Digimon Seekers (デジモンシーカーズ Dejimon Shīkāzu?) is a web novel that is published on the official Digimon website. It is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English. The Japanese version has the option to have it narrated by Miyuki Sawashiro.

There is also a series of live action shorts to promote the novel, also known as Digimon Seekers, as well as a upcoming prequel comic Digimon Seekers ~Witch of the Crossroads~ starring a young Shuu Yulin[1].

Digimon Seekers is aimed at long time Digimon fans, with Bandai specifically aiming at those in their late 20s and early 30s. It is made to celebrate Digimon's 25th anniversary.

The official English translation originally used Japanese terminology and names rather than localized names, which was inconsistent with the live action version of Seekers which uses English localised terms. This was presumably because of a possible machine translation. At some point the terms were switched out with their localized versions.


Taking place in the dawn of Digital World research, everyone will seek out what's important to them in both the real and Digital Worlds. Fights break out between three main groups; the Crack Team, a group of vigilante hackers who plan to bring the Crack Team to justice, and the DigiPolice.



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  1. This information is from pre-release materials and is subject to change.