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DigitalGate Open
Publisher Digimoncard.com
Release date (Ja:) April 25, 2024
(En:) April 25, 2024


In the Metaverse city of LACUNA, various players duel against each other.

An exasperated Arisa Kinosaki once again shows Shoto Kazama how to summon Muchomon from his D-STORAGE. Muchomon expresses that it missed Shoto as Arisa teases him for his ineptitude with the device, then the pair agree to a card duel. Despite Shoto's skill with the analog version of the game, Arisa runs circles around him.

Shoto is distracted from his post-match griping by indistinct movement, but just as he's about to write it off as his imagination the humans are struck by an explosion. Shoto leaps in front of Arisa to protect her from further harm, but collides with the fleeing Shoemon, who leaps into Arisa's arms. She's surprised to find a Digimon independent of a card and assumes that it's meant to be a wild NPC Digimon. A silver haired girl also passes them fleeing from the commotion, striking Shoto with her beauty, but as he tries to get her attention a hole blasts open in a nearby wall.

The NPC Frozen Knight and Bulucomon emerge through the opening and trap Shoto in a barrier to force him into a duel. Shoto is startled by the involuntary duel and wonders if it's a bug, but Shoemon pleads for the their help and explains that Frozen Knight had been chasing it, perplexing the humans further. Unfortunately for Shoto, the situation gets worse as he draws his opening hand to notice his cards are now blank. A guide NPC identifies this as a "Situation Battle", a special event match with abnormal rules in order to test the skill of Digimon Liberator players—however, Shoemon points out that this itself is abnormal, as Situation Battle NPCs aren't meant to be in this region of the game.

Bulucomon immediately attacks Shoto's Security Cards using its Rush ability, then ends its turn by digivolving to Paledramon. Feeling completely powerless with his blank cards, Shoto prepares to surrender, but is interrupted when Pteromon jumps in to defend Shoto and rebuke the rule-breaking Frozen Knight. Shocked, Shoto looks back at his hand and finds that two of the blank cards have now manifested as Pteromon and Muchomon.

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Fresh Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega Armor Other
  • Blonde female player (3)
  • Magnamon player (7)
  • AI player (9)
  • WarGreymon player (11)
  • Goggles player (12)
  • Sunarizamon's Tamer (13)
  • Other players (15)
  • Shoto Kazama (16)
  • Arisa Kinosaki (17)
  • Frozen Knight (28)
  • NPC (30)
  • Police NPC (30)
  • Usher NPC (30)
  • Nurse NPC (30)
  • Police NPC (30)
  • Angry NPC (30)
  • White NPC (30)


(Number indicates order of occurrence.)

Lv2 Yellow Digimon 1 Junkmon 2 TobuCatmon 4 ExTyrannomon 5 ShinMonzaemon
Question Mark Arrow R Junkmon b Arrow R TobuCatmon b Arrow R ExTyrannomon b Arrow R ShinMonzaemon b
Muchomon 3 Kokatorimon
Muchomon b Arrow R Kokatorimon b
Bulucomon 6 Paledramon
Bulucomon b Arrow R Paledramon b

Gameplay notes[]

Shoto vs. Arisa[]

Shoto and Arisa begin the duel by setting the memory gauge and drawing five security cards. The duel proceeds as a montage.

Arisa ends one of her turns with two cards in hand, and Shoto begins his turn with 3 memory. He spends them to play a green Muchomon with 2000 DP, reducing his memory to 0. He then has Muchomon attack Arisa's security, revealing BT11-100: Megalo Spark. Muchomon's DP is reduced by 8000 due to Megalo Spark's security effect, deleting it. Shoto spends 3 memory to play a second green Muchomon, ending his turn.

  • It is unclear which Muchomon card Shoto is using. Later scenes depict a ST18-05: Muchomon card in Shoto's deck, and the decks being used otherwise match the contemporary Starter Deck Guardian Vortex and Starter Deck Fable Waltz decks, but that card only has 1000 DP and does not have the Rush keyword that allows attack on the same turn a Digimon is played. BT15-08: Muchomon has 2000 DP but is a red card that also lacks Rush. It is possible that Shoto has played some other cards that granted ST18-05 +1000 DP and Rush.

On her turn, Arisa draws a card, then moves her ST19-02: Junkmon from the Breeding Area to the Battle Area. She pays 2 memory to digivolve it to ST19-07: TobuCatmon, then has it attack Shoto's security, revealing ST18-11: Parrotmon. With only 5000 DP, TobuCatmon would normally be destroyed by Parrotmon, who has 7000, but due to its Jamming keyword it cannot be deleted by Security Digimon.

  • Due to being in the Breeding Area, the Junkmon must have digivolved from a Lv.2 Digimon on a previous turn. The Lv.2 Digimon is not specified, but based on Arisa's other cards it is likely to be ST19-01: Kyaromon

On a later turn, Shoto digivolves Muchomon[please confirm] into ST18-07: Kokatorimon. Kokatorimon ends its turn suspended, likely by attacking Arisa's security. On her turn, Arisa digivolves TobuCatmon[please confirm] into ST19-10: ExTyrannomon and has it attack the suspended Kokatorimon, deleting it with 7000 DP to Kokatorimon's 4000.

On the final turn, Arisa digivolves ExTyrannomon[please confirm] into ST19-13: ShinMonzaemon and has it attack Shoto directly for the win, as he has no security cards left.

Frozen Knight vs. Shoto[]

The duel is a Situation Battle in which the first player, Frozen Knight, begins with its EX7-016: Bulucomon already on the field, and the second player, Shoto, begins with an opening hand of five blank cards each with a default 1000 DP. Bulucomon is given the Rush ability as part of the Situation Battle.

Frozen Knight hatches a lv2 Digimon, then has Bulucomon attack Shoto's security using its Rush keyword, which allows it to attack the same turn it was played, revealing another ineffective blank. Frozen Knight then pays 2 memory to digivolve it to EX7-020: Paledramon, ending its turn.

  • Frozen Knight hatching a lv2 Digimon isn't shown, however it did as this lv2 Digimon is used during its next turn.

On his turn, after Pteromon enters, Shoto finds that two of his blank cards have transformed into ST18-04: Pteromon and ST18-05: Muchomon.

The duel continues in Out of Control.

Other notes[]

Digimon references

  • A girl resembling Rika Nonaka crosses the street.
  • The NPCs shown during the explanation of Situation Battles resemble Mr. Navit.