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There are 24 playable characters in Digimon Rumble Arena, all drawn from the Digimon Adventure and Digimon Tamers anime. Nine characters are available at the start of the game, while the other fifteen require either a password or the completion of a certain task to access.

Main characters

Character Specialty Attacks Japanese
voice actor
voice actor
Agumon Fire Pepper Breath (Finish Tech. 1)
Claw Attack (Finish Tech. 2)
Chika Sakamoto Tom Fahn
Gabumon Water Blue Blaster (Finish Tech. 1)
Horn Attack (Finish Tech. 2)
Mayumi Yamaguchi Kirk Thornton
Patamon Nature Boom Bubble (Finish Tech. 1)
Slamming Attack (Finish Tech. 2)
Miwa Matsumoto Laura Summer
Gatomon Water Cat's Eye Hypnotism (Finish Tech. 1)
Lightning Paw (Finish Tech. 2)
Yuka Tokumitsu Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Veemon Fire Vee Head Butt (Finish Tech. 1)
Vee Punch (Finish Tech. 2)
Junko Noda Derek Stephen Prince
Wormmon Nature Sticky Net (Finish Tech. 1)
Silk Thread (Finish Tech. 2)
Naozumi Takahashi Paul St. Peter
Guilmon Fire Pyro Sphere (Finish Tech. 1)
Rock Breaker (Finish Tech. 2)
Masako Nozawa Steven Blum
Terriermon Nature Bunny Blaster (Finish Tech. 1)
Terrier Torpedo (Finish Tech. 2)
Aoi Tada Mona Marshall
Renamon Nature Diamond Storm (Finish Tech. 1)
Kohenkyo (Finish Tech. 2)
Yuka Imai Mari Devon

Hidden characters

Character Specialty Attacks Japanese
voice actor
voice actor
Impmon Water Baddaboom (Finish Tech. 1)
Summon (Finish Tech. 2) Hypnotism (Close)
Hiroki Takahashi Derek Stephen Prince
(Water "start off" in 1P)
Dark Ringer
Darkness Claw
Chaos Flare (Special Finisher)
Derek Stephen Prince
BlackWarGreymon Fire Dragon Crusher
Black Tornado
Terra Destroyer (Special Finisher)
Steven Blum
Omnimon Fire Garuru Cannon
Transcendent Sword
Double Torrent (Special Finisher)
Lex Lang

Kirk Thornton

Reapermon Fire Bone Duster
Grim Slasher
Burning Cyclone (Special Finisher)
Steven Blum
Fire Mega Claw
Great Tornado
Terra Force (Special Finisher)
Lex Lang
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Fire Positron Laser
Splendor Blade
Giga Crusher (Special Finisher)
Michael Sorich
Fire Royal Joust
Spiral Saber
Elysium Blaster (Special Finisher)
Steven Blum
Nature B c.gif: Gargo Missile
B t.gif: Mega Twister
B r1.gif: Burst Shot
Mona Marshall
Nature Dragon Helix
Fox Drive
Talisman Sphere (Special Finisher)
Mari Devon
Water Metal Wolf Claw
Garuru Tomahawk
G Cross Freezer (Special Finisher)
Kirk Thornton
Nature Moon Shooter
Spiking Strike
Evil Antenna (Special Finisher)
Paul St. Peter
Water Fire Tornado
Hermit Fog
Apocalypse (Special Finisher)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Nature Hallowed Knuckle
Seven Heavens
Hallowed Ascension (Special Finisher)
Dave Mallow
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Fire Positron Laser
Splendor Blade
Omega Sword (Special Finisher)
Michael Sorich