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LAST BATTLE: Digital World!
(Dejitaru Wārudo!)
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After NEO destroys the universe, Ami shows that there is still hope. Her Digimon Mini still works, and MarineAngemon is telling them where to go. Resolved to fight and using Norn's powers, all of the Tamers collect their Digisoul into the combined Digimon Twin to open a portal to NEO. Tsurugi, Yuu, VictoryGreymon, and ZeedGarurumon go through and fight NEO, but before VictoryGreymon can land a definite blow, NEO tells Tsurugi that he is the universe itself and that to resist is useless. With the power of his Digisoul, carrying all of the world's hopes, Tsurugi and VictoryGreymon charge forward, breaking through NEO's defenses and delivering a definitive blow. NEO realizes that it is the power of the bonds between lives which gave Tsurugi this strength and then willingly dissolved himself. He returns Pichimon and uses the power of the Digimemories to restore the universe. The Arbitrators turned to stone, but Piximon reassures that they will be reborn, as the bond between Digimon and Tamer still exists. Because of the fact that the barrier between worlds is stabilizing, the Tamers have to go back, and after a goodbye, Piximon returns them to the real world. The four Tamers climb out of the Battle Terminal to a triumphant audience who has watched everything. The series ends with Tsurugi realizing that his Digimon Mini has a new Digi-Egg.

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