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This is a list of items available in Digimon World.

Amazing Rod

Catches fish with extra strength /Trade Merit Points in Volume Villa

Auto Pilot

Teleports you back to File City


Cures Digimon Injury Helps minor Sickness

Big Berry

Increase Digimon's weight greatly /found near the foot of Mt.Panorama

Blue Apple

Can increase a Digimon's Happiness

Blue Crystal

Blue Flute

Summons Seadramon in Dragon Eye Lake /Given by Seadramon

Black Trout

increase Digimon Stats.

Black Wings

Digivolves into Devimon

Chain Melon

The Chain Melon can add extra life expectancy.


Digivolves into Giromon

Deluxe Mushroom

Increases Digimon Status (Very Rare)


Digimushrm (デジタケ Dejitake?) is an item.

Digital Anchovy

Makes Digimon a bit full

Digital Catfish

Digital Mushroom

Digital Seabass

The Digital Seabass fully recovers Digimon's HP and MP, add some weight, and able to add extra life expectancy. However, it can also makes the Digimon sick.

DigiSeabass can be fished in Dragon Eye Lake. It can eat Black Trout, even though its favorite food is DigiCatfish.

Digital Snapper

Electro Ring

The Electo Ring (電気リング Denki Ringu?, lit. "Electric Ring") is an unused item that would have been used to digivolve a Digimon into the unreleased Kaminarimon. It is the only remnant of Kaminarimon to exist.

Enemy Repel

Repels Wild Digimon (Keep in inventory)


Digivolves into Vegimon

Flaming Mane

Digivole to Leomon

Flaming Wing

Digivolve to Birdramon

Fridge Key

Unlocks fridge in Grey Lord's Mansion

Giant Meat

Makes Digimon quite full. /Palmon's Meat farm,Prize in Arena

Hair Grower

Digivolve's into Mojyamon /Trade a Happy Mushroom with Mojyamon in freezeland to obtain

Happy Mushroom

Increases Digimon's Happiness,But risky

Health Shoe

Recovers Health as you walk

Ice Mushroom

Increases Discipline (Very Rare) /found in Freezeland/ where the 3 SnowAgumon are or near Bathroom

Iron Hoof

Digivolves into Centarumon

Mansion Key

Open's all doors in Grey Lords Mansion


Meat ( Niku?) is a food.

Tanemon gives Mameo three pieces of Meat every day until the Meat Farm is taken over by Palmon.


Cures Digimon sickness

Moldy Meat

Makes Digimon a bit full but risky

Mono Stone

Digivolves into Monochromon

Moon Mirror

Moon Mirror (月光の鏡 Gekkou no Kagami?) is an unused item that would have been used to digivolve a Digimon to WereGarurumon.

MP Chip

Boosts max MP level +500

MP Floppy

Recovers +500 MP

Muscle Yam

Permanently Raises Def by 20

Mysty Egg

Digivolve into Digitamamon

Portable Potty

Can use the bathroom anywhere

Prickly Pear

Decrease's Digimon's Weight

Rainbow Horn

Digivolves into Airdramon

Rain Plant

Can restore 1000 MP Other Uses

Ray Gun

Digivolves into Vademon /found in Back Dimension

Red Berry

Increase both Happiness and Discipline/Recovers Tiredness


Revives a Digimon during battle


Digivolves into Kokatorimon


Makes Digimon Very Full.

Small Spear

Digivolves to Piximon


Makes Digimon Very Full/Only during Myotismon Quest

Super Veggie

Completely Recovers MP

Sweet Nut

Completely Recovers HP

Torn Tatter

Digivoles into Bakemon


Digivolves into Unimon


Cures any abnormal status in battle


The Waterbottle is an item.

If Mameo catches Seadramon in Dragon's Eye Lake a second time, he can choose to receive the Waterbottle from it.

White Wings

Digivolves into Angemon

X Bandage

Digivolve to Monzemon

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