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Digimon Identified Memory
Airdate March 12, 2021
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The battle between Greymon and Pulsemon continues, with Greymon eventually winning. After the battle, Greymon's Tamer gives the Protagonist a Volcanic Beat DIM Card.

As the Protagonist lies in bed looking at the DIM Card, Pulsemon touches it which suddenly activates it. the Protagonist puts it into his Vital Bracelet, which accepts the DIM Card and spawns a door to the Volcanic Beat area.

Upon arrival, the duo come across a Digi-Egg, which hatches into DemiMeramon after the Protagonist touches it. The trio are then transported to a wasteland. As they travel around the wasteland they fight multiple Digimon, including Meramon and Birdramon and then complete a mission to destroy a giant rock, after which they are attacked by a Tyrannomon. Having defeated a lot of Digimon and completed various missions, Pulsemon is now able to digivolve and digivolves to Bulkmon to fight Tyrannomon. After a hard fought battle, Bulkmon defeats Tyrannomon and the trio celebrate their victory together.

Some time later BlackWarGreymon spawns in the City during the night.

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Digi-Egg 1 DemiMeramon
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Pulsemon 2 Bulkmon
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