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Digivice Meltdown
(Shinka Fukanou! Dejivaisu Houkai)
"Evolution is Impossible! Digivice Breakdown"
(Ja:) Fuji Television
(En:) Studiopolis
Airdate (Ja:) November 22, 2006
(En:) April 28, 2008
Toei Animation
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The DATS were walking in the Digital World to find Kurata, when suddenly, an army of Gizumon XTs appeared to attack the DATS. Falcomon Digivolved to Crowmon to fight the Gizumon XTs, but was no match for them. The other DAT's Digimon tried to fight back, but were defeated too. Then, a new Digimon named BanchoLeomon appeared and came to their aid, finishing off the Gizumon XTs. After the mysterious Digimon walked away, Kennan and Falcomon flew away to get some backup from other Digimon.

The DATs wandered into the forest, encountering Cherrymon again. Many injured Digimon were with him. Cherrymon told the DATS about the disaster in the Digital World, and Marcus told him it was Kurata and his Gizumon XTs who were causing all this. Just then, the Bio-Hybrids arrived. Marcus asks them about what they've done to Commander Sampson, and Kouki tells the DATS he is gone now, which made them shocked. The DATS begin to fight the Bio-Hybrids again, but they were still no match for them. Biothunderbirdmon, BioQuetzalmon, and BioStegomon put up a fight against Cherrymon and were about to finish him off when suddenly Marcus's and the other's Digivices begin to glow, giving their Digimon an extra power, and defeated the Bio-Hybrids, forcing them to make a getaway.

Featured Characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor

Digimon Analyser[]

BanchoLeomon: "I'm BanchoLeomon. My friends mean everything to me, and my enemies know better than to mess with my friends. And if you want to be my friend one day, kid, you're off to a bad start."


Falcomon 1 Peckmon 1 Crowmon 6 Falcomon
Falcomon (2006 anime) b Arrow R Peckmon b Arrow R Crowmon (2006 anime) b Arrow RR Red Falcomon (2006 anime) b
Kouki Tsubasa 3 BioThunderbirdmon
Kouki Tsubasa t Arrow R BioThunderbirdmon t
Nanami 4 BioQuetzalmon
Nanami t Arrow R BioQuetzalmon t
Ivan 5 BioStegomon
Ivan (Data Squad) t Arrow R BioStegomon t
Gaomon 2 MachGaogamon 4 Gaomon 8 Gaogamon 8 MachGaogamon 9 Gaomon
Gaomon b Arrow RR MachGaogamon b Arrow RR Red Gaomon b Arrow R Gaogamon b Arrow R MachGaogamon b Arrow RR Red Gaomon b
Lalamon 3 Lilamon 5 Lalamon 7 Sunflowmon 7 Lilamon 9 Lalamon
Lalamon b Arrow RR Lilamon b Arrow RR Red Lalamon b Arrow R Sunflowmon b Arrow R Lilamon b Arrow RR Red Lalamon b
Agumon 6 GeoGreymon 6 RizeGreymon 9 Agumon
Agumon (2006 anime) b Arrow R GeoGreymon b Arrow R RizeGreymon b Arrow RR Red Agumon (2006 anime) b


Marcus: "Who are you, Fur ball?"
BanchoLeomon: "A friend called me a fur ball once, but he was my friend."

—BanchoLeomon's awesome introduction.

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