Digimon digiquizz Pinball info

Digiquizz Pinball is a Digimon themed Pinball game which was created for the French market, and therefore is in French, and was placed on the Digiquizz CD Roms which were sold in France around the year 2000.

There are Ten Digiquizz CD Roms, which are each styled around each of the eight Digidestined from Digimon Adventure as well as Davis and Yolei. This means there are ten diffrent skins to the Pinball game created.


Standart Pinball game with a twist. When you get you active dark force by illuminating the upper passages, you will get a question which will cause your Digimon to evolve if answered correctly. You start off with a Yuramon and Digievolve up Palmon's evolutionary line. You can submit you high scores online.


To play Pinball use the following keys:

  • Ctrl: For Left Flipper
  • Shift: For Right Pinball
  • Space: To throw the ball
Activate the dark force by illuminating the upper passages. It is she who allowed you to measure your knowledge of the Digiworld and earn additional points by answering the DigiQuizz!!! Have fun, and above all don't forget to register your score on the website when you have finished your game..You may be able to win fabulous gifts.

Pour jouer au Flipper utilise les touches suivantes:

  • Ctrl: Pour le Flipper gauche
  • Shift: Pour le Flipper droit
  • Space: Pour lancer la bille

Activate la force noire en e'clairant les passages du haut. C'est elle qui te permetta de mesurer ta connaissance du digimonde et de gagner des points supplementaires en respondant da DigiQuizz!!! Amuse toi bien, et surtout n'ovblie pas deenregister ton score sur le site internet lorsque tu as fini ta partie..

Tu pourras peut-etre gagner de fabuleux cadeaux.