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Digiquiz was a Digimon Flash Game based around the Digimon Adventure anime, which appeared for free on the now defunct Official Fox Kid's website for fans to play. It is a Digimon flash game quiz which asks the player ten different, random question based on Digimon Adventure and then, when complete, gives the player a rank based on the score they receive. The title screen of the game gives the player the option to spruce up their knowledge using episode guide of the show.


There are ten random multiple choice questions. If you get the correct answers, you score two points. If you're not sure what the answer is, you can use the Digicheat option to swot up on the answers. However, if you do this and then get the correct answer, you only get one point. You have to get every question right without using the Digicheat to win the Crest of Knowledge.

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