Digimon ReArise
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Developer(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release date(s) (JA:) June 25, 2018[1]
(NA:): October 7, 2019
(EU:) October 9, 2019
Genre(s) RPG
Platform(s) Smartphone

Digimon ReArise (デジモンリアライズ Dejimon RiAraizu?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment released on June 25, 2018 in Japan on smartphones. A western version was announced on May 15, 2019, opened for pre-registration on August 1, and released on October 7. The Global version is dubbed like Digimon World: Next Order, and is available in English, Korean, and Chinese.


Digimon can only have one digivolution. The digivolution is chosen by the game when the Digimon is acquired. Some Ultimate level Digimon cannot digivolve to the Mega level.


Digimon are taken care of in an enclosed area known as DigiTown. Each town can hold up to 8 Digimon (includes the player's partner), 2 In-Training Digimon and 2 guests. Permanent facilities include a house, a training center (quick access to train Digimon), 2 incubators and a news board.


Obtainable Digimon

There are 291 Digimon in the Japanese version of the game. Not all of them are currently available in the Global version.

In-Training I

In-Training II







List of non-obtainable character Digimon



Unused Digimon

The following Digimon have models in the game's code, but as of yet are unused.





All voices sourced to the cast reveal trailer, unless stated otherwise.

Voice Actor Role(s)
Risa Taneda Herissmon
Rie Takahashi Michi Shinjo
Natsumi Takamori Plotmon
Miyu Irino Keito Tamada
Tasuku Hatanaka Elecmon
Minami Tanaka Mayu Kohinata
Mariya Ise Kudamon
Yuma Uchida Takumi Hiiragi
Takuya Eguchi Dorumon
Chika Sakamoto Agumon
Yukiko Morishita Chihiro Tsukimori[3]
Aimi Tanaka Nozomi Tamada[4]
Junko Noda V-mon[5]
Nanami Yamashita Lopmon[6]
Mayumi Yamaguchi Gabumon[7]
Yuki Kaji Pumpmon[8]
Haruhi Nanao NoblePumpmon[9]

American English

Voice Actor Role(s)
Ben Diskin Dorumon[10]
Erica Mendez Michi Shinjo[11]
Tom Fahn Agumon[12]


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