Digimon Seekers (デジモンシーカーズ Dejimon Shīkāzu?) is a series of Live Action shorts, featuring humans alongside 3D Digimon Models, made to promote the Digimon Seekers web-novel.

Like its predecessor, Digimon Project, the series uses localized terms despite releasing on Bandai's Japanese Youtube account. Whilst Digimon Project was voiceless, Digimon Seekers has voice acting — and though the actors are Japanese they are dubbed over to have English voices with no Japanese voice version available. The videos do have Japanese subtitles to accommodate Japanese viewers, however. The voice actors dubbing over the Japanese actors are uncredited.

Plot summary[]

Taking place in the dawn of Digital World research, everyone will seek out what's important to them in both the real and Digital Worlds. Fights break out between three main groups; the Crack Team, a group of vigilante hackers who plan to bring the Crack Team to justice, and the DigiPolice.


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The cast are credited to This Pr Times article unless stated otherwise.

Actor Role(s)
Syota Hatani Eiji Nagasumi
MARVIN Leon Alexander
KOTOMI Shuu Yulin
Ayaka Yamamoto Satsuki Tamahime
Masami Ebihara Tomonori Ryusenji
Felix Mezieres[1] Marvin Jackson
Kazuya Sueyoshi[1] Kosuke Kisakata

Notes and references[]

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