Dijiangmon is a Mutant Digimon. It is a frightful-looking Digimon entirely clad in leather. Dijiangmon does not speak, nor does it do anything else to try and communicate. It is usually found standing still in unsettling silence. It seems to have no traces of anything resembling self-expression. Its entire existence is dedicated to being a malicious Digimon who robs others of life. Dijiangmon slips into large groups of Digimon, inciting their instincts to fight via a type of telepathy, causing the Digimon to fight amongst themselves and bringing about chaos.[2]


  • Wicked Spiral (凶旋壊 (きょうせんかい) Kyōsenkai?, lit. "Fierce Spinbreaker"): Uses its long tail to create a shockwave that sends its opponents flying.
  • Cursed Impact (咒煉衝刻 (じゅれんしょうこく) Jurenshōkoku?, lit. "Curse Rush"): Binds its enemy with its extendable and retractable arms and then throws it down from heavens to meet a painful fate.
  • Chaotic Void (渾沌亜空虚 (こんとんあくうきょ) Konton Akūkyo?, lit. "Chaos Sub-void"): Opens the zipper on its body and pulls its target inside, never to be seen again. Not even Dijiangmon knows what happens to the enemies it has swallowed.
  • Wú Liǎn Gǔ Shòu (无脸古兽? lit. "Faceless Ancient Beast"): If it has high health, its enemies' Attack and Defence will lower. If it has low health, its Attack and Defence will increase.



Dijiangmon (ディージャンモン)

Official romanzation given by the Digimon Reference Book and used in the franchise.


Digimon New Century[]

Dijiangmon digivolves from Xingtianmon.

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