Digimon Pinball Machine

Digimon Pinball Machine is a piace of Digimon Merchandise and refers to a Pinball machine which was released around the year 2000, during the Digimon Adventure era of the franchise.


Electronic Pinball game:

  • Arcade Pinball excitement
  • Versatile free standing or tableyop play.
  • Multiple skill levels.
  • For one or two players.

Pull back and release the spring-loaded plunger to launch the first ball. Ball will enter the play field and randomly hit bumpers, spinners, and other obstacles as it works its way down the play field. Tap the side buttons to operate the flippers. They will return the ball up the play field. The longer it remains in play, the higher you are likely to score. The machine can keep the score for one or two players. Legs are removable for versatile table topplay.



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