Digimon Tamers (デジモンテイマーズ Dejimon Teimāzu?) is the third animated series based on the Digimon franchise, first broadcast in 2001. The story takes place initially in the "real world", a world much like ours where Digimon is just a franchise, composed of video games, a collectible card game, and a Cartoon series. A group of 12-year-olds (10-year olds in the Japanese version), Takato, Henry and Rika (fans of the Digimon card game) meet their own Digimon friends and start to duel "bio-emerging" Digimon who cross the barrier between the information network and their world, synthesizing proteins and becoming real. Most of it set in the modern Tokyo ward of Shinjuku and only changes scenario to the Digital World for a short time.

The tone of this season has many elements from head writer Chiaki J. Konaka's other works, especially Serial Experiments Lain, including a few aspects from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Thus, the series had a very dark tone in nature, much more so than its predecessors. The show's English dub had little editing compared to previous seasons. The series is available to be streamed on Hulu.

Plot summary[]

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Takato Matsuki creates his Digimon partner Guilmon when he slips a mysterious blue card he found in his deck through his hand-held card reading device, changing it into a D-Arc that scans his OC Digimon to create his new friend. Guilmon bio-emerges from the Digital World and is found later by Takato. Henry Wong met his Digimon Terriermon when he rose from the screen of a computer game, while Rika Nonaka's Digimon Renamon approached her to ask to be made stronger, since Rika was famous for her skills on the Digimon card game. Kazu Shioda, Kenta Kitagawa and Jeri Katou, Takato's friends from school, and Suzie Wong, Henry's little sister, become Tamers later on in the adventure, and the team eventually runs into Ryo Akiyama, Rika's rival and fellow Digimon Tamer. The children also have repeated encounters with Calumon, a mysterious Digimon that has the power to make other Digimon digivolve but dislikes fighting and only wants to play and eat junk food, and Impmon, a Digimon that left his Tamers Ai and Mako because he felt neglected, and has come to hate Digimon who work with humans.

Along the way, the kids learn to be responsible for those creatures as a mysterious man known as Mitsuo Yamaki tries to stop Digimon, known to the government as "Wild Ones", from coming to the real world. Running the black ops agency Hypnos, Yamaki is in charge of monitoring all Digimon activity around the globe. Later, the new Tamers are forced to fight a group of evil Digimon calling themselves the Deva, who serve the Digimon Sovereigns and believe that Digimon shouldn't partner with humans. Their true purpose to come into the human world was to capture Calumon and take him back to the Digital World so they could use his power of Digivolution. The Tamers and friends then decide to leave for the Digital World to rescue Calumon. They destroy all of the Devas but Antylamon, who became Suzie's partner, then confront and defeat Impmon, who has become Beelzemon after making a deal with Zhuquiaomon to assassinate the Tamers. After traveling to the Digital World to rescue Calumon the Tamers fight the digital god, but finally agree to work together in order to destroy the D-Reaper, a maintenance program that has run out of control and is threatening to delete reality.

Several new elements are introduced in this season, including the use of game cards to perform Digi-Modify and give different powers to the Digimon, the presence of Calumon, a lone Digimon responsible for the Digimon evolutions, and the use of "biomerging" to bring the Digimon to their final Mega levels by merging their bodies with their human partners. The season also continued the progression from Digimon Adventure, which was set in the Digital World with only a temporary return to the real world, through Digimon Adventure 02, where the characters returned from the Digital World to rest after most episodes: in Digimon Tamers the action is entirely within the real world, with a journey to the Digital World in midseason.


Digimon Tamers aired 51 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan from April 1, 2001 to March 31, 2002, and on Fox Kids in the United States from September 1, 2001 to June 8, 2002. It was aired in Fox Kids in the United Kingdom, as well as on CITV, but on CITV, they only aired the first four episodes in slots which should have been filled by the last four episodes of Digimon Adventure 02. Vol 1 of a VHS copy was sold there with those four episodes. A Vol 2 was also made, but they missed nine episodes off and went straight to episodes fourteen, fifteen and sixteen.


Main characters[]

Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Takato and Guilmon Takato Matsuki
Takato Matsuda (松田 啓人 (タカト) Matsuda Takato?)
(En:) Brian Beacock
(Ja:) Makoto Tsumura
Guilmon (ギルモン Girumon?)
(En:) Steven Jay Blum
(Ja:) Masako Nozawa
An imaginative artist who created his own Digimon. Takato is somewhat the leader of the group.
Henry and Terriermon Henry Wong
Jianliang Lee (李 健良 (リー・ジェンリャ) Lǐ Jiànliáng (Rī Jenrya)?)
(En:) Dave Wittenberg
(Ja:) Mayumi Yamaguchi
Terriermon (テリアモン Teriamon?)
(En:) Mona Marshall
(Ja:) Aoi Tada
A half-Japanese/half-Chinese boy, a voice of reason type character. He chose Terriermon in a video game.
Rika and Renamon Rika Nonaka
Ruki Makino (牧野 留姫 (ルキ) Makino Ruki?)
(En:) Melissa Fahn
(Ja:) Fumiko Orikasa
Renamon (レナモン?)
(En:) Mari Devon
(Ja:) Yuka Imai
A tomboyish, headstrong, female Tamer who is a champion Digimon card player.

Secondary characters[]

Screenshot Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
3-28 01 Jeri Katou
Juri Katō (加藤 樹莉 (ジュリ) Katō Juri?)
(En:) Bridget Hoffman
(Ja:) Yoko Asada
Leomon (レオモン Reomon?)
(En:) Paul St. Peter
(Ja:) Hiroaki Hirata
A female Tamer who is one of Takato's friends from school.
3-38 01 Ryo Akiyama
Ryō Akiyama (秋山 (リョウ) Akiyama Ryō?)
(En:) Steve Staley
(Ja:) Jun-ichi Kanemaru
Cyberdramon (サイバードラモン Saibādoramon?)
(En:) Lex Lang
(Ja:) Ikkei Seta
An enigmatic Tamer that went missing after beating Rika to take first place in the Digimon Card Tournament.
3-46 01 Kazu Shioda
Hirokazu Shioda (塩田 博和 (ヒロカズ) Shioda Hirokazu?)
(En:) Brad MacDonald
(Ja:) Yukiko Tamaki
Guardromon (ガードロモン Gādoromon?)
(En:) Richard Cansino
(Ja:) Kiyoyuki Yanada
A comedic Tamer that is very good friends with Takato and Kenta and often beats them in DigiBattle Card Game.
3-46 02 Kenta Kitagawa
Kenta Kitagawa (北川 健太 (ケンタ) Kitagawa Kenta?)
(En:) Steven Jay Blum
(Ja:) Touko Aoyama
MarinAngemon (マリンエンジェモン Marin'Enjemon?)
(En:) Wendee Lee
(Ja:) Ai Iwamura
A young Tamer who is very good friends with Takato and Kazu.
3-46 03 Suzie Wong
Shaochung Lee (李 小春 (リー・シウチョン) Lǐ Xiǎochūn (Rī Shiuchon)?)
(En:) Peggy O'Neal
(Ja:) Ai Nagano
Lopmon (ロップモン Roppumon?)
(En:) Michelle Ruff
(Ja:) Aoi Tada
Henry's younger sister.
3-51 01 Ai and Mako
Ai (アイ?) and Makoto (マコト?)
(En:) Rebecca Forstadt and Wendee Lee
(Ja:) Haruhi Terada and Miwa Matsumoto
Impmon (インプモン Inpumon?)
(En:) Derek Stephen Prince
(Ja:) Hiroki Takahashi
Two young children whom Impmon first met during his first time in the human world; his experiences with their sibling rivalry gave him a strong dislike for humans. They reconciled with Impmon near the end of the season.

Digital World[]

The Digital World (or DigiWorld for short) is a parallel, shadow world that coexists with Earth, created as it was by it. This is where all Digimon live.

The Digital World that runs parallel to the Earth inhabited by Takato and the other Tamers originally started out as a barren desert, which became home to the digital life forms created by the Monster Makers in the 1980s – the Digimon. Some organisms even evolved on their own in the Digital World, the DigiGnomes. But in the early days of life in the Digital World, it was attacked by the deadly D-Reaper deletion program, which had been created to destroy all artificial intelligence that moved beyond its limits. However, as it deleted many Digimon, it absorbed their data, and was mutated by it, gaining sentience and more power. It entered a period of inactivity, and buried itself away, deep beneath the Digital World.

Time passed, and four Digimon evolved into their highest stages, becoming the "gods" of the Digital World – the four Digimon Sovereigns, Azulongmon, Baihumon, Ebonwumon and Zhuqiaomon. The Digital World eventually grew to be composed of six planes – the earliest was the desert, while the sixth is the highest plane where the Sovereigns dwelled, along with the Shining Digivolution—the power source that provided the energy to allow Digimon to Digivolve. On the four planes in between are "miniverses"—specialized environments created by the Digimon that inhabit them. There are a great many of them, but ones seen included: an area of clouds and clockwork where Clockmon and Hagurumon lived, a warped, black-and-white town where the Nohemon dwell and a Knightmon patrolled its castle at night, an area of forests, lakes and rivers where Orochimon is a dictator over the Gekomon's village, a 'world' entirely composed of water and underground caverns within them where a Divermon lived and protected the Otamamon there, and a region of ice. Huge Data Streams connect the regions of the Digital World to Earth, as digital matter from the Digital World is manipulated and utilized by computers on Earth. In the void between the Digital World and the real world, there is a warped area where reality is in flux, and is defined only by the perceptions of those within it.

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Opening Theme: The Biggest Dreamer
Artist: Kōji Wada
Songwriter: Hiroshi Yamada
Composer/Arranger: Michihiko Ohta

Ending Theme #1: My Tomorrow (ep. 1-23)
Artist: Ai Maeda (as AiM)
Songwriter: Yu Matsuki
Composer/Arranger: Okubo Kaoru

Ending Theme #2: Days ~Aijou to Nichijou~ (ep. 24-51)
Artist: Ai Maeda (as AiM)
Songwriter: Uran
Composer/Arranger: Okubo Kaoru

Insert Song: SLASH!! (Card Slash Theme)
Artist: Michihiko Ohta
Songwriter: Hiroshi Yamada
Composer/Arranger: Michihiko Ohta

Insert Song: EVO (Evolution Theme)
Artist: Wild Child Bound
Songwriter: Omori Shouko
Composer/Arranger: Watanabe Cheru

Insert Song: One Vision (Matrix Evolution Theme)
Artist: Takayoshi Tanimoto
Songwriter: Hiroshi Yamada
Composer/Arranger: Michihiko Ohta

Insert Song: 3 Primary Colors (ep. 9, 51)
Artist: Tamers
Songwriter: Hiroshi Yamada
Composer/Arranger: Michihiko Ohta


Opening Theme: Digimon Theme
Artist: Paul Gordon



Sources compiled at Digimon Tamers/Appendices/Cast.

Voice Actor Role(s)
Masako Nozawa Guilmon, Growmon, MegaloGrowmon, Dukemon (shared with Makoto Tsumura), Dukemon Crimson Mode (shared with Makoto Tsumura), Gigimon, Narration
Makoto Tsumura Takato Matsuda, Dukemon (shared with Masako Nozawa), Dukemon Crimson Mode (shared with Masako Nozawa), Gigimon
Aoi Tada Terriermon, Galgomon, Rapidmon, SaintGalgomon (shared with Mayumi Yamaguchi), Gummymon, Lopmon, Andiramon
Mayumi Yamaguchi Jianliang Lee, SaintGalgomon (shared with Aoi Tada)
Yuka Imai Renamon, Kyubimon, Taomon, Sakuyamon (shared with Fumiko Orikasa), Pokomon Rumiko Makino, Seiko Hata
Fumiko Orikasa Ruki Makino, Sakuyamon (shared with Yuka Imai)
Yoko Asada Juri Katou, D-Reaper
Hiroaki Hirata Leomon
Yukiko Tamaki Hirokazu Shioda
Kiyoyuki Yanada Andromon, Guardromon
Touko Aoyama Kenta Kitagawa
Ai Iwamura MarinAngemon
Ai Nagano Shaochung Lee, Reika Ohtori
Jun'ichi Kanemaru Ryo Akiyama, Justimon (shared with Ikkei Seta)
Ikkei Seta Cyberdramon, Monodramon, Justimon (shared with Jun'ichi Kanemaru)
Tomoko Kaneda Culumon
Hiroki Takahashi Impmon, Beelzebumon, Beelzebumon Blast Mode, Dobermon
Haruhi Terada Ai
Miwa Matsumoto Makoto
Nobuaki Kanemitsu Takehiro Matsuda
Kaya Matsutani Yoshie Matsuda, Nami Asanuma
Susumu Chiba Mitsuo Yamaki
Fumiko Miyashita Megumi Onodera, Tadashi, Masahiko Katou, Announcer Toki
Jun'ichi Sugawara Seiji Kurosawa
Kazunari Kojima Man on Date, College Student, Digimon, Male Passerby, Announcer, Cameraman, Guard, Meramon, Majiramon, Engineer
Masafumi Kimura Goblimon, Iwamoto-sensei, Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Vikaralamon, Jijimon
Masaru Shibue College Student
Kaori Uotani Young Boy, Taizou, Classmate
Yoshiyuki Kaneko Jiang-yu Lee
Mari Adachi Mayumi Lee
Mari Yoshikura Jiālíng Lee
Rieko Nakayama Yuuji, Boy, Shaggai's Voice System, Engineer, Hirokazu's Mother
Yukie Muraoka Young Boy Opponent, Female High School Student, Boy, Kogal
Yukiko Hanioka Student, Kogal
Ken Nakamura Student
Kaoru Shiomi Student, Ayaka Itou, Harpymon, Woman in the Train Station, Kogal
Takashi Matsuyama Allomon, Musyamon
Yūsuke Oguri Digimon, Man on Date, Man in the Car, Train Station Attendant, Announcer, Manager Sugai, Little Girl's Father, Guard, Jyagamon, Clockmon
Yoshikazu Nagano Digimon, Hangyomon
Haruo Satou Audit and Inspection Commissioner, Man In Black, Hajime Katou
Hitoshi Bifu Devidramon
Jyurohta Kosugi IceDevimon, Qinglongmon
Tomohiro Nishimura Chief Cabinet Secretary
Rin Mizuhara Vice-Minister of NEXT
Masahiko Tanaka Mihiramon
Koji Ishii Caturamon[1]
Issei Futamata Sinduramon
Masako Katsuki Pajiramon
Unshou Ishizuka Vajramon
Kenyu Horiuchi Indaramon
Ryo Horikawa Makuramon, Mysterious Boy
Kōichi Kitamura Chou-sensei
Masami Kikuchi Dolphin, Grani
Yoko Matsuoka Kālī
Kenji Nomura Babel
Asako Dodo Daisy
Kōki Miyata Kumbhiramon
Syuichiro Moriyama Zhuqiaomon[2]
Shizuka Okohira Babamon
Yutaka Shibayama Megadramon
Hiroomi Sugino Woodmon
Hajime Iijima Public Prosecutor, Commander of the Self-Defence Forces
Tetsuo Komura Orochimon
Yasuhiro Takato Gekomon
Tarō Suwa SHIBUMI (Gorou Mizuno)
Joji Yanami Xuanwumon
Shinpachi Tsuji Baihumon
Tomo Saeki Kai Urazoe
Takao Ishii Johnny Beckenstein

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