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Digiwarper was was a Digimon Flash Game based around the Digimon Adventure anime, which appeared for free on the now defunct Official Fox Kid's website for fans to play. Whilst the original Fox kid's website is now gone, copies of this game still exist on other websites.


Digiwarper - Give your favorite Digimon character a crazy new look into the weird and wonderful Digiwarping Digice.It's simple to use.Just choose the Digimon characters you want to Digiwarp by clicking on the round icons. Then roll your mouse over diffrent parts of the large image to create some truely weird effect!

Also, if you want to show your creation to your friends, you can freeze the image at any time by pressing the space bar. Have fun! The pictures available are Izy, Joe, Matt, Mimi, Sora, Tai, T.K, Agumon, Numamon, Togamon.

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