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Digimon Liberator (デジモンリベレイター Dejimon Ribereitā?) is a fictional virtual reality video game in Digimon Liberator and Digimon Liberator (web novel). It is set in the World of LACUNA and allows players to play an online version of the Digimon Card Game against other players and NPCs. It is a massively multiplayer online game that also has a single player story mode. Players are able to play the game at arcades in which they can full dive into LACUNA by connecting their D-STORAGE to the T.A.L.E. Welcome to LACUNA

The game originally had a year long beta test, before finally releasing fully to the public.[1]

Unlike the real version of the card game, Digimon Liberator allows there to be different types of duels. Such duels include instances where Digimon may already be placed on the field, players starting with less or more security cards or cards in their hands, limits to how many cards a player can have in their hand, or Digimon starting duels with abilities they don't usually have access to — for example a Digimon may be given the Rush ability to allow them to attack the same turn they are played.[2]

In the game's single player story, LACUNA was a sprawling metropolis with a highly advanced civilization of Digimon. 300 years in the past, the inhabitants vanished with LACUNA instead populated by robots and androids and the robots/androids having sealed almost all of the Digimon within trading cards. A Human from an unspecified dying planet is sent out to survey LACUNA hoping to see if it was an acceptable place for the entire population to migrate, with this human being the player.[3]

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