon to the others, only for Dokamon to draw up short when he realizes that Gatchmon has been apprealized. Their conversation is interrupted when fashion apps begin to go haywire, with an L-Virus-infected Dressmon as the culprit. Haru and Gatchmon give chase, dragging on a relatively reluctant Eri and Dokamon into her AR-Field. Dressmon proves to be a match for Gatchmon, with the confrontation ending in Gatchmon's entrapment. Dokamon pleads with Eri to be apprealized. He tells her that, as an Appmon of the action games, he takes pleasure in giving smiles to his players, connecting with Eri's reasons for being an idol. Eri decides to apprealize him, and combining their powers allows them to knock back Dressmon and allow Haru to rescue Gatchmon. Eri then lends Haru Dokamon's chip, letting him applink Gatchmon with Dokamon to form Gatchmon plus Dokamon. The pair are able to defeat and purify Dressmon, restoring fashion apps to normal. That evening, Eri tells Haru and Gatchmon the events that led to her obtaining an App Drive. Dokamon and Eri then part ways with Haru and Gatchmon after exchanging contact information, now friends. A Big Bang Punch Straight to Your Heart! Eri's an Appmon Idol!

On November 5, Dokamon is anxious at Eri is doing her first solo appearance on a television segment about food reviews and then watches as she bombs the review. Later that day, he and Eri meet Haru and Gatchmon at Kashinoki Books for research and then discovers that Perorimon is an Appmon, who meets them there. Dokamon is surprised and frustrated at how easily Eri apprealizes and feeds Perorimon in an attempt to gain his cooperation, but when Perorimon leaves due to Eri's horrible cooking and the following disagreement, Dokamon attempts to eat the takoyaki anyway to support his Buddy. Haru then calls to inform them of the city-wide data losses occurring, leading Eri to suspect Perorimon, who admitted to eating data to obtain the knowledge he did. Heading out into town, they discover an AR-Field with the true culprit: an L-Virus-inflected Gomimon, who is indiscriminately destroying data. Perorimon is also in the field, having been beaten up trying to retrieves his reviews. Gomimon proceeds to destroy the data in front of them, angering them. Dokamon applinks with Perorimon, accidentally appfusing them into Dosukomon, who defeats Gomimon in one blow. Afterward, Dokamon returns home with Eri and Perorimon, with Eri cooking more takoyaki. Unfortunately, they remain as bad as Perorimon suspected. The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!

Other Forms

Dokamon plus Navimon

8-09 Dokamon plus Navimon.png
Dokamon plus Navimon is the Applinked form of Dokamon and Navimon.

On November 26, this form was used in the final round of the Appmon Championship.


Dosukomon t.jpg
Dosukomon is the appfused form of Dokamon and Perorimon.

On November 5, after an infected Gomimon forcibly threw away Perorimon's review data, Eri appfuses Dokamon and Perorimon into Dosukomon. Dosukomon quickly defeats and purifies Gomimon. The Ultimate Restaurant Report! Dining App Perorimon!


  • Jet Palm Slap (ジェット張手, Jetto Harite?, lit. "Jet Speed Slap"): Uses its thrusters to fly to the enemy at high speeds, then hits them with the palm of his gauntlets.
  • Jet Headbutt: Flies towards the enemy at high speeds with his thrusters, then delivers a headbutt.


Oujamon t.jpg
Oujamon is the App Fusion of Dosukomon and Coachmon.

On February 25, after Eri and Dosukomon get through Coachmon's training, Coachmon betrayed Leviathan, resulting in Mienumon ordering a Virusmon to infect a wandering Weatherdramon. Eri then fuses Dosukomon and Coachmon into Oujamon who then defeats Weatherdramon. After Weatherdramon reveals himself to be the final 7code Appmon, however, his chip is stolen by Mienumon before team Haru could complete Dantemon.


  • Golden Fang: Engulfs itself in flames before charging at the enemy in the form of a lion-shaped aurora.
  • Flame Straight


Poseidomon t.jpg
Poseidomon in the background.
Poseidomon is the App Fusion of Oujamon and Beautymon.


  • Trident Fall: Summons its trident and jabs it into any nearby piece of ground to send a giant waterspout upwards to drown the enemy. This attack can also break into the AR-Field.
  • Kaiteishouda (海帝掌打, Kaiteishouda? lit. "Sea Emperor Palm Strike"): Launches two energy hands capable of containing an attack, and turning it on the enemy.

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