Digimon Sovereigns
(四聖獣 Four Holy Beasts)
Holy Beasts Taiji Formation Bo-1019 (DM)
General information
Leader: Huanglongmon
Intentions: To protect the four quarters of the Digital World
Appearances: Digimon Adventure 02
Digimon Tamers
Digimon Twin
Digimon World DS
Digimon Adventure tri.
Digimon ReArise
Other Names
• (En:) Harmonious Ones[1]
• (En:) Four Sovereign Digimon[2]

The Digimon Sovereigns (四聖獣 Shiseijū?, lit. "Four Holy Beasts"), also known as the "Harmonious Ones" and the "Four Sovereign Digimon", are a group of four Mega-level Holy Beast Digimon that are derived from the Japanese myth of the Four Guardian Spirits of Kyoto, itself derived from the Chinese myth of the Four Symbols. Like the Guardian Spirits, they represent and rule over the cardinal points of the compass — Ebonwumon for the north, Zhuqiaomon for the south, Azulongmon for the east, and Baihumon for the west. They are led by Huanglongmon, who represents and is enshrined in the "Center", from which he supervises the others. In turn, each of the four main Sovereigns has three Deva as subordinates.

Due to Lucemon, Huanglongmon was sealed in the deepest, darkest place within the earth. This caused the Sovereigns to lose their rule and struggle for hegemony, but an equilibrium was established that is still maintained.[3] The Sovereigns have reigned over and protected the Digital World since the age of myth, and have passed into legend as beings which are extremely difficult to track down.[4] They are difficult to overthrow with the power of ordinary Mega Digimon, as their power is set as the highest authority among other Digimon, with strength that is said to be the epitome of gods.[5] Unlike normal Digimon which only have one DigiCore per body, each of the Sovereigns has twelve DigiCores which float outside their body and channel their immortality and tremendous power.[6] Except for Huanglongmon, who has eight, each of the Sovereigns also has four red, shining eyes.[7]

While the Chinese names for the guardian spirits were used for the Digimon themselves, as well as in Digimon World 3 for the four cities at the cardinal points of the map of the Amaterasu Server, their Japanese names were used for the respective four cities of the Asuka Server.


Digimon Symbol Element Subordinates
Ebonwumon b
Black Tortoise of the North Phantasmagoric water Vikaralamon
Zhuqiaomon b
Vermilion Bird of the South Incandescent flames Sandiramon
Azulongmon b
Azure Dragon of the East Intense lightning Mihiramon
Baihumon b
White Tiger of the West Steel attribute Makuramon

Related Digimon

Digimon Symbol Element Subordinates
Huanglongmon b
Yellow Dragon of the Center Taiji of light and darkness Ebonwumon


Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon Adventure tri.

Digimon Tamers

Digimon Twin

Digimon Fortune

Digimon ReArise


Xuanwumon ra

Xuanwumon is a member of the Four Holy Beasts, with the Deva, Vikaralamon, Kumbhiramon, and Vajramon, as its subordinates.

Xuanwumon takes Vikaralamon back to the Digital World after Vikaralamon had travelled to the Human World to the ascertain the threat after a large quantity of devices affected the Digital World. Xuanwumon however considered it to just be a "passing noise" and so travels to the Human World to retrieve its subordinate. Clash Battle! Sunrise Showdown

Sometime later, Xuanwumon travels to the spring that controls Digivolution wondering what all the commotion there was about, and sees Meicoomon fighting against a Maycrackmon VM. Xuanwumon explains to Meicoomon that anyone who passes the trial in the spring will gain a strong and righteous heart and tells Meicoomon to pass the trial so that it can overcome its inner darkness. After Meicoomon digivolves to Rasielmon and defeats the Maycrackmon VM, which had digivolved to Raguelmon during the battle, Rasielmon is teleported back to the surface and deduces that the entire set of events were fabricated by the spring, which Xuanwumon confirms, with Rasielmon successfully passing the trial. Eyes of Determination

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