Digimon Sticker Album

The Digimon Sticker Album was a Digimon Book which was create as a place for Digimon fans to stick their Digimon sticker collection into. The album was create by Magic Box Int and was released around the year 2000, containing characters and Digimon from the Digimon Adventure era.

Acording to the checklist found on the inside cover of the album there were around 244 stickers to be collected in order to complete the collection. The first few stickers were of the Chosen Children but after that they covered the Digimon seen in the show, startig with the diffrent forms of the Children's Digimon.Some Digimon appeared in multiple stickers showing them doing diffrent things and the collection involved shiny stickers as well.

Book Blurb[]

Magic Box Internationals Digimon stickers are on sale in newsagents everywhere and cost 30p for a pack of six. Remember that swapping your doubles with friends and other collectors help to fill your album more quickly! When your album is nearly full, you can write to us to get the last few stickers you need - up to a maximum of 25 - to complete your album.

Magic box international guarantees that stocks of Digimon stickers and albums will be avaliable at newsagents for as long as there is a demand. However if your newsagents has run out of stock temporarily, you can order albums and packets directly from us at the normal prices of £1.50 for the album and 30p for a packet of six stickers. Postage and packing is free.


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