Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer (デジモンテイマーズ ブレイブテイマー Dejimon Teimāzu Bureibu Teimā?) is the final game for the "Tamer" series for the Wonderswan console. The game features characters from both Adventure and Tamers continuities within the Digimon series.


Following his previous quest, which ended with him and Millenniummon being sent to the future, Ryo finds that he has somehow been redirected to the past, where he meets Monodramon. He learns that all Digital Worlds were created by the original computer, Atanasoff, upon his activation in the 1940s, and that Atanasoff is supported by the second computer, ENIAC. Over time, the original Digital World diverged into various alternate realities.

Ryo seeks the aid of fellow Tamers and DigiDestined to help to defeat ZeedMillenniumon, who seeks to take over ENIAC's world in order to gain control of all realities and rid his future kingdom from resistance. Fortunately, ENIAC is able to transport Ryo through time and dimensions, allowing him to save the various Tamers and DigiDestined from ZeedMillenniummon's minions, which include clones of the Digimon Emperor and Goggle Boys. As in the previous quest, the children he rescues loan him their Digimon Partners in thanks.

As ENIAC's last-ditch attempt to save the worlds, Ryo is sent to Millenniumon's future, but learns then that Millenniumon was in fact his true partner. As Monodramon and Millenniumon fight over who gets to belong to Ryo, Monodramon forces a DNA Digivolution, creating the Digi-Egg that will eventually become Cyberdramon.

In the end, Ryo was given the option[please confirm] to return to his original Adventure world, but resentful at being used in the D-1 Tournament, he chose to remain in the Tamers world.