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Digimon World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Digimon World Primas Official Strategy Guide.jpg
ISBN Number 0761530037
Release Date 2000
Author Elizabeth Hollinger
Publisher Prima Games
Price $14.99 (USD)
$17.95 (CAD)
₤14.99 (GBP)

Digimon World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is an official strategy guide Digimon World. It provides a general walkthrough, detailed maps, and data tables for items and skills.


  • Raising Digimon Do's and don't
  • Beginning your adventure
  • File city as the game progresses
  • Guide: The locations of Digimon World
    • File city and Green Gym.
    • The Native forest and surrounding areas
    • Drill tunnel and Lava cave
    • Tropical Jungle and surrounding area
    • Mt. Panorama
    • Trash mountain
    • Misty Trees
  • Partner Digimon data
  • Digivolution charts
  • Digimon Bestiary - guide to emermy Digimon
  • Digimon techniques
  • Items list.