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Do You Want Friends? Phelesmon's Demonic Pact
(Tomodachi Hoshī? Feresumon Akuma no Yakusoku)
Airdate (Ja:) January 15, 2012
(En:) January 19, 2012 (subbed)
Directed by Masahiro Hosoda
Toei Animation
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In the Real World, Makoto and his family have moved to a new home as a result of his father being transferred in his job. As they unpack, Makoto hopes to make friends at his new school, but he doubts that it would happen. Suddenly a blackout occurs and he is warped into DigiQuartz, where a Digimon known as Phelesmon introduces himself to him. Phelesmon claims that he is a benevolent angel who doesn't turn his back on humans on need. Feigning sympathy for the boy's loneliness, Phelesmon promises to make everyone at his new school his friends as long as he does whatever he says. Makoto accepts the offer.

The next morning, Tagiru Akashi is running to get a quick breakfast meal despite Gumdramon warning him that he'll be late if he does so. Tagiru bumps into Makoto and accidentally knocks his stick figures into the river. He rushes in to collect them, but by the time he does so, Makoto has already headed for the school. Makoto is transferred to his new class and the teacher introduces him to his classmates. Makoto is too nervous to introduce himself just as Phelesmon appears next to him in spirit, and Makoto wishes for everyone to be his friend. Phelesmon then manipulates the entire class into becoming his friend, which also includes Ewan Amano. Tagiru then runs into the classroom and apologizes for his tardiness, only to witness the "welcoming" party and recognizes the new student as the one he bumped into early and is confused as to what is going on as they leave to show Makoto around school.

Tagiru then consults with Mikey Kudo at the rooftop and the two suspect that a Digimon is responsible for the events. Tagiru wishes to hunt the Digimon, but Mikey insists on investigating first. They then spot Makoto and the affected students walk into the gymnasium, where Makoto has Phelesmon manipulate the students even more to get closer to him by claiming that he is a ping-pong player. Phelesmon then tells Makoto that he needs to befriend everyone at the school before the end of the day and shows that his sudden popularity has not gone well with a few students. He claims that being friends with everyone brings a peaceful and comfortable world for all. Makoto tells him that he's his friend, and Phelesmon manipulates him into repeating it into his own eyes, causing him to become possessed too.

Tagiru, Mikey and their Digimon soon realize that a Digimon is indeed controlling the students, with Shoutmon and Gumdramon realizing that he isn't ordinary and reeks of malice. At the school field, Makoto tells his "friends" that he wants all students and staff at the school field to befriend them as their expressions suddenly change. They create a ritual circle which Phelesmon claims is to begin a "holy friendship" ritual to become stronger. Tagiru and Mikey head into DigiQuartz to deal with the malicious Digimon, but are repulsed by a barrier. Phelesmon notes that someone is trying to interfere and states that only those he has accepted as "friends" can enter. The students then bring everyone in the school to the field, possessing the unaffected by contact. Back at DigiQuartz, the group is still unable to deal with the barrier and Mikey advises they return to the human world.

By the time they do so, everyone apart from them has been possessed by Phelesmon. Phelesmon senses and captures them before initiating the ritual, slowly turning the affected into digital data so he can absorb them into becoming a powerful Digimon. The ritual begins and Phelesmon absorbs everyone but Makoto. He then tries to absorb Makoto, but Tagiru and Mikey evolve their Digimon to fight him. Phelesmon is too strong however, and unleashes a powerful blast of Black Statue to petrify and turn them into statues to absorb. He then reiterates his request to Makoto, but Tagiru manages to break Makoto out of his trance by showing the stick figures he collected earlier and that he wishes to be his friend. Makoto then refuses to join Phelesmon, surprising the Digimon as he asks him that a friend wouldn't harm their friends and that he's an Angel Digimon. Phelesmon then corrects him, stating that he is a fallen angel and that they are bound by an unbreakable contract.

Nonetheless, Phelesmon's malicious intent causes his Black Statue to wear off, allowing OmegaShoutmon and Arresterdramon to defeat him; Tagiru collects his data and releases the affected. Tagiru then heads to Makoto and tells him that he nearly caused havoc by making a contract with the devil. Makoto then inquires about Phelesmon, and Tagiru takes out his Fusion Loader and shows Phelesmon, promising to teach him about human friendship. Makoto asks Phelesmon if they can be real friends one day, which the Digimon reluctantly agrees with. As Ewan recovers, he notices Tagiru and wonders what happened as he remembered he was late. Tagiru then mocks Ewan with the funny face he made earlier, prompting Ewan to chase after him as Mikey looks on.

The next day, Tagiru catches up to Makoto and asks if he would like to buy bread with him for an early lunch. Makoto declines, stating that he's on his way to the ping-pong club for a meeting. Tagiru is impressed that Makoto has made genuine friends and wishes him luck. Gumdramon tells Tagiru that he'll be late again, but he states that he shouldn't be if he runs all the way, much to Gumdramon's exasperation.

Featured Characters

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Humans Ultimate Xros Wars


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Digimon Introduction Corner

Type: Fallen Angel
Special Moves
Black Statue
Demon's Shout
Clockmon: "Phelesmon! A Fallen Angel Digimon who holds a pitchfork!"
Old Clock Shop Man: "His special attack Black Statue turns his opponents into black statues!"
Mikey: "DigiXros with Starmonz! DigiXros!"
Phelesmon: "My pitchfork has powered up... But it's so pointy I can't hold it anymore."
Gumdramon: "There's no point to the damn thing then!"

Other notes

Animation errors

  • When Shoutmon uses his "Soul Crusher", the "v" on the top of his head is the length as it before Hunters.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • When Arresterdramon uses his "Prism Garret" attack his animation is a mix from a scene from the intro and his battle with MetalTyrannomon.