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An Agumon wearing a Palmo Ornament, a Champion Belt, and a Thor Hammer.

An Accsessory [sic] (アクセサリ Akusesari?) is an item Taiga can equip on his partner Digimon.


Bike Goggles

The Bike Goggles (自転車ゴーグル Jitensha Gōguru?) are the goggles worn by Taiga and Rina Shinomiya. They can be obtained by completing the "VIP Test" battle on the Colosseum 40F.

Dorulumo Drill

The Dorulumo Drill (ドルルモドリル Dorurumo Doriru?) is a fake Dorulumon drill. It is attached to the mail received after completing event 20.

Geo Back Horn

The Geo Back Horn (ジオバックホーン Jio Bakku Hōn?) is an imitation of GeoGreymon's sidehorn.

Grey Back Horn

The Grey Back Horn (グレイバックホーン Gurei Bakku Hōn?) is an imitation of Greymon's sidehorn.

Palmo Ornament

The Palmo Ornament (パルモかざり Parumo Kazari?) is an imitation of Palmon's flower.

Taichi Goggles

The Taichi Goggles (タイチゴーグル Taichi Gōguru?) are Taichi "Tai" Kamiya's goggles.

Taiki Goggles

The Taiki Goggles (タイキゴーグル Taiki Gōguru?) are Mikey Kudo's goggles.

Takato Goggles

The Takato Goggles (タカトゴーグル Takato Gōguru?) are Takato Matsuki's goggles.

Wizar Hat

The Wizar Hat (ウィザーハット Wizā Hatto?) is Wizardmon's hat. It can be bought in an accessory shop.


GeoGrey Horn

The GeoGrey Horn (ジオグレイホーン JioGurei Hōn?) is an imitation of GeoGreymon's horn.

Grey Horn

The Grey Horn (グレイホーン Gurei Hōn?) is an imitation of Greymon's horn.

Vam Mask

The Vam Mask (ヴァンマスク Van Masuku?) is Myotismon's mask.


Renamon Scarf

The Renamon Scarf (レナモンスカーフ Renamon Sukāfu?) is an imitation of Renamon's scarf. It can be acquired by completing the "Tamer's Unneccessary Federation" tournament on the Colosseum 10F.

Swim Rings

Champion Belt

The Champion Belt (チャンピオンベルト Chanpion Beruto?) is MachGaogamon's belt.

Digimon Mini

The Digimon Mini (デジモンミニ Dejimon Mini?) is worn around the waist.

Fusion Loader

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Taichi Digivice

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The Aegis (イージス Ījisu?) is Gallantmon's shield.

MacField Mic

The MacField Mic (マクフィルドマイク Makufirudo Maiku?) is Shoutmon's mic. It can be obtained by collecting the "Big Death-Stars" cardset.

Monitamon Backpack

The Monitamon Backpack (モニタモンドセル Monitamon Randoseru?) is Monitamon's backpack.

Thor Hammer

The Thor Hammer (トールハンマー Tōru Hanmā?) is Zudomon's hammer.

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