Season 3, Episode 18: "Digital Beauty" English Version Written by: Original Air Date: Transcribed by: SteelWarrior (steelwarrior98@aol.com)

In the photo place where Rumiko gets her modeling done. Rumiko is talking with Sugai and Rika in sitting on the couch.

Sugai: If it isn’t my favorite supermodel.

Rumiko: Hello Sugai, thanks for setting up this camera test.

Sugai: For you Makino, anything.

Rumiko: I’m sure my little Rika has what it takes to be a world class model, with a little guidance of course.

Sugai: A little guidance? Please. You are the best role model there is.

Rika (thinking): Oh yuck.

Sugai: Isn’t she?

Rumiko: Well that’s what everyone says. Cocoa will love her look, she’s the girl next door. That is if you live next to a gas station. Aren’t you excited, pumpkin?

Rika: I’m ecstatic.

She walks behind Rika and puts her hands on Rika’s shoulders.

Rumiko: Oh don’t mind her, she’s just nervous, right honeybunch? Sugai and cocoa are very important contacts so don’t do anything strange like ask why models always look hungry, okay baby?

Sugai: Huh?

Rika: I never said I wanted to be a model.

She gets up and turns to her Mom.

Rika: And frankly I’d rather be eaten by snakes! And this dress itches!

Rumiko: That is a designer dress young lady, it’s all the rage now, and you’re acting like a baby.

Sugai: That’s quite alright. Fact is, you’re gorgeous. I bet you’re the most popular girl in your class, if not they’re jealous, I mean just look at ya. Am I right?

He hands Rika the hat.

Rumiko: Of course you are, you’re always right.

Rika smiles.

Sugai: There’s that smile, now try on the hat.

Rika: Kay.

She puts it on.

Rumiko: See that wasn’t so bad.

Sugai: Now on to the camera test.

In the shooting room.

Sugai and Rumiko turn to each other and smile.

In the shooting room.

Cocoa: Time for Cocoa to work his magic. Look at those eyes. When I’m done with you baby you’re gonna be a star.

Sugai: Wouldn’t that be fun? To be famous like your mother?

Rika: Not really.

Rumiko: Rika!

Cocoa: It’s magic time baby!

He takes a picture that makes Rika turn her head a little.

Cocoa: Light check, don’t move. Okay Rika baby, show me what you’ve got. I wanna see glamour, I wanna see class.

Rumiko: Don’t be shy honey, go on.

Cocoa: You make other girls look like dirt.

He walks toward her taking pictures.

Cocoa: Great! Work it baby! Don’t move.

He takes another picture.

Cocoa: You are a natural darling! Now, lose the hat.

She takes it off and holds it to her chest.

Cocoa: Terrific! Now, look right into the camera, that’s it. You like the camera, you love the camera! The camera’s your new boyfriend!

Rika turns a little.

Cocoa: Love that look. You’re afraid, you’re a bunny in the woods.

He takes another picture.

Rika: Uh.

Cocoa: you’re gonna be so famous, baby, just like your Mom.

Rika: Huh?

He takes another picture.

Rika turns inverted.

Cocoa: You’re gonna be a star! You make the other girls look like dirt!

Rika drops the hat.

Cocoa: You’re gonna be so famous, baby. Just like your Mom. Just like your Mom.

She goes back to normal, blinks, and pushes Cocoa and the other guy down and runs away.

Rumiko: Rika, stop!

Rika is storming home, ticked.

Rika (thinking): The camera is your boyfriend, what a freak! I should make him eat his camera, right after I get out of this ridiculous outfit.

In Henry’s room he’s on his computer and Takato and Terriermon are on his bed.

Henry: I wonder why Renamon disappeared with Vajramon.

Takato: Yeah, I don’t know. Hey maybe he put like a wacky mind control field on her.

Terriermon: Nah, she’s too stubborn for that.

Takato gets up.

Takato: You guys we should look for her, you know launch a search-and-rescue mission.

Henry: We’d need Rika’s D-power, but even then our chances are thin.

He gets up.

Henry: If Vajramon is anything like the other Devas we’ve encountered then he’ll show up soon enough, so will Renamon.

In the park Guilmon is sitting on a tree.

Guilmon (thinking): Takato said they’d be back once they heard something., but waiting is so hard. I hope they find her.

Rika is on a bridge holding her D-power checking for Renamon.

Rika: Uh, still nothing. I can’t believe I let you go with him. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but how can I be sure that Vajramon will keep his promise?

Rika walks down the steps then stops and looks out.

Rika: Renamon, please be alright.

At Rika’s Rumiko folds up the dress.

Rumiko: It’s dinnertime, where on earth can she be?

Rika’s Grandma: Careful dear, excess worrying leads to premature wrinkles.

Rumiko: First the camera test and now this. I was mortified, you should have seen her. This was the one chance for her to be famous and successful like me and she just stood there like a donkey. Then she practically attacked poor Cocoa, the photographer. I just don’t understand why she acts like that.

Rika’s Grandma: To be honest I’m not surprised. She didn’t want that camera test, you did. Let her have some time alone, she’ll be fine.

At a spa place Riley is swimming the pool.

Woman #1: Have you seen the new member?

Woman #2: Yeah she’s so skinny it makes me sick.

Woman #1: There she is on the pool.

Woman #2: They say she eats nothing but toast and prune juice.

Woman #1: I’m tired of her getting all the attention from the guys. I wonder what she does for a living.

Woman #2: Rumor is she works for a top secret government project.

Woman #1: Oh please, she’s probably an aerobics instructor or something.

Riley gets out of the pool and walks to her area and her cell rings.

Riley: Hello? No, tonight’s no good. I have to go into work.

A guy is looking at Riley and she notices.

Riley: Ugh, hold on.

She covers up and turns around.

Riley: Maybe tomorrow, talk to ya later.

She hangs up.

Riley is fully clothed and walks to the stairs out of the subway.

Riley (thinking): That was the fourth date I turned down this week.

She is taken up the escalator.

Riley (thinking): I’m starting to wonder if this job is really worth it. Chasing after all these wild ones seems like such a waste.

On the other escalators men look at Riley and she puts on her sunglasses.

Riley (thinking): Even when we find them there’s hardly anything we can do about them.

On the street.

Riley (thinking): All this money spent on a top secret organization and still the only ones who have any success against the anomalies are those kids.

Rika rides by Riley on her bike.

Riley (thinking): I wonder who they are.

Riley arrives at the Matsuki Bakery.

Riley (thinking): Ooh, creampuffs. Hm, hm. Hm...better not, I’d never fit in my uniform.

In Takato’s room he’s drawing another form.

Takato: Huh, if Guilmon ever disappeared I’d go mental. Man I sure hope Rika’s doin’ alright.

Mr. Matsuki: Takato! C’m here a minute!

Takato: Okay!

Takato goes downstairs and his Dad is at the cash register and Riley is waiting.

Mr. Matsuki: You think you could get me a roll of quarters for the register?

Takato: No problemo.

Riley (thinking): Goggles?

She takes off her sunglasses.

Riley (thinking): Interesting fashion statement.

Mr. Matsuki: That was fast, thanks kiddo.

In the back room.

Mrs. Matsuki: Takato!

His Mom is washing dishes.

Takato: Yes Mom?

Mrs. Matsuki: Go look in the breadbox, you’ve been studying so hard I thought I’d make you a snack.

Takato walks over.

Takato: Studying...um, mm hm.

He opens it.

Takato (thinking): Broccoli tart!?

Rika opens the door to her house.

Rika: I’m home.

Rumiko: Young lady, where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you.

Rika closes the door.

Rika: Nowhere, just walking.

Rumiko: Ugh, never mind. I hope your pleased with the way you acted today, I want to talk to you about that camera test.

Rika: I don’t, all those flashing lights must have given me a headache.

She kicks off her shoes and walks to her room.

In Henry’s room Terriermon is staring out the window and Henry is lying on the bed.

Henry: Terriermon, will you sit down already? What are you looking at?

Terriermon’s ears go up.

Terriermon: He’s back.

Henry: Huh?

Terriermon: I can sense him.

Henry: You mean Vajramon?

His ears go down and he turns.

Terriermon: No Santa Claus, who do ya think?

Henry: Ha ha, funny.

Terriermon jumps on Henry’s shoulder and Henry takes two steps then stops.

Terriermon: What are we waiting for?

Henry: I should call Rika.

At Rika’s her Grandma answers the phone.

Rika’s Grandma: Hello? Oh yes, one minute. Rika, it’s for you!

Rika takes the phone.

Rika: Hello? Henry?

Her mother looks around the corner and Rika turns around.

Henry: Rika, thank goodness you’re home. I think we found Vajramon and there’s a good chance that Renamon will be there too.

Rika: Be right there.

Rika rides her bike out of the yard.

Rumiko: Rika Nonaka, you come back here this minute!

In the Hypnos Building Riley walks up the stairs and Tally walks down.

Tally: Hey Riley, nice makeup, did someone have a date?

Riley: Nah, not tonight.

Riley proceeds two steps and Tally walks down two steps.

Tally: How come you’re always getting asked out and I never am?

Riley: Maybe it’s that dead rabbit’s foot you carry around.

Tally: That’s supposed to make me lucky.

She giggles and Riley puts her visor on and laughs too.

Riley: See ya later.

An alarm sounds.

Riley: So much for luck.

Yamaki (thinking): When will this end?

Riley: A large digital field has materialized over the National Sports Arena.

Tally: Wild one detected, projected bio-emergence in zero minus ten. From the energy readings it’s a big one.

Riley: We’ve seen this bio-print before, it’s the same wild one that bio-merged in Akihabara. I’m locking sensors on the entire area to get an accurate read on its progress and activity.

Yamaki: The wild ones are getting bigger, appearing faster than ever. This infestation must be stopped at once. I’ll stamp them out, I’ll stamp them all out!

In the National Sports Arena a digital field expands.

Inside Vajramon stands.

Vajramon: Renamon, it is time.

He sees her at the top of the arena.

Vajramon: Ah, there you are.

Renamon jumps down from the top to the bottom of the bleachers.

Vajramon: Hm, the way you move, it’s poetry in motion.

Renamon: Enough with the flattery, what do you want with me?

He steps forward a little.

Vajramon: I want...to talk. Renamon, I have come to offer you a chance to change your destiny.

On the street Henry is riding his bike to the arena with Terriermon on his back.

Henry: Quit pullin’ on my ears.

Terriermon: Well move it! Can’t this thing go any faster?! We have a bullfight to pick!

Henry: Moumantai, would ya?

Rika rides up too.

Rika: Please, be there.

Takato and Guilmon ride on the other side, Henry, Terriermon and Rika turn to meet him and keep riding.

Henry: Takato!

Takato: Good you brought Rika.

Takato (thinking): Jeez why can’t Guilmon peddle for a while?

In the arena.

Vajramon: Beautiful Renamon, I’ve asked you here because I believe you are worthy to serve our master, the magnificent Digimon Sovereign. Join us and the kingdoms of earth will be ours for the taking.

Renamon: Sounds tempting, but how does your Digimon Sovereign plan to do that?

Vajramon: With our help.

He steps forward more.

Vajramon: We, the most powerful digimon, will vanquish human kind.

Outside the arena.

Guilmon: Takato, are we there yet?

Takato: No.

Guilmon: How bout now?

Takato: No, not yet.

They get closer to the digital field and Takato puts on his goggles.

Takato: We should have a plan if we’re gonna beat Vajramon, anyone notice his weak spots?

Terriermon: Weak spots?! He’s a tank with horns!

They stop and Takato turns to Rika.

Takato: Do you think Renamon’s in there?

Rika: Don’t know.

They run to the entrance and see Vajramon and Renamon.

Henry: Bingo!

Takato: Um...he’s a lot bigger than I remember.

Rika: You goin’ chicken on us, goggle head?

Takato: Uh, no!

Terriermon: Baak! Baak! Baak! Baak!

Henry: Terriermon.

Terriermon: Just kiddin’. Jeez.

Rika takes off her glasses.

Rika: Renamon.

Guilmon and Terriermon go in a little.

Terriermon: Looks like they’re talkin.

On the other side.

Renamon: This Digimon Sovereign you keep telling me about, I’ve never heard of him, who is he?

Vajramon: Digimon were create by humans, but now we have surpassed them all. It’s fitting that we have a digimon master, who unlike humans, will never desert us.

Renamon: But humans have not deserted us.

Vajramon: Surely you’re not talking about those puny children who treat you like pets, a role that hardly befits magnificent creatures such as ourselves. We were made to rule this world and the humans, and with the guidance of our master we will soon take over what is rightfully ours. This will usher in a golden age where digimon will reign supreme.

Renamon closes her eyes.

On the other side.

Henry: So that’s what they’re up to.

Takato: Man, I knew it! It’s a conspiracy to take over the world.

Terriermon: He’s intense. Woo.

Guilmon turns his head.

Guilmon: What’s a Sovereign?

On the other side Calumon jumps down a few steps behind Renamon.

Calumon: Hello!

Renamon opens her eyes.

Renamon: Calumon?

He jumps down to her.

Calumon: What cha doin’, huh? Can I watch?

Renamon: You shouldn’t be here.

Calumon: Oh...why not?

Vajramon: Another pet digimon who performs for the enjoyment of humans?

Calumon: A new friend!

He jumps down in front of Vajramon.

Calumon: Can I ride on your back, can I?

Vajramon stomps on the ground scaring Calumon away.

Calumon: Hey!

Henry: Calumon!

Takato: What do we do?

Calumon is chased by Vajramon.

Calumon: Ya could’ve just said no!

He trips.

Calumon: Oh...

Rika: Do something!

Takato: Guilmon!

Guilmon: Okey dokey, don’t worry Calumon, I’m coming!

He runs in.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Guilmon: Guilmon digivolve to...

Growlmon: Growlmon!

Vajramon: I’ll squash you like a bug.

Calumon runs away.

Calumon: Oh!

Renamon: Growlmon!

Growlmon runs in and Rika starts to move in.

Rika: Uh, uh.

Renamon: Rika, stay there.

Growlmon: Dragon Slash!

The blade is hit back and Growlmon is tossed up by Vajramon and thrown behind him.

Takato: Growlmon!

Calumon stands by the tamers.

Henry: Get ’em Terriermon!

Terriermon: It’s about time!

He runs in.

Henry: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Terriermon: Terriermon digivolve to...

Gargomon: Gargomon!

Renamon: Be careful!

Vajramon moves in.

Gargomon: So, we meet again.

He holds up his guns.

Gargomon: Gargo Laser!

Vajramon blocks the bullets then growls at Gargomon and Growlmon.

Gargomon: Uh-oh.

Vajramon: You pathetic pests!

He pulls out his swords and Renamon jumps up.

Renamon: Diamond Storm!

The leaves hit Vajramon’s back until he blocks them with the sword.

Vajramon: Hm, what is this!

Renamon lands on the ground and gets up.

Renamon: Your Digimon Sovereign sounds dreamy, but I won’t be signing up anytime soon.

Rika: Renamon!

Renamon: Now!

Rika: Digi-Modify! Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Digivolution.

Renamon: Renamon digivolve to...

Kyubimon: Kyubimon!

Vajramon: So you digivolved, you’ll make an even worthier servant for our master. Join us Kyubimon, be part of the new world order, or face the wrath of the Devas!

Kyubimon: Never! Fox Tail Inferno!

9 flames surround Vajramon then engulf him until he sways his arms and it disappears.

Kyubimon jumps to attack and he catches her.

Vajramon: So beautiful, yet so lost!

He tosses her back and she lands on her feet.

Rika: Digi-Modify! Power Activate!

Kyubimon: Dragon Wheel!

Vajramon: Deva Blade!

The blades cut the fire dragon.

Vajramon: Kyubimon you could be so much stronger, why do you depends on such a feeble human partner?

Kyubimon growls at him.

Calumon: He sure is a big bully.

Henry: It’s like we’re fighting a wall. What are we gonna do?

Takato pulls out a card and his D-power.

Takato: Growlmon you gotta get back in there now! Digi-Modify! Hyper Speed Activate!

Growlmon: Pyro Blaster!

Vajramon slashes and cuts up the fireball then chases Growlmon.

Henry: Digi-Modify! Energy Activate!

Gargomon runs in.

Gargomon: Bunny Pummel!

Vajramon turns and hits Gargomon back into Growlmon.

Growlmon: This is going well.

Kyubimon runs in front of them.

Henry: He’s too strong, Gargomon you’ve got to get up.

Gargomon: Easy for you to say, you didn’t get your butt whooped.

Takato: Growlmon come on, we gotta keep trying.

Growlmon: Okey dokey.

Takato: Digi-Modify! Power Activate!

Growlmon is sitting on the ground.

Takato: Growlmon, up, up!

Growlmon: Growlmon, down, down...

He sinks to the floor.

All: Hm...huh?

Kyubimon head butts Vajramon and he thrusts her out.

Vajramon: Too bad, I thought you’d be a worthier opponent, but you’re all pretty and no punch.

Kyubimon jumps at him again and he moves but she hits him with her tail, Kyubimon lands and head butts him across the ground and growls at him louder.

Vajramon: I will convince you to join us, even if I have to destroy you to do it!

He gets up and pulls out his swords and swipes at Kyubimon.

Rika: Kyubimon!

Vajramon: I don’t understand, you could have unlimited power in this world.

He swipes at her again but she jumps away.

Vajramon: Yet you continue to be a lap-dog to that worthless little girl! Deva Blade!

Kyubimon is running and the power from the blade nearly hits her but she jumps out of the way. Rika pulls out a card from her carrier.

Rika: Huh? A blue card. Now it’s our turn.

Calumon stands in front of Rika with his red triangle glowing.

Calumon: Mm hm!

Rika: Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!

D-power: Matrix Digivolution.

Kyubimon: Kyubimon digivolve to...

Taomon: Taomon!

Vajramon growls.

Vajramon: How interesting.

Takato: Cool.

Henry gets Taomon’s data.

Henry: Taomon, ultimate data type digimon. Her graceful appearance masks her Thousand Spells and Talisman of Light attacks. Whoa.

Calumon: Oh...

Calumon falls back.

On the Hypnos screen a large white silhouette of Taomon is there.

Yamaki: I want a report, now!

Riley: The energy readings for one of the anomalies has increased exponentially.

In the arena.

Vajramon: Our master would not be pleased, you look so human. Why would you digivolve to resemble such weak, insignificant creatures.

Taomon: I don’t really care what your master thinks. And besides, looks can be deceiving!

She jumps back in the air.

Taomon: Thousand Spells!

From her long sleeves shoot out many good look charms and Vajramon cuts them up but a few hit him.

Vajramon: Uh, you stubborn creature. If you defy my master then I have no choice...

He runs to Taomon and starts swiping at her.

Vajramon: But to destroy you!

He swipes at her but she blocks them with her sleeve ends.

Vajramon: You must look more than this!

She jumps behind him.

Vajramon: Why are you here!?!

Taomon: I only wanted information from you, and no that I’ve gotten my answers you can go.

Vajramon: You deceptive wretch, once I finish with you I’ll take care of your pathetic human!

He hits the blades against each other and the force of hit travels along the ground to Taomon.

Vajramon: Terra Blade!

Taomon jumps up and the attack follows her to the balcony where she jumps up.

Taomon: No one threatens Rika!

Vajramon throws his swords at Taomon and she floats up and disappears.

From above Vajramon Taomon floats and a long paintbrush emerges from her sleeve.

Taomon: Talisman of Light!

She paints an insignia of light in the air and it glows making Vajramon cover his eyes and it floats down to Vajramon.

Vajramon: What’s happening? This can’t be!

The insignia stays on Vajramon for a moment.

He looks at it, yells and disappears, leaving a wind blowing Taomon’s clothes.

The tamers watch astounded.

Calumon: Yay!

Calumon runs in.

The digital field disappears.

In the Hypnos Building.

Riley: The wild one has been neutralized.

Yamaki: Unbelievable, it’s those children again. How is it only they can destroy these anomalies?

Takato and Henry ride their bikes home leaving Rika with her bike and Renamon kneeling on a statue thing.

Rika: So you’re back. I’m quite pleased with your latest digivolution.

Renamon stands up.

Renamon: Thank you Rika, it may very well be the key in defeating the Devas.

Rika: Yeah, I hope you’re right. And good job finding out about the Digimon Sovereign, but you know what impresses me the most?

Renamon: No, tell me.

Rika: How heroic you look right now, standing in the moonlight.

She rides her bike away.

Rika: I’ll see you tomorrow Renamon.

Renamon: Hm, good night Rika.