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Digital Monster:
I'll Become the Digimon King!
Dejitaru Monsutā
Dejimon Kingu ni Narunda mon!
ISBN Number 4-08-108057-7
Release Date September 8, 1997
Publisher Shueisha
Price ¥500

Digital Monster: I'll Become the Digimon King! (デジタルモンスター デジモンキングになるんだモン Dejitaru Monsutā Dejimon Kingu ni Narunda mon!?) is a guide for the virtual pets.


The book contains a four-chapter manga titled Go! Go!! Digimon (ゆけ!ゆけ!!デジモン Yuke! Yuke!! Dejimon?), which features the siblings Digi and Mon who aim to become Digimon Kings following the Coach's teachings.

The chapters are divided into three sections, "Teach us, Coach!!" (教えて師匠!! Oshiete Shishou!!?), which has the Coach giving instructions about the Digimon Pendulum, "Brother's doing!!" (兄やってんだ!! Ani Yattenda!!?), and "A girl♥" (女の子だモン♥ On'nanoko da mon♥?).


What are Digimon?

DK-01 01 01.jpg

What are Digimon? (デジモンってなにモン? Dejimon tte nani mon??) is the first chapter.


Digi and Mon receive and activate their Digimon Battle Pets, but don't know how to hatch their Digi-Eggs. The Coach then shows up and teaches them how to do the "basic operations".

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Champion
  • Digi (1)
  • Mon (1)
  • Coach (3)

Take Care a Lot!

Take Care a Lot! (お世話ってだモン! Osewa tte da mon!?) is the second chapter.

Crash Into Battle!

Crash Into Battle! (バトルでドンだモン! Batoru de Don da mon!?) is the third chapter.

Aim to be the Strongest!

Aim to be the Strongest! (目指せ最強!だモン!! Mezase Saikyou! Da mon!!?) is the fourth chapter.

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