Digimon Liberator (デジモンリベレイター Dejimon Ribereitā?) is an online comic made to promote the Digimon Card Game. It began on April 25, 2024.

There will also be a web novel, also titled Digimon Liberator, set during the events of the comic. The comic will focus on Shoto Kazama whilst the web novel will focus on Yuuki.


Digimon Liberator was first teased with a trailer on October 30, 2023, with the Liberator part of its name blurred so as to avoid revealing its name. It was stated it would be a new project for the Digimon Card Game and that they would reveal more information in December.[1] On December 23, they revealed more information with the name of the project revealed alongside unnamed images of the main cast and their partner Digimon — stating they would reveal more information in January 2024.[2] On January 19, 2024, that update revealed the names of Shoto Kazama, Arisa Kinosaki, Pteromon, Galemon, Shoemon, and ShoeShoemon — alongside the reveal they would give out promo cards for the Digimon Card Game of the six characters in English later in January and Japanese in March at various events.[3][4][5] The cards were first given out at Bandai Card Game Fest 23-24 on January 28, with the event also revealing Owen Dreadnought and Zenith. Digimon Con 2024 revealed the rest of Pteromon and Shoemon's digivolution lines, alongside the fact a web novel starring Yuuki would also happen.

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