Digimon Legendary Skies (数码宝贝·传说的天空?) is a Chinese Digimon manhua, which was planned to be a sequel to Digimon Frontier, but due to copyright issues related to the Frontier cast's appearance, it underwent major rewrites and ultimately got discontinued after only a few chapter releases.


Several Chinese websites describe what seems to be kind of a plot summary: the main character is a guy named Yu Jiabao who comes across a mysterious Digimon and runs into the woods to follow it, ending up on a weird store where he buys some kind of V-Pet bracelet and signs up for a game contest. What comes after has to do with preventing a dark goddess from entering somewhere.


Main Characters[]

  • Jiābǎo Yú (虞家宝 Yú Jiābǎo?)
  • Yǔ Huán Shàngguān (上官羽寰 Shàngguān Yǔ Huán?)
  • Qí Tóng (童麒 Tóng Qí?)
  • Lín Tóng (童麟 Tóng Lín?)


  • Dark Goddess (暗黑女娲 Ànhēi Nǚ Wā?)


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