Digimon World Dawn and Dusk[]

DawnDusk Map

The Digital World in Dawn and Dusk.



CITY is divided into Light Fang's SunshineCITY and Night Crow's DarkmoonCITY. Each area has an office, plaza, square, and hall named for whichever half of CITY it is in. Each tamer also has a Tamer Home where he or she (in addition to living there) can access his or her farm island and digivolve Digimon. In each version, Grimmon brainwashes the rival's team and takes over their portion of CITY. "The Final Battle" is one of Koh or Sayo's final quests and consists of an assault on the enemy base. In Dawn, Koh infiltrates DarkmoonCITY and defeats the Chrono Core-possessed ChaosGallantmon C, while in Dusk Sayo infiltrates SunshineCITY and defeats the Chrono Core-possessed Ophanimon C.

During "The Final Battle", SunshineCITY is inhabited by wild Angemon, Cyberdramon, Diatrymon, Kokatorimon, MetalGreymon (Vaccine), SlashAngemon, and Zudomon in Dusk, while DarkmoonCITY is inhabited by wild BishopChessmon, Devidramon, Ebemon, Leomon, Myotismon, Ogremon, Okuwamon, RookChessmon, and Sunflowmon in Dawn.



The DigiColiseum is a floating coliseum located outside of CITY that serves as a place for Light Fang and Night Claw to meet without unsanctioned conflict. The two organizations use it to hold tournaments and Tamer tests, which allow a Tamer to progress in rank by defeating other tamers or teams of Digimon. At the end of the game, a tournament is held which includes Tamers from the Next and Data Squad dimensions, as well.

Outside of the tournament arena itself, there are information desks where a Tamer can learn about Wi-Fi or battling, redeem Tamer Points for prizes, or even enter secret passwords for special treasures.

Access Glacier[]

Access Glacier

Access Glacier (アクセスひょうが Akusesu-hyouga?) is a giant iceberg floating on the surface of Macro Sea. Large pipes connect the two areas, allowing travel between them.

In Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, it is connected to West City.

  Digimon     Games     After Quest     Level     EXP     Drops  
Icemon vg Da Du 39 70 DS Emblem
Mojyamon vg Da Du 39 73 DS Emblem
Frigimon vg Da Du 40 71 DS Emblem
Garurumon vg Da Du 40 76 NSp Emblem
Hyogamon vg Da Du 41 74 DS Emblem
Angemon vg Da Du 41 75 VB Emblem
Reptiledramon vg Da Du 42 71 DR Emblem
IceDevimon vg Da Du 43 75 DS Emblem
Megadramon vg Da Du 44 141 ME Emblem
Mammothmon vg Da Du 45 145 NSp Emblem
Zudomon vg Da Du 45 159 DS Emblem
Cyberdramon vg Da Du 46 151 DR Emblem
MameTyramon vg Da Du Stop the Duel (Da:HoQ07/Du:DaQ07) 48 185 ME Emblem
MetalTyrannomon vg Da Du Stop the Duel (Da:HoQ07/Du:DaQ07) 48 187 DS Emblem
Vikemon vg Da Du The Combat Game (Da:AqQ07/Du:MaQ07) 54 297 DS Emblem
Dark Dramon vg Da Du Gaia Origin Challenge (Da:UQ11/Du:UQ11) 70 4000 DR Emblem Speed Chip γ
A colored background means that the Digimon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Digimon cannot be found here.

Chaos Brain[]

Chaos Brain

The Chaos Brain is Grimmon's domain.

Chip Forest[]

Chip Forest

Chip Forest is a small woodland area.

Highlight Haven[]

Highlight Haven

Highlight Haven is an angelic, Heaven-like location to the east of the DigiColiseum. It is home to many Holy-Species Digimon.

In Dawn, Koh/Sayo gains access to Highlight Haven when they accepts the quest "The 3 Archangels" or "Airdramon's Data".

In Dusk, Koh/Sayo instead gains access through the quest "The 3 Great Demons" by having a cool MegaGargomon on their Farm Island or quest "Airdramon's Data" by having a cool KingChessmon on their Farm Island.

In Dawn/Dusk, Puttimon, Gatomon, Piximon, Sorcerymon, MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, Phoenixmon, Yatagaramon, and Unimon dwell in Highlight Haven. In Dawn, Koh\Sayo can fight Cherubimon (Good) here upon completion of "The 3 Archangels", whilst they can fight Phoenixmon after "Airdramon's Data". In Dusk, Koh/Sayo can fight Goldramon after "Airdramon's Data".

Limit Valley[]

Limit Valley

Login Mountain[]

Login Mountain

Login Mountain (ログインマウンテン Roguin Maunten?) is a lively, golden mountain. with many unique Digimon.

In Dawn/Duskm Koh/Sayo finds the Digi-Egg of Miracles in Login Mountain's Chaos Area.

In Dawn, Chief Glare asks Koh/Sayo to investigate the area for suspicious area following the mysterious attacks, frustrating Kenpa, Tonpei and Cheetah who feel underutilized. They force their way out of SunshineCITY and try to take on the mission instead, but end up being overpowered and need saving by Koh/Sayo when faced by a powerful Aquilamon. In Dusk, they instead gain access to Login Mountain when accepting the quest "Red Shoe Material".

In Dawn/Dusk, Tokomon, Armadillomon, Gotsumon, Hawkmon, Monodramon, Patamon, and Veemon dwell here. Koh/Sayo can fight Aquilamon here in Dawn after "Fly to Login Mountain" and Dorugamon after "Dorugamon the Digger," while in Dusk, Drimogemon after "Drimogemon the Digger."

In Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, the Login Mountain is located on the north of the MotheBo Continent, and has a DigiShip port named Login Port (ログインポート Roguin Pōto?). It is where the Devimon DigiPlate is.

Loop Swamp[]

Loop Swamp

Loop Swamp is a maze-like marsh area. There are also many whirlpools that can be used to move between otherwise unconnected areas.

Koh/Sayo finds the Digi-Egg of Reliability here.

The link to this area is initially lost after the attack on CITY, but during "Sortie to Loop Swamp", Chife Glare and Ophanimon or Chief Julia and ChaosGallantmon notice the link has recently been re-established detected illegal virus activity in the area. They ask Koh/Sayo to investigate the swamp and once there, they finda member of Kowloon Co., WaruSeadramon in Dawn or SkullBaluchimon in Dusk. Upon defeating them, they recieves a D-Word which allows for restoration of and access to new areas of CITY.

Poyomon, Otamamon, Gekomon, Numemon, Shellmon, Seadramon, Blossomon, Kogamon, Musyamon, and ShogunGekomon dwell here.

Macro Sea[]

Macro Sea

Magnet Mine[]

Magnet Mine

Palette Amazon[]

Palette Amazon

Process Factory[]

Process Factory

Proxy Island[]

Proxy Island

Resistor Jungle[]

Resistor Jungle

Shadow Abyss[]

Shadow Abyss

Shadow Abyss is an internal volcanic location to the east of the Dusk's Process Factory. It is home to many Dark-Species Digimon & one Dragon-Species Digimon; BlackWarGrowlmon. Including BlackWarGrowlmon, Shadow Abyss has SkullGreymon (after you pass the "Cancel the Duel" quest in Dusk), Wizardmon, LadyDevimon, Zanbamon, Devidramon and Piedmon; (only if you befriended one & Is found in the factory part of Shadow Abyss ONLY if you Befriended) in the Factory area present.

In Dusk, Koh/Sayo gains access to Shadow Abyss when they accepts the quest "Cancel the Duel" or "The Stolen Cards".

In Dawn, Koh/Sayo instead gains access through the quest "The Stolen Microphone" by having a lazy Megidramon on their Farm Island or quest "Cancel the Duel" by having a cool Vikemon on their Farm Island.

Sunken Tunnel[]

Sunken Tunnel

Sunken Tunnel is a dark, smelly place where only a few species of Digimon live.

Koh/Sayo find the Digi-Egg of Light in Sunken Tunnel's Chaos Area.

In Dusk, Chief Julia asks Koh/Sayo to investigate the area for suspicious area following the mysterious attacks, frustrating Barone, Ponch and Gutts who feel underutilized. They force their way out of DarkmoonCITY and try to take on the mission instead, but end up being overpowered and need saving by Koh/Sayo when faced by a powerful Raremon. In Dawn, they instead get access after accepting the "Find a Water Pillow" quest.

Kapurimon, Betamon, Hagurumon, Kotemon, and Toy Agumon (Black), Gizamon, Hookmon, Sukamon, PlatinumSukamon and, in Dusk only, Raremon, dwell in in Sunken Tunnel.

Task Canyon[]

Task Canyon

Thriller Ruins[]

Thriller Ruins

Thriller Ruins are an abandoned area of the Digital World.

In Dusk, the tamers of Night Crow are attacked by a horde of brainwashed Vilemon while preparing for the tournaments.

Koh/Sayo later goes to Thriller Ruins to look for Glare in Dawn, or Julia in Dusk. Instead of finding them, the are ambushed by several members of Kowloon Co., who are angry about their interference in their plans. Sayo in Dawn, or Koh in Dusk arrives and helps take them on, whilst Gaiomon takes on the other directly. After they win, Kowloon co. give them three P-D Words that they use to restore their half of the rival CITY.

Pagumon, Kokuwamon, Candlemon, PawnChessmon (Black), PawnChessmon (White), Dracmon, Vilemon, Digitamamon, Mummymon, Phantomon, WereGarurumon (Black), Bakemon, KnightChessmon (Black), KnightChessmon (White), Myotismon, Roachmon, Argomon (Ultimate), Anubismon and Pharaohmon dwell here. Tapirmon (Dawn) and Tsukaimon and Boltmon ( Dusk) dwell here.



Transfield is a hidden area with four different environments (mountain, jungle, island, and ruins), as well as a central chaos area that serves as a thoroughfare. It is filled with powerful Digimon of all eight families, most of them at the Mega level, and it serves as the home base of the Gaia Origin, a group of Digimon that are more powerful than any others in the Digital World. After Koh or Sayo defeat the Chrono Core, the Gaia Origin extends them an invitation to duel with them and prove their worth.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[]

The following areas are introduced in Lost Evolution.

MotheBo Continent[]

LostEvo MotherBo Continent Map

MotheBo Continent in Lost Evolution.

MotheBo Continent (マザボたいりく Mazabo-tairiku?), like the American continents, has a northern continent and a southern continent.


The DigiBase (デジベース DejiBēsu?) is located in the northwestern part of the MotherBoard Continent. It is the base of operations for Agumon, Gabumon, Terriermon, Lopmon, Patamon, Renamon, Gatomon, and Calumon.

It has an Entrance Room (エントランスルーム Entoransu Rūmu?), a Yggdra Room (イグドラルーム Igudora Rūmu?), a Private Room (プライベートルーム Puraibēto Rūmu?), a Digi-Lab, and a DigiShip port named Base Port (ベースポート Bēsu Pōto?). The DigiBase Front (デジベースフロント DejiBēsu Furonto?) is connected to Heritage Cape, Patch Prairie and Packet Coast.

Heritage Cape[]

Heritage Cape (ヘリテージみさき Heritēji-misaki?) is the first place Shuu/Kizuna, Agumon, Hiroyuki, and Asuka arrive after entering the Digital World.

Patch Prairie[]

Patch Prairie (パッチプレーリー Pacchi Purērī?) is a location.

Packet Coast[]

Packet Coast (パケットコースト Paketto Kōsuto?) is a location. It is near Login Mountain.

North Marine[]

North Marine (ノースマリン Nōsu Marin?) is the underwater path between Packet Coast and Loop Swamp. It has the same design as the "Macro Sea".

Shadow Hell[]

Shadow Hell (シャドウヘル Shadou Heru?) is a location.

Label Forest[]

North Cave[]

The underground link between Chip Forest and Palette Amazon.

Tamer Town[]

Tamer Town (テイマータウン Teimā Taun?) is a city where Shuu/Kizuna can buy new items, enter passwords or conduct wireless connection.

Palace Laboratory[]

Union Room[]

An area inside the Palace Laboratory.

South Cave[]

The underground link between Resistor Jungle, Pixel Desert and Shadow Abyss.

Pixel Desert[]

Pixel Desert (ピクセルさばく Pikuseru Sabaku?) is a location.

GraBo Continent[]

LostEvo GraBo Continent Map

GraBo Continent in Lost Evolution.

Grabo Continent (グラボたいるき Gurabo-tairiku?) is a continent located in a different Server than MotheBo Continent, and as such it is a different world. All the 4 cities on this continent are located in the right middle of 4 different adventure areas.

Task Port N[]

Task Port N (タスクポートN Tasuku Pōto N?) is a DigiShip port connected GraBo Cave and Wizard Temple.

GraBo Cave[]

Grabo Cave (グラボケイブ Gurabo Keibu?) is a location.

Wizard Temple[]

Wizard Temple (ウィザードテンプル Wizādo Tenpuru?) is a location.

East City[]

Located inside the Task Canyon, this is the third city area where higher-class items and farm goods could be bought.

South City[]

Located inside the Thriller Ruins, this is a city full of Numemon.

West City[]

North City[]

GraBo Marine[]

GraBo Central[]

Risk Factory[]

Class Desert[]

Clone Mine[]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue and Red[]

Super Xros Wars Map

The Digital World in Blue and Red.

LS-tou Zone[]

The LS-tou Zone (エルエストウゾーン Eruesutou Zōn, lit. "Legend-Swords-Island Zone"?) is an area where special beings referred to as Legend-Arms inhabit.

Fort Yard[]

Sky Fort[]

Knuckle Coast[]

Roundabout Amazon[]

Dark Tunnel[]

Flower Meadow[]

Skull Iceberg[]

Spider Nest Ruin[]

Papyrus Desert[]

Tokona Coast[]

Tokona Sea[]

Crystal Cave[]

Crystal Mine[]

Crystal Volcano[]

Stealth Valley[]

Lost Space[]

Digital Space[]

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