4-03 Digital World

The Digital World

The Digital World (デジタルワールド Dejitaru Wārudo?) of Digimon Frontier is a fictional universe in which Digimon roam.

The Digital World is divided into ten regions, each one representative of one of the world's ten elements—Flame, Light, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Earth, Wood, Water, Steel and Darkness. A massive network of train tracks crisscross the planet, with a terminal in each region, allowing the train-like Digimon, the Trailmon, to ferry passengers from one region to the next, including from the Human World itself through the Shibuya Train Station. The most distinguishing feature of the Digital World is that everything exists in the form of fractal code—the "command code" for any data. Fractal code is usually hidden, but once it is either uncovered or has its key taken, it can be "digitized," which in turn "unlocks" the data of the item or individual in question, allowing it to be manipulated. In most cases, this leads to the data being absorbed—an action frequently perpetrated by the villains of the series. Conversely, if the Fractal Code is "rendered", it restores the data to its intended shape and form and "locks" it back into place. Lobomon: Warrior of Light If a Digimon has their fractal code scanned but their data is not completely absorbed, then it will reconfigure itself into a Digi-Egg, All Aboard which then transports itself to the Village of Beginnings, where, after being tended by Swanmon, it will hatch out into a new baby Digimon and start its life over again. Glean Eggs And Scram

In ancient times, the Digital World was wracked by a massive war between the human-type and beast-type Digimon. It was then that the angel Digimon, Lucemon, appeared and brought the war to an end, leading to a period of peace. Lucemon, however, eventually grew corrupted, becoming a tyrannical ruler, prompting the emergence of ten great Ten Legendary Warriors who embodied the ten elements. After a mighty battle, the Ten Legendary Warriors were able to defeat Lucemon and imprisoned him in the Dark Area deep within the center of the Digital World. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell


A map of the Digital World. The squid icon marks the Village of Flames.

Passing on into the realm of legend themselves and leaving powerful Spirits embodying their elements behind, the ten warriors were succeeded by a trinity of angelic Digimon known as the Celestial DigimonSeraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon. The group was not a harmonious one, unfortunately—the beast-type Cherubimon disagreed with many of the human-type Seraphimon and Ophanimon's policies, and made the argument one of the beast versus human. Mistakenly believing that the two human-types planned to betray him, the despairing Cherubimon found himself overtaken by the dark aura of Lucemon, and was transformed into a virus form. The evil Cherubimon then led the beast-type Digimon in a campaign against the human types, ultimately capturing Ophanimon and forcing Seraphimon into a regenerative coma. Operation: Free Ophanimon

To save the Digital World, Ophanimon calls upon children from Earth to merge with the spirits of the Legendary Warriors and become Digimon themselves to help free Cherubimon from Lucemon's influence. The new Legendary Warriors are eventually successful in freeing Cherubimon, but Lucemon, undeterred, soon gains enough power to consume the fractal code of the entire Digital World and destroy its moons. He then begins his conquest of Earth as well. Lucemon on the Loose In the last battle to save what remains of both worlds, the Legendary Warriors defeat Lucemon and the Digital World, and the Digimon on it, are restored. End of the Line

This particular Digital World is also orbited by three Digital Moons: the Red Moon, the Yellow Moon, and the Blue Moon. At least two of the Digital Moons either are or become inhabited: the Blue Moon has the Moon Base and the Yellow Moon eventually hosts the remnants of the Village of Beginnings.

Continent of Flame[]

Village of Flames[]

Village of Flames

The Village of Flames (炎の街 Hoono no Machi?) is the hometown of the Bokomon and Neemon. It is where the Flame Terminal is located and is one of the places where the Trailmon who come from the Shibuya Train Station in the Human World come through. The Village is heavily associated with flame and heat, and it is covered in heat pipes; fitting, as it is the home of the H Spirit of Flame. It is terrorized by Cerberumon, but his defeat by Agunimon restores much of the land. All Aboard The SkullSatamon begins scanning the area during the Royal Knights' campaign to revive Lucemon, threatening and killing its inhabitants. They manage to scan the surrounding forest, and though they are defeated after a spirited defense, Crusadermon comes and scans the entire village in the aftermath of the battle. Bad To The Bones

Underground Labyrinth[]

Underground Labyrinth

The Underground Labyrinth (地下迷宮 Chikameikyuu?) is an underground labyrinth beneath the Village of Flames. J.P. and Tommy are driven here by unruly Pagumon, but Koji saves them after discovering the H Spirit of Light. Lobomon: Warrior of Light

Candlemon Village[]

Candlemon Village

The Candlemon Village (キャンドモンの村 Kyandomon no Mura?, lit. "Candmon Village") is located in a canyon not too far from the Village of Flames. Engraved in its walls are the symbols for the Ten Legendary Warriors as well as a facade of Lucemon. The Candlemon who live here jealously guard an ancient artifact and accuse the DigiDestined of trying to steal it. The artifact is the H Spirit of Ice, which chooses Tommy as its wielder. Wizardmon guards the fractal code for the overhanging bridge. Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

Breezy Village[]

Breezy Village

Breezy Village (そよ風村 Soyokaze-mura?) is located in and built around a giant tree. The wind has a calming influence on its inhabitants, and the Floramon who live here want nothing more than to share this bounty with others. Unfortunately, Mushroomon who have been turned dark by Cherubimon prevent the Floramon from doing anything important. The H Spirit of Wind rests here, and Zoe uses it to become Kazemon. With Lobomon's aid, they are able to save the village and purify the Mushroomon. Kazemon Kicks It

Wind Factory[]

Wind Factory

Wind Factory Inc. (風のファクトリー Kaze no Fakutorī?) is located in a canyon with train tracks running through it. The DigiDestined stop by here on their journey to the Forest Terminal to find a meal. It generates wind, but it uses Kokuwamon slaves in order to do so. It is run by Snimon with Goblimon and Minomon minions. The DigiDestined incite a rebellion to free the oppressed Kokuwamon, but it only works because J.P. discovers and uses the H Spirit of Thunder hidden within. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

KaratsukiNumemon Mountain[]

KaratsukiNumemon Mountain

The KaratsukiNumemon Mountain (カラツキヌメモンの山 KaratsukiNumemon no Yama?) is a large mountain located outside of a small town. Because of the local KaratsukiNumemon's ability to climb walls, all homes are built on the vertical face of the mountain. The female KaratsukiNumemon are captured by Grumblemon to force its inhabitants to provide the key to the area, but the DigiDestined intervene. Unfortunately, Grumblemon is too powerful for them, and he manages to find the key to scan the area, scattering the DigiDestined in his wake. A Molehill Out Of A Mountain

Forest Kingdom[]

TV Forest[]

TV Forest

The TV Forest (テレビの森 Terebi no Mori?) is a forest on the fringe of the Forest Kingdom. At night, the trees act as view portals to different locations, hence its name. It also has an abundance of meat-apple trees for food. The DigiDestined make camp here for a night but are attacked by an evil Bakumon who gives them visions and nightmares. They eventually purify it and are given sweet dreams. Welcome to My Nightmare

Gotsumon Village[]

The Gotsumon Village (ゴツモンの村 Gotsumon no Mura?, lit. "Gottsumon Village") is the mountain home of the Gotsumon. One of the local Gotsumon is interested in the nearby ruins, where he discovers that its three statues hide a Spirit. Around this time, Grumblemon attacks them, and, after much arguing, Gotsumon entrusts the Spirit to Koji. Koji unlocks the B Spirit of Light and KendoGarurumon using a crystal eye. The resulting battle cracks the land, causing the ruins to fall down the cliff to the beach below, but Koji and Gotsumon manage to escape. Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down When the Royal Knights scan the Digital World, they attack the village using their Knightmon. Gotsumon attempts to defend the land with the DigiDestined coming mid-battle to aid, but the Royal Knights destroy the very same crystal eye Koji used to unlock the Spirit. That crystal is the key to the land, and with its loss, the Royal Knights are free to scan the area. Now You See It, Now You Don't

Fortuneteller Village[]

Fortuneteller Village

The Fortuneteller Village (占い師の村 Uranaishi no Mura?) is a village populated by fortunetelling Digimon. Bokomon and Neemon lead the DigiDestined here to find out about Beast Spirits, but most are filled with frauds, hacks, and various small-time workers. Bokomon and Neemon take them to Shamanmon, the only real fortuneteller in the village, just as Grumblemon attacks. His temple houses the B Spirit of Flame, which Shamanmon uses to fight off Grumblemon, only to go on a rampage. The DigiDestined manage to subdue Shamanmon and escape. A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon

Enemy Hideout[]

Enemy Hideout

The Enemy Hideout (敵のアジト Teki no Ajito?) is a hidden location in the Forest Kingdom where Cherubimon's Warriors make their home base. It is relatively close to the Forest Terminal Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell and contains accommodations for each of the fell Warriors. Beastie Girl

Dera Soba[]

Dera Soba

Dera Soba (デラそば Delu Soba?) is a noodle restaurant run by Deramon. His food is bad, but he offers the first meal for free to interested customers. The DigiDestined come across his shop on their way to the Forest Terminal and receive directions after rejecting his food. Grumblemon threatens Deramon in much the same way. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell

Forest Terminal[]

Forest Terminal

The Forest Terminal (森のターミナル Mori no Tāminaru?) is a forested area with train tracks covered in mist. Ophanimon sends her chosen DigiDestined here to free Seraphimon from his forced entrapment. Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire When they arrive, they manage to find their way to Seraphimon's Castle. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell Several other kids come here too instead of Flame Terminal but most are sent home.

Seraphimon's Castle[]

Seraphimon's Castle

Seraphimon's Castle (セラフィモンの城 Serafimon no Shiro?) is a giant, crystal palace hidden near the Forest Terminal in the Forest Kingdom. The Celestial Digimon often had meetings there in the past, and it is where Cherubimon betrayed his allies, felling Seraphimon and forcing Ophanimon to give herself up as prisoner to save his life. Operation: Free Ophanimon The castle itself became hidden in mists to protect Seraphimon's slumbering body, watched over by his loyal retainer, Sorcermon, until the DigiDestined arrive and free him with their D-Tector. Unfortunately, their dispelling of the castle's defenses lead Cherubimon's fallen Warriors straight to them, and Seraphimon is defeated and scanned during the resulting conflict. Sorcermon gives his life to allow the DigiDestined to escape using a hidden, underwater getaway. Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell

When the Royal Knights are released to scan the Digital World, Seraphimon's Castle remains one of the few areas left unscanned. It holds the key to the entire Forest Kingdom, and a barrier protects the castle. The DigiDestined along with Gotsumon arrive to protect the castle, but the Royal Knights manage to break the barrier by attacking its weak point. Sorcermon, now a ghost, uses the last of the barrier to protect the DigiDestined from this assault, fading soon after. Though a tough fight is put up, the keystone, a statue of the Celestial Digimon, is destroyed by Dynasmon, and the castle, along with the entire Forest Kingdom, is lost. Now You See It, Now You Don't

Area of Ice[]

Autumn Leaf Fair[]

The Autumn Leaf Fair (秋葉マーケット Akiba Māketto?, lit. "Akiba Market") is a large bazaar in the Area of Ice. Deep in the frost-covered plains, a large furnace in center of the market provides warmth to its inhabitants. Digimon of all types come here to trade and barter, which is why the Toucanmon come to trade the D-Tectors. The DigiDestined give chase and split up in search of the Toucanmon. Tommy manages to find the D-Tectors, which had been traded to Datamon. Datamon cuts Tommy a deal; he would return the D-Tectors if Tommy can find something of value to trade back. Tommy manages to find the Toucanmon and save them from an ice trap, but the Toucanmon flee with the camera. Arbormon, on the other hand, catches up with the Toucanmon and forces them to return the camera, but Datamon sees Tommy's heroics and fights to keep the D-Tectors to give them back to Tommy as a result. Arbormon retaliates, but Tommy returns in time to get the D-Tectors, complete with an upgrade: the B Spirit of Ice. In the battle that follows, Tommy, as Korikakumon defeats Petaldramon with aid from Agunimon and Lobomon and drives him off. The DigiDestined then leave for their new destination: the Rose Morning Star, using the train tickets Zoe won from an eating contest. Bizarre Bazaar Toward the end of the Royal Knights's campaign, the Autumn Leaf Fair is targeted for its fractal code. The DigiDestined evacuate the residents, scramble the fractal code, and set up defenses, but it proves for naught. After a fierce battle, the Royal Knights successfully restore the fractual code and scan the market. All Aboard The Tag Team Express

Continent of Darkness[]

The Continent of Darkness (闇の大陸 Yami no Tairiku?) is the land in which Cherubimon makes his home. Few Digimon enter and leave its boundaries, with fear breeding in the minds of inhabitants of both sides. From Dawn To Duskmon

Dark Gate[]

Dark Gate

The Dark Gate is the gateway to the Continent of Darkness, which has the elemental symbol for darkness caved above its door. Most Trailmon stop a long way before this gate, and Bokomon is fearful of what is inside, though they all go in anyway. From Dawn To Duskmon

Forest of the Continent of Darkness[]

The Forest of the Continent of Darkness (闇の大陸の森 Yami no Tairiku no Mori?) is a large, sprawling forest that takes up a large portion of the continent with ruins hidden in its folds. The DigiDestined immediately head into here after entering through the Dark Gate and are struck by the darkness and fear of unknown. Strange sounds trigger their emotions, until they are revealed to be Pipismon, who naturally echo voices. With the aid of glowing moss, the DigiDestined learn that not all is to be feared in the darkness, leading Bokomon to decide to write about this journey and spread correct information. They are found by Arbormon and challenged to battle, ending with his B Spirit of Wood taken. Duskmon shows up, and Arbormon pleads for support, but Duskmon kills his ally, reasoning that he is useless without his Beast Spirit. From Dawn To Duskmon Duskmon then attacks the group, but he easily defeats all of them. Takuya believes that they just need to try again, but the others don't and decide to retreat and regroup. Hidden in the ruins, the DigiDestined talk among each other and about the recent battle. Takuya comes up with a cocky plan to win, but Koji pulls him aside. The two get into an argument over Takuya's attitude, that he believes that it's all a game. At the argument's peak, Duskmon attacks, and the DigiDestined enact Takuya's plan. It fails, and Takuya is only saved when KendoGarurumon gets in the way of Duskmon's attack, and the dark Warrior releases a cloud of darkness. Takuya wakes up in the Dark Terminal. Darkest Before Duskmon

Dark Terminal[]

Dark Terminal

The Dark Terminal (闇のターミナル Yami no Tāminaru?) is the place where you go when you have no where else to go. The only Trailmon who runs this line is the Dark Trailmon, and Takuya, at the absolute end of his hope, takes this Trailmon home after an unsuccessful battle against Duskmon. Darkest Before Duskmon

Old Castle[]

Old Castle

The Old Castle (古城 Kojō?) is one of Ranamon's and Mercurymon's bases within the continent. After Duskmon scatters the DigiDestined after their defeat in the Forest of the Continent of Darkness, J.P., Zoe, and Tommy are captured by the dark Legendary Warriors and chained to walls while Datamon, protected by a barrier, work at releasing the Spirits from their D-Tectors. Ranamon tortures the DigiDestined at first playfully and then seriously, and Koji, who escaped but is still injured from the previous battle, can no longer take the screams. Koji attacks as Lobomon, and his battle against the pair does damage to the castle, but he is unable to win with such a disadvantage. Agunimon shows up because of Sepikmon's help, and with his new self-knowledge, he leads the DigiDestined to a decisive victory against Mercurymon and Calmaramon. Sockit Takuya

Trailmon Graveyard[]

Trailmon Graveyard

The Trailmon Graveyard (トレイルモンの墓場 Toreirumon no Hakaba?) is the final resting place for all old Trailmon. The Trailmon go here to die and rust, and Zoe, J.P., and Tommy come across a dying Trailmon (Angler) and ask if he knows anything about the Rose Morning Star. Angler holds the promise of information over their heads as they do him favors, right until Angler looks like he is about to die. It turns out that Angler instead is shedding his damaged shell for a new one, implying that the Graveyard is, rather than a full resting place, where the Trailmon go to be renewed, with all of the discarded parts their old husks. Angered by this, the DigiDestined intend to get revenge, only to realize how pathetic Angler actually is. In thanks, Angler takes the DigiDestined toward the Rose Morning Star, sharing what he knows the entire way. Workin' On The Train Gang

Rose Morning Star[]

Rose Morning Star

The Rose Morning Star (バラの明星 Bara no Myoujou?) is the location of Cherubimon's Castle. It refers to a red formation in a section of the Continent of Darkness's sky. After the DigiDestined obtain all of their Spirits, both human and beast, Ophanimon directs them through their D-Tectors to head to this location. Bizarre Bazaar After a long, arduous journey and gaining a new ally in Koichi Kimura, the DigiDestined finally reach the Rose Morning Star and begin their operation to rescue Ophanimon. Operation: Free Ophanimon

The location's name is a reference to an alternate name for the planet Venus, as viewed in the morning. The Romans designated this aspect of the planet as "Lucifer", or "Light-bringer", making this a reference to Lucemon.

Cherubimon's Castle[]

Cherubimon's Castle

Cherubimon's Castle (ケルビモンの城 Kerubimon no Shiro?) is the home base of the Celestial Digimon Cherubimon. Located at the Rose Morning Star, it is where Cherubimon collects all of the data his minions gather for him. There is a room where he compresses all of his accumulated data into a small ball, and a room dedicated to the Spirits. It also contains an ornate entrance guarded by Phantomon, the Hall of Shadows (牢獄の間 Rougoku no Ma?, lit. "Prison Space") in which Cherubimon holds those who sacrificed their souls to him, and the Light Barrier (光の結界 Hikari no Kekkai?), a place of pure light where Ophanimon is held in a cage of light beams. Beneath the castle is also where the vicious mass murderer IceDevimon is imprisoned.

The DigiDestined infiltrate the castle in order to rescue Ophanimon and come into conflict with the Phantomon guards. Though the Phantomon are able to lock away most of the DigiDestined into their prison space, Loweemon is able to free them and win entrance into the castle. They end up wandering through the Hall of Shadows, where the trapped Digimon within attempt to attack them, but Oryxmon drives the shadows off with his holy bell. Oryxmon, a servant of the Celestial Digimon, guides them to the Prison of Light where Ophanimon is held, and the DigiDestined meet the one who chose them for the first time.

Ophanimon elaborates on the snippets of the story they've heard before, about how she and Seraphimon came to be trapped and why she called them to this castle. Cherubimon, however, interrupts their conversation and reveals that they have merely played into his hands—the reason why the DigiDestined were allowed entrance was so that he can take their Spirits for himself. Operation: Free Ophanimon Cherubimon begins by striking down Oryxmon, and though the DigiDestined attempt to attack, the Light Barrier's immense light prevents any of their attacks for having any effect. As the strongest, Aldamon and BeoWolfmon take Cherubimon out into the area around the castle to fight, leaving the other DigiDestined to slowly break Ophanimon free by attacking the walls which anchor her prison. Cherubimon is too strong for even Fusion Evolution, as he defeats and steals the Spirits of the DigiDestined until only Zoe is left. The cage is weakened enough for Ophanimon to break free just before Zoe loses her Spirits. Ophanimon manages to trick Cherubimon into giving the Spirits up, but this action angers him enough to kill her, and with the last of her strength she upgrades Takuya's and Koji's D-Tectors. With the new power of Unified Spirit Evolution, they become EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution

The new Warriors manage to defeat Cherubimon, but the destruction of the castle in the midst of battle frees IceDevimon, who the DigiDestined are forced to defeat. Unfortunately, Cherubimon reveals that he is alive at the conclusion of that battle. Ice Ice Baby By absorbing the data he collected, Cherubimon becomes even more powerful, but after a desperate fight in which even the castle remnants are further destroyed, the DigiDestined defeat and purify Cherubimon. Cherubimania


Tunnel of History[]

Tunnel of History

The Tunnel of History (歴史のトンネル Rekishi no Ton'neru?) is the largest collection of history on the Digital World. Baromon protects this tunnel from intruders and tells the stories to people he deems worthy. After Cherubimon's defeat, the DigiDestined stumble upon this place, only for Baromon to attack them, seeing them as intruders. When they spirit evolve, revealing themselves as the Legendary Warriors, Baromon stops his attack and invites them into the tunnel, where he tells the entire history of Lucemon, the Ten Legendary Warriors, and the Celestial Digimon. He goes through the near past, with the defeat of Cherubimon, and then to the present—where mysterious figures are picking up where Cherubimon left off in scanning the world. At the end of the journey, Baromon uses his powers to tell a prophecy of the future: that the Digital World will be destroyed. The Tunnel of History is then attacked and scanned, and the DigiDestined move to face their new foe. It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

Area of Steel[]

Steel Town[]

Steel Town

The Steel Town (鋼のエリア Hagane no Eria?, lit. "Area of Steel") is a clean town filled with metallic buildings which for sharp angles. Though most of the town is made of steel, there is still some greenery in the area, and there is a garden capable of producing food in its limits. Angemon and his charges, Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki, and Teruo, settle here after wandering the world, where they catch wind of a Sagittarimon bandit stealing people's possessions. The DigiDestined also land here after their escape from the Blue Moon, and they are attacked by Sagittarimon. Though they move to fight, Angemon intervenes, and the two groups of children meet. They get into an argument over Katsuharu's group desire to stay in this world and the DigiDestined's knowledge of the Royal Knights' scanning of the world and its increasing danger. They part to regroup, where Teppei attempts to bully Tommy into leaving with Katsuharu stopping him, Chiaki and Teruo explaining why they want to stay to Zoe and J.P., and Angemon explains the situation to the rest. All of these are interrupted by Sagittarimon's attack with his Centarumon army. Tommy shows his true strength as he helps out, and all of the DigiDestined aid Angemon in driving off the attacking forces. Realizing the danger, Katsuharu's group decide to leave, but the Royal Knights attack, kill Angemon, and capture Katsuharu's group, with Tommy hitching a ride. The Bully Pulpit

Beanstalk Village[]

Beanstalk Village

The Beanstalk Village (豆の木村 Mamenoki-mura?) is the hometown of the Mamemon. It is originally a dry and arid place, where eking out a living is difficult. In spite of the difficulty, the Mamemon make do, and when Katsuharu and his group show up, they treat their guests as best they can, even giving their final beans. The children plant the beans in the village, and as soon as they leave, it sprouts into a magnificent beanstalk, which brings prophesied bounty to the village. The Royal Knights target the village, but the beanstalk binds the fractal code, and so they search for its key. The Mamemon hold mum, so the Royal Knights imprison the inhabitants and terrorize the Trailmon such that no one will service the line.

In searching for the key, the Royal Knights kidnap Katsuharu's group, and the DigiDestined are forced to bribe and bully a Trailmon into taking them to the village. In spite of the best efforts, the Royal Knights outmatch the DigiDestined. In exchange for sparing the Legendary Warriors' lives, the Mamemon Elder reveals that the village's key is at the top of the beanstalk. With this knowledge, the Royal Knights scan the village, and all of its inhabitants flee. The Mamemon Elder reveals that the beanstalk had sprouted beans of its own, and he retains one of these beans, leaving hope that they can build the village anew. Jerks And The Beanstalk

Area of Light[]

Ophanimon's Castle[]

Ophanimon's Castle

Ophanimon's Castle (オファニモンの城 Ofanimon no Shiro?) is the castle of the Celestial Digimon Ophanimon and cared for by Nefertimon. It is a repository of knowledge, whose walls are lined with rows upon rows of books. It is also the last unscanned area of the planet during the Royal Knights rampage. Defeated at the Autumn Leaf Fair, the DigiDestined head for the castle, determined to protect the last vestiges of the Digital World. Nefertimon greets them within, but when questioned of the whereabouts of the key, tells them that she does not know. After hours of fruitless searching, the DigiDestined's time is up when the Royal Knights come, revealing that Nefertimon herself is the key. Nefertimon pleads with the DigiDestined to kill her in order to protect the key, but they instead decide to fight the Royal Knights, unwilling to sacrifice her. For the first time, the DigiDestined manage to fight the Royal Knights evenly, but unfortunately, Lucemon manages to intervene in the battle from the Dark Area, striking down the DigiDestined and allowing his servants to scan Nefertimon. With her loss, the final area is taken, and Lucemon is revived. To Make The World Go Away

Three Moons[]

Three Moons

The Three Moons (三つの月 Mitsu no Tsuki?) orbit the Digital World. When the three full moons align, Petaldramon gets hungry, leading to him raiding the Hamburger Digimon Village for food. You Want Fries With That? All three are destroyed due to Lucemon Chaos Mode's power. The Brothers Yin and Yang

Red Moon[]

Red Moon on the left

The Red Moon (赤い月 Akai Tsuki?) is the red-colored moon and the only one the DigiDestined never lands on. When it passes by the Yellow Moon, a brief opening in the Electromagnetic Stream appears, which the DigiDestined use to return to the planet proper after being stranded on the Blue Moon. The Man In The Moon Is You It is later destroyed by the debris from the destruction of the Yellow Moon by Lucemon Chaos Mode. The Brothers Yin and Yang

Blue Moon[]

Blue Moon

The Blue Moon (青い月 Aoi Tsuki?) is the blue-colored moon and contains the Moon Base (ムーンベース Mūn Bēsu?) run by SuperStarmon and a Space Burger (スペースバーガー Supēsu Bāgā?) stand run by Burgermon. The DigiDestined end up here after their disastrous first battle with the Royal Knights, where they are treated for their wounds. They then attempt to return to the planet proper to protect it in spite of their loss against the Royal Knights, but the Electromagnetic Stream stops their efforts. It takes all of the inhabitants of the Moon Base community coming together and aiding them to return them back to the planet. The Man In The Moon Is You The Blue Moon and its Moon Base community are later destroyed by the debris from the destruction of the Yellow Moon by Lucemon Chaos Mode. The Brothers Yin and Yang

Places on the Blue Moon

Yellow Moon[]

Yellow Moon

The Yellow Moon (黄色の月 Kiiro no Tsuki?) is the yellow-colored moon of the Digital World. When it passes by the Red Moon, a brief opening in the Electromagnetic Stream appears, which the DigiDestined use to return to the planet proper after being stranded on the Blue Moon. The Man In The Moon Is You After the entire Digital World is scanned and Lucemon is freed, a Trailmon (Angler) takes the DigiDestined here, where the babies they saved from the Village of Beginnings are born. Using their protection as motivation, the DigiDestined eventually fight and defeat the Royal Knights, but it is for naught. Lucemon himself intervenes, taking the Royal Knights' fractal code for his own to digivolve to his Chaos Mode. His immense power allows him to destroy the Yellow Moon itself in a spectacular explosion. When Knights Fall... The debris from its destruction then subsequently destroys the other moons. The Brothers Yin and Yang

Electromagnetic Stream[]

Electromagnetic Stream

The Electromagnetic Stream (電磁ストリーム Denji Sutorīmu?) is a stream of electricity that surrounds the Digital World, acting as a barrier to keep influences out. The DigiDestined run up against this obstacle when they are sent to the Blue Moon and want to return to the planet proper. With the Moon Base's help, they devise a plan to take a rocket and get through the brief window in time the stream goes down when the Red and Yellow Moons cross and ride it back to the planet. Along the way, however, space debris damages and knocks their rocket off course, leaving them at the stream's mercy, but they manage to just barely make it through, and a Trailmon (Mole) takes them down to the planet itself. The Man In The Moon Is You

Dark Area[]

Main article: Dark Area (Frontier)

Lost Island[]

Lost Island

The Lost Island (さまよえる島 Samayoeru Shima?, lit. "Wandering Island") is an island that travels at the boundaries of the Digital World, and it is said that those who set foot on it never leave. Long ago, the evil Ornismon was sealed here by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon, and time warped his legend from being a terror to a protector. Murmukusmon stumbles upon this island and his method of rebirth, forming a plot to revive Ornismon and regain his glory. He carefully manipulates events so that he can attain the necessary sacrifices, taking advantage of the same Human-Beast hostilities that ruined the Digital World to create a long, drawn out war. Though Murmukusmon manages to achieve of goal of reviving the ancient Digimon, both he and Ornismon are defeated by the DigiDestined, who only accidentally land on the island. Island of Lost Digimon

Human Digimon Area[]

Human Digimon Area

The Human Digimon Area is where the Human Digimon live on the Lost Island. Takuya, Tommy, J.P., Bokomon, and Neemon end up here, saved by Kotemon and his friends. They watch as a suicide force for the Beast Digimon slaughters half the village and decide to meet up with their wayward allies. This tragedy allows Darcmon to begin preparation for a final, climactic battle. Island of Lost Digimon

Beast Digimon Area[]

Beast Digimon Area

The Beast Digimon Area is where the Beast Digimon live on the Lost Island. Zoe and Koji wake up here after the chaos of their arrival, aided by Bearmon and his friends. They watch as Dinohyumon and his group mercilessly kill inhabitants of the village, which forces Hippogriffomon to make a declaration to end the war once and for all. All of the DigiDestined end up in the Beast Digimon Area, arguing their respective sides of the conflict, until Bearmon and Kotemon plead for peace by taking them to the Ruins. Island of Lost Digimon

Lost Island Ruins[]


The Lost Island Ruins is home to a giant mural of Ornismon, AncientGreymon, and AncientGarurumon, along with a poem foretelling Ornismon's revival, though Murmukusmon destroys that inscription when he arrives. Kotemon, Bearmon, and the Lost Island Children take the DigiDestined here as a neutral meeting ground, and though it allows them to cool their heads, their brothers Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon, as well as their respective forces, clash here. The two friends are eventually forced to part.

The ruins are also home to the war's final battleground, where Human and Beast clash in the ruins' winding maze. Takuya and Koji try their best to minimize casualties while the others try to reconstruct the poem left behind on the mural. When they manage to read the prophecy in full and discover both Darcmon's and Hippogriffomon's true intentions, they manage to stop the war, only for the ruins to become host to Ornismon's revival. Kotemon is killed in the resulting clash, and Bearmon's tears bring AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to life once more, where they weaken Ornismon enough to be defeated. Island of Lost Digimon

Miscellaneous Locations[]

Toy Country[]

Toy Country

Toy Country is a floating island home to numerous living toys. At its center is a large castle. Its purpose is to entertain children, but due to Cherubimon's influence, it is unable to fulfill that mission. He turned the ToyAgumon into ShadowToyAgumon, forcing Pandamon into hiding. Takuya, Koji, and Tommy are thrown here after their loss against Grumblemon, where they purify the ShadowToyAgumon and return the island to its original purpose. Island of Misfit Boys

In the manhua, J.P. goes to Toy Town, rather than Koji. Takuya Attacks!

Digimon School[]

Digimon School

The Digimon School (デジモン小学校 Dejimon Shogakkou?, lit. "Digimon Primary School") is located in a large valley with a river nearby. It is where Togemon teaches Fresh and In-Training Digimon the skills that they will need as fully grown Digimon. Zoe and J.P. save the school from a flood and help a Tsunomon conquer his fear of his own digivolution.

Blue Cave[]

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave (青い洞窟 Aoi Dokutsu?) is an undersea cavern covered in blue rock. Trailmon (Kettle) takes the DigiDestined here after Seraphimon's defeat against Cherubimon's dark Warriors. Whamon is trapped here by accident, and he, in pain and fear, attacks the DigiDestined by accident. By this time, Grumblemon has caught up to the DigiDestined, and he attacks them with Arbormon and a Golemon army, but he is defeated by MetalKabuterimon. The battle destroys the cavern, and Whamon takes the group to safety. No Whamon

Toucan Paradise[]

Toucan Paradise (海の家「トーカン天国」 Umi no Ie 「Tōkan Tengoku」?, lit. "Beachside Clubhouse 'Toucan Paradise'") is a beachfront store housed on a tropical island and run by Toucanmon, members of Ranamon's fan club. The DigiDestined are taken to this island by Whamon after escaping the Blue Cave, and it is here that they are targeted by the Toucanmon. After a fun day of eating and playing, the Toucanmon steal the DigiDestined's D-Tectors and flee the island, the DigiDestined giving chase. Beastie Girl

Goma Island[]

Goma Island

The Goma Island (ごま島 Goma-tou?) is an island surrounded by whirlpools near the island where Toucan Paradise is located and the home of Gomamon. Goma Island is where the Toucanmon flee to, and the DigiDestined attempt to give chase but are stopped by the Gomamon, who warn them of the dangers. The DigiDestined build a raft to go anyway but are attacked by Ranamon en route. Zoe, the only battle-capable DigiDestined, meets her, and the two fight. Zoe is defeated and thrown into the ocean, where she discovers the B Spirit of Wind, source of the whirlpools. With her new strength, Zoe drives off Ranamon and leads the Gomamon back to their home. The Swiss Family Digimon

Great Trailmon Race[]

The Great Trailmon Race is an annual event where Trailmon race each other, and Piddomon acts as its official. Seven racers step up to the plate this time, with the DigiDestined manning most after ShadowWereGarurumon scares the originals away. After a long, hilly stretch, the race narrows down into the Canyon Bridge (Rainbow Bridge), which is destroyed by Doggymon. The Canyon Bridge, after a harrowing cliff-side run, leads into a tunnel where DemiMeramon roam free. The finish line is not long after. Takuya manages to win a narrow victory, with the prize being a trip to the Hamburger Village. Trailmon vs. Trailmon

Hamburger Village[]

Hamburger Village

Hamburger Village (ハンバーガーの村 Hanbāgā no Mura?), also known as the Hamburger Digimon Village (ハンバーガーデジモンの村 Hanbāgā Dejimon no Mura?), is a village whose residents, the Burgermon, EbiBurgamon, and TorikaraBallmon, make their living through hamburgers. Petaldramon grows hungry when the three moons align, and he ransacks this village, taking one of the Burgermon for his personal chef. The DigiDestined come here due to Takuya's victory at the Great Trailmon Race and put a stop to this, saving the Burgermon and the village. You Want Fries With That? The Burgermon on the Moon Base hail from here. The Man In The Moon Is You

Petaldramon's Hideout[]

Petaldramon's Hideout

Petaldramon's Hideout is a large palace hidden in the forests near the Hamburger Village. Petaldramon comes here to rest with his Chamelemon sentries, and when he grows hungry, he kidnaps a Burgermon as a chef. The Chamelemon bring the DigiDestined too due to Tommy's burger-making skills, but they manage to break free and pacify Petaldramon with burgers while purifying his underlings. MetalKabuterimon then collapses the hideout around Petaldramon, leaving him in the ruins. You Want Fries With That?

Village of Beginnings[]

Village of Beginnings

The Village of Beginnings (はじまりの街 Hajimari no Machi?) is the birthplace of all Digimon. Swanmon nurtures all of the eggs in this village until they hatch, after which she also cares for the babies until they are ready to go out into the world. The DigiDestined end up here after losing the Beanstalk Village and help out Swanmon with taking care of the young. The Royal Knights attack this village, and though everyone helps out, from the babies to even the purified eggs of Cherubimon's Legendary Warriors, the Village is still lost, though the Royal Knights do not win with the same large margin as previous. Its inhabitants are safe, however, as the DigiDestined manage to evacuate all of the eggs and babies via Trailmon. Glean Eggs And Scram


Within Sakkakumon are ten areas represented by his ten spheres, each of which coordinates to one of the ten elements of the Ten Legendary Warriors. Each world has its own appearance and guardian, who must be defeated before the DigiDestined within is allow to either exit or proceed to another area. The entrances and exits are signified by portals in the form of eyes, and the pathways between are vaguely organ colored and can sprout arms and hands to expedite travel through them. When a guardian is defeated, the area disappears, and the sphere grows dormant. Alone But Never Alone

Earth Area[]

Earth Area

The Earth Area (土のエリア Tsuchi no Eria?) takes the form of a barren, stone-covered wasteland filled with stone pillars. J.P. finds himself here after being isolated inside Sakkakumon, where he is confronted by Volcamon, who picks at J.P.'s insecurities over his lack of friends. J.P. becomes Beetlemon and defeats Volcamon, only to have his shadow come to life and continue Volcamon's psychological attack. His shadow continues his mental assault, creating a ring to fight Beetlemon in and filling the stands with shallow copies of the rest of the DigiDestined, who hurl insults at him. The real DigiDestined find their way to the area, however, and shout encouragements instead. Their help allows J.P. to power through the insults and defeat his shadow. The DigiDestined reunite, only to be drawn through different portals, while the Earth Area disappears and grows dormant. Alone But Never Alone

Flame Area[]

Flame Area

The Flame Area (炎のエリア Honoo no Eria?) takes the form of a lava-filled land covered in red stone. Tommy wakes up alone in this world after the Earth Area, and he forces himself to move onward despite his fears. He is attacked by a mysterious Digimon and then apparently saved by a hooded figure named Asuramon. Asuramon is overly friendly as he aids Tommy in searching for his friends but starts demanding things in return, though the entire time Tommy thinks about his lingering resentment with his brother, Yutaka. Tommy then realizes the true lessons his brother was trying to teach him, and he rejects Asuramon's guilt-tripping nature. Enraged, Asuramon attacks him, and though Tommy as Kumamon is initially at a disadvantage, he comes back as Korikakumon and scans Asuramon. The entire Flame Area disappears as Tommy exits Sakkakumon. The Dark Heart of Friendship

Wind Area[]

Wind Area

The Wind Area (風のエリア Kaze no Eria?) takes the form of a breezy forest, where in spite of the tall trees, wind passes through the area. Koji appears here after the DigiDestined are scattered after the Earth Area, and Karatenmon begins to taunt him. Karatenmon read Koji's hearts and anticipate his moves as Lobomon. He uses his abilities to then emotionally attack him, pointing to his lone wolf persona and loneliness issues. When Karatenmon goes too far, however, Koji slide evolves to KendoGarurumon, where his speed outstrips Karatenmon's predictive abilities. KendoGarurumon races through the trees, cutting them down to give him more space, before dealing the finishing blow to Karatenmon. Koji then scans his foe and enters deeper into Sakkakumon, leading the Wind Area to go dormant. The Dark Heart of Friendship

Water Area[]

Water Area

The Water Area (水のエリア Mizu no Eria?) takes the form of a bright, tree-lined world with an extremely large, clear lake at its center. Zoe appears here after the DigiDestined are scattered after the Earth Area, and she takes in the world's natural beauty. The Dark Heart of Friendship Ranamon herself is the guardian of the area, and she has her Honeybeemon fanclub with her. Ranamon takes it easy and has her Honeybeemon lay traps for Zoe, but they are incompetent; their intended target ends up saving them from the very traps they lay for her. Her kindness slowly wins over their idolatry for Ranamon, and they only reluctantly give Zoe the poisoned apple Ranamon concocts for her. Ranamon takes the stage once the apple has pulled to the forefront all of Zoe's negative feelings about having to move from Italy and the trouble she has making friends, and the two battle it out, with Zoe still weak from self-doubt. With time and reflection even in the midst of battle, Zoe grows to believe in herself and her strength, and the Honeybeemon begin cheering for her instead of Ranamon. Zoe defeats and scans Ranamon once and for all, taking both her Spirits. The Honeybeemon help bring Zoe to safety as the Water Area grows dormant. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure

Thunder Area[]

Thunder Area

The Thunder Area (雷のエリア Ikazuchi no Eria?) is a darkened, stone plain where lightning flashes through the sky. Takuya appears here after the DigiDestined are scattered after the Earth Area. The Dark Heart of Friendship Though Takuya wanders for a while, he is eventually attacked by its guardian, Parrotmon. Parrotmon has lightning at its disposal, but Takuya as Agunimon makes short work of it, and so Takuya heads deeper into Sakkakumon. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure

Wood Area[]

Wood Area

The Wood Area (樹のエリア Ki no Eria?) is a dark, overgrown forest, full of large trees which make a menacing landscape. J.P. appears here after the DigiDestined are scattered after the Earth Area, calling for his friends. The Dark Heart of Friendship He wanders through the trees for a while until he stumbles upon Cherrymon, a large tree Digimon and the guardian of the area. J.P. handily defeats it in a quick battle, and he uses the resulting eye portal to escape for Sakkakumon safely. Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure

Darkness Area[]

Darkness Area

The Darkness Area (闇のエリア Yami no Eria?) is a single, purple plain covered in darkness, in which the only discerning feature is the Crest of Light hovering in the sky. After defeating Karatenmon in the Wind Area, Koji finds himself here, though it is originally empty of any guardian. On the other hand, Duskmon, who is looking to answer questions about their last clash, forces himself into the sphere. Duskmon uses one of his attacks to view Koji's memories and inadvertently reminds himself of a past which Cherubimon has been suppressing. An image of Cherubimon comes to strengthen his control of his dark Warrior, and Koji uses the opportunity to spirit evolve into Lobomon and attack. The Warrior of Darkness is too much for Koji, however, and he falls to Duskmon's blade. Right before he can strike the finishing blow, Koji finds new resolve in himself about how his past regrets and how he'll live in the future, and that calls Seraphimon's Digi-Egg to give him the power to fusion evolve into BeoWolfmon. Now more evenly matched, the competing powers of light and darkness that BeoWolfmon and Duskmon hold are too powerful, and Sakkakumon rejects their clash out through a portal, just as Agunimon comes a moment too late to help. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You

Ice Area[]

Ice Area

The Ice Area (氷のエリア Koori no Eria?) is an area of icy peaks perpetually covered in a blizzard. Desperately searching for Koji, Takuya finds himself here where he is near-instantly attacked by IceLeomon. Impatient, Takuya battles it out as Agunimon. Though first trying to reason with IceLeomon, Cherubimon's control is too powerful, so Agunimon fights to his full strength, and he quickly defeats his opponent. Afterward, two eye portals open up—one to the outside and one which heads deeper into Sakkakumon. Remembering the other DigiDestined's warning that it is almost impossible to return after leaving, Agunimon heads deeper into Sakkakumon to find and aid Koji. Stuck In Sakkakumon With You

Steel Area[]

Steel Area

The Steel Area (鋼のエリア Hagane no Eria?) is a world of polished stone and mirrors. Mercurymon rules this land as its guardian, and he can teleport between any sort of polished surface as the Warrior of Steel. Takuya, desperately searching for a way out, is taken here by Mercurymon's will, where Mercurymon plays with him. Agunimon is neither strong nor fast enough to catch Mercurymon in this world, and once he is tired of playing, Mercurymon invites him to the Light Area. After Takuya becomes Aldamon and defeats Mercurymon as ShadowSeraphimon, Mercurymon retreats here, hoping to gain the advantage. Takuya's new Fusion Evolution is too strong, as his flames melt all of the mirrors and stone, leaving Mercurymon no escape. Aldamon defeats and scans Mercurymon, taking the H Spirit of Steel. With the last of Sakkakumon's areas deactivated, Takuya finally escapes Sakkakumon. Darkness Before the Dawn

Light Area[]

Light Area

The Light Area (光のエリア Hikari no Eria?) is a mockup of a cathedral, with a self-playing organ masking a coffin at the center and stained glass windows above. Mercurymon leads Agunimon here after playing with him in the Steel Area, where he reveals that this is where he hid the fractal code he took from Seraphimon. Mercurymon uses that data to become ShadowSeraphimon, guardian of this area. With Mercurymon's ingenuity combined with Seraphimon's sheer power, ShadowSeraphimon overwhelms Takuya until Seraphimon's Digi-Egg, responding to Takuya's pain and the other DigiDestined's attempts to get to him, grants him the power to fusion evolve to Aldamon. Takuya's new power allows him to easily defeat ShadowSeraphimon, scanning and returning Seraphimon's fractal code to his egg, while Mercurymon retreats to the Steel Area. Darkness Before the Dawn

Digimon Battle Spirit 2 Locations[]

Pipe Town[]

Pipe Town

Pipe Town (ヒートパイプタウン Hīto Paipu Taun?, lit. "Heat Pipe Town") is the stage in which Agunimon fights. Pipe Town is a simple stage whose dangers come from above; fireballs drop from the skies to deal damage while ShadowToyAgumon randomly appear. It is based on the Village of Flames from the series.



The Factory (ひかりのファクトリー Hikari no Fakutorī?, lit. "Light Factory") is the stage in which Lobomon fights. The Factory is tall and multi-tiered, allowing aerial battle where Goblimon patrol its halls and Pagumon cheer in the background. It is a combination of the Wind Factory and the Underground Labyrinth from the series.

Ice Park[]

Ice Park

The Ice Park (きらきらアイスパーク Kirakira Aisu Pāku?, lit. "Sparkling Ice Park") is the stage in which Kumamon fights. The Ice Park has a slick field which allows fights to slip and slide, and Candlemon spawn to intermingle with fighters. It is based on an icy version of the Candlemon Village from the series.

Breezy Plains[]

Breezy Plains

Breezy Plains (そよかぜこうげん Soyokaze Kougen?) is the stage in which Kazemon fights. Breeze Plains have mushrooms which allow the user to jump amazing heights, and Mushroomon watch the spectacle safely while Toucanmon appear every so often to get in the fighters' way. It is based on the Breezy Village from the series.

Rock Dome[]

Rock Dome

The Rock Dome (いなずまロックドーム Inazuma Rokku Dōmu?, lit. "Lightning Rock Dome") is the stage in which Beetlemon fights. The Rock Dome is a slightly cramped fighting field that allow close-ranged battle where Kokuwamon fly in the background and Minomon occasionally pop down. It is based on a combination of the Wind Factory and the forest in which the Kokuwamon originally lived in the series.



The Terminal (やみのターミナル Yami no Tāminaru?, lit. "Dark Terminal") is the stage in which Loweemon fights. The Terminal is a long, dark battlefield in which Trailmon travel in the back and Pipismon fly in fighters' faces. It is based on the Dark Terminal from the series.

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