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Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode (デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ デコード Dejimon Wārudo Ri:Dejitaizu Dekōdo?) is a Digimon RPG game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is an upgraded version of Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Plot summary[]

The game's story is divided in three chapters:

Sub-lifeform Vitium[]

The Sub-lifeform Vitium chapter (亜生命体ヴィティウム編 Aseimeitai Vitiumu-hen?) is based on the plot of Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Lamentful X-Antibody[]

The Lamentful X-Antibody chapter (慟哭のX抗体編 Dōkoku no X-Kōtai-hen?) is the second chapter.

The Scheming Demon Lords[]

The The Scheming Demon Lords chapter (策謀の魔王篇 Sakubō no Maō-hen?) is the third chapter.


Main characters[]

Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon
Taiga icon Taiga
(Ja:) Ryoko Shiraishi Agumon
A player of Digital Monster who ranks in the third place.
Nicolai "Nico" Yakovich Petrov icon Nicolai Yakovich Petrov
Nikorai Yākovicchi Petorofu?)
(Ja:) Satoshi Hino Sashenka
Taiga's close friend. A player of Digital Monster who ranks in the fourth place.
Akiho Rindou icon Akiho Rindou
(鈴童 アキホ Rindou Akiho?)
(Ja:) Satomi Sato Digitorin
The legendary "Nyanko Tamer" who ranks in the first place.
Yuuya Kuga icon Yuuya Kuga
(久我 ユウヤ Kuga Yuuya?)
(Ja:) Yuki Kaida Black
The heir to the GIGO Company.
Mirei Mikagura icon Mirei Mikagura
(御神楽 ミレイ Mikagura Mirei?)
(Ja:) Miyuki Sawashiro Angewomon
A mysterious woman.
Rina Shinomiya b Rina Shinomiya
(四ノ宮 リナ Shinomiya Rina?)
(Ja:) Haruka Tomatsu Veevee
A girl with the Decode ability.

Digital World[]





Operation Decode[]

Main article: Fan:Operation Decode
Operation Decode

Operation Decode's banner

Shortly before the release of Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode in Japan, fans started a campaign for the game's world-wide localization named Operation Decode in the molds of Operation Rainfall. The campaign started on Twitter using the hashtag "#OperationDecode", and in July 12, 2013, Francesco Haseo-san started an online petition on Change.org.[1] Haseo then launched the campaign's FaceBook page two days later, after the petition reached 250 signatures.[2]

On August 2, the campaign become part of Operation Rainfall's Campaign Hub.[3] Haseo launched the campaign's Twitter page on August 4, 2013[4] and its Tumblr page on August 15, 2013.[2] On September 16, the campaign's organizer asked European fans to reach to Bandai Namco's official communities.[5] The campaign was later acknowledged by Bandai Namco.[6] On June 30, 2014, Operation Decode's online petition became valid for the localization of all Digimon games.[2]

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