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Digimon Frontier Original Story: Things That Want To Be Told is the Drama CD for Digimon Frontier. It seems to take place after coming back from the digital world in some tracks, while it seems to be in the Digital World in other tracks. They "write their deepest feelings to someone who they normally can't"


A Letter to Takuya’s Family

Takuya writes to his family to inform them that he's alright, he didn't run away, he wasn't kidnapped and that he's coming back. He tells them that he has some things to do first. He also tells them to not think that he's going back home for awhile. To assure them he is alright, he sings and does the most complicated tongue twisters. Then he apologizes to his brother Shinya for not being able to celebrate his birthday and tells him about the Digital World and his ability to spirit evolve into a digimon.

Izumi's Love Letter

At the beginning, Zoe introduces herself. She then talks about how hard it was to get along with her classmates when she came to Japan, after spending most of her life in Italy, and how she couldn't find someone who she can open her heart to, but that the people she met in the Digital World were different. First, she writes to Takuya to tell him to be patient, and not do something as soon as he thinks of it, even if that was his nature. Next, she writes to J.P. to tell him that her first impression about him was wrong. Then, she writes to Tommy and tells him that he has found the courage he needed in the Digital World, so he must never forget it. After that, she writes to Koichi to tell him that feels sorry she never got to talk to him more, because she never had the right moment. Finally, she writes to Koji, and tells him how great it made her feel having him listening to her, and that she wishes she could talk to him more.

Get Izumi's Heart! The Ultimate Strategy!!

Junpei uses four different strategies to get Izumi to go out with him. His first strategy was to "Make a Straight-Out Confession", Izumi refuses. His second strategy was to "Bribe a Digimon With Chocolate and Put On An Act!". But he doesn't try it because she would have defeated the Digimon on her own. His third strategy was to "Pretend To Be Ophanimon and Communicate Through the Digivice!" and tell Izumi to go out with him, it doesn't work either. His final strategy was writing a love letter and grabbing Izumi's heart with some well-played writing! Be case he doesn't have any writing skills, he spirit evolves into MetalKabuterimon (because nice words come to him naturally) but the plan fails because he couldn't hold the pencil.

To My Brother

Tomoki writes to his brother Yutaka. He starts by describing the Digital World to him and how each day brings a surprise. Then he tells him that he's managing to do well, and the reason he's writing this letter is because he found a mailbox so instantly he picked up a paper and a pen. He starts to describing the others and calls them his older brothers (and one older sister). He tells his brother about Junpei, and describes to be a bit chubby, but he is a very reliable older brother. Then he describes Kouji as a very cool and composed person. After that he starts describing Kouichi, Kouji's real older brother. At first he thought Kouichi was scary but now he can become good friends with him. Finally, he describes Takuya as the one who taught him real courage and the ability to fight back. He also describes him of being cool and straightforward. At the end he tells his brother that he hated this world at first but now, he's glad he came because he has friends he can trust.

In Kouji's track, To Kouichi, From Kouji, Kouji writes to Kouichi as he goes to meet him for their birthday. He tells about how he feels about meeting him, their short time together in the Digital world, how he feels like he didn't really get to know Kouichi, and how he made Kouichi's present (an apple pie) with his step-mom. The background music is Kouji's soundtrack.

In Kouichi's track, To Kouji, From Kouichi, Kouichi tells of how he found out that he had a twin, all the emotions he went through until he came back to the real world when Kouji revived him, while he is on the train to meet Kouji for their birthday. Surprisingly, the background music isn't Kouichi's image song or soundtrack, but it is Kouji's image song.

The last two tracks have a lot in common, with both of them thinking about their experiences in the Digital World, not being able to think of a good present, and the ending, which is exactly the same.

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