Digimon Play-A-Sound Book

Digimon Play-A-Sound Book - File Island Adventure is a Digimon Book which features characters from Digimon Adventure, and was released as a piace of Digimon Merchandise. The book was written by Brian Conway and the hard cover was published by Publications International around the year 2000. The book has an ISBN of 0785344993 or 978-0785344995.

The book consisted of around 21 Pages which tells the story of the Seven Children's adventure on File Island, with pictures on each page prompting the reader to play one of the sixteen sound effects. These sound effects include sounds clips from Agumon, Tai, Mimi, Izzy, T.K, Greymon, Joe, Monochromon etc and are played through a small speaker at the bottom of the book.

Book Blurb[]

Join Tai and his friends as their Digimon join forces to battle against an angry Monochromon. Find out who Digivolves to defeat him! You'll have a blast readinging along with 16 action sounds and voices.

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