Digimon Power

Digimon Power (Full title "Digimon Power: The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest New Monster Game) is a Digimon book which acts as an unofficial guide to the Digimon franchise and was released around the time of Digimon Adventure series.


The hottest new craze in monster games is DigiMon--short for Digital Monsters. Players must hatch, raise, and train their DigiMons in order to battle with other DigiMon--and that's where the fun begins. The ultimate guide to this awesome game, DIGIMON POWER, in detailed, kid-friendly language, gives readers:

  • All the fun facts about the DigiMon phenomenon, including the video game, trading cards, action figures, and the DigiMon TV show.
  • In-depth monster facts, plus the coolest hints, tips, tricks, and secrets from kids just like you
  • An exciting look at Japanese cartoon-anime, and television shows we might see in the future
  • Hot info about other monster games, trading cards, and shows, like Tamagotchi, Pokemon, and Monster Rancher
  • And much, much more!

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