Digimon Vital Bracelet Lab (デジタルモンスター バイタルブレスラボ Dejitaru Monsutaa Baitaru Buresu Rabo?, lit. "Digital Monster Vital Bracelet Lab") is a smartphone companion app for the Vital Hero Digital Monster. It was announced on November 25, 2022 that it would discontinue service on March 13, 2023. It is succeeded by the Vital Bracelet Arena.


The app allows connectivity with the Vital Hero Digital Monster. It allows the player to upload Digimon from the virtual pet and store them within the app, keeping a history of all the Digimon obtained and unlocking profiles as well as digivolution hints. It also allows the player to obtain items and training aids as well as upload special missions that speed up the trophy acquisition process for raising Digimon. There are also weekly battle rankings where players could pit their Digimon in online battles, as well as monthly Raid bosses that allowed players to aid each other and compete on a points ladder to obtain special rewards such as nameplates.

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