Digimon Frontier: Best Hit Parade
(デジモンフロンティア ベストヒットパレード)

NECA-30090 f

NECA-30090 b

Catalog Number: NECA-30090
Format: CDA
Release Date: April 2, 2003
Price: ¥3200

Digimon Frontier: Best Hit Parade (デジモンフロンティア ベストヒットパレード Dejimon Furontia Besuto Hitto Parēdo?) is an album composed of popular songs from the Digimon Frontier anime series.

Track listing

# Title Artist(s) Length
1. "FIRE!!" Kōji Wada 4:09
2. "Salamander ~Takuya no Theme~"
(サラマンダー ~拓也のテーマ~?
lit. "Salamander ~Takuya's Theme")
Takuya Kanbara (Junko Takeuchi) 3:58
3. "Say, yes! ~Tomoki no Theme~"
(Say, yes! ~友樹のテーマ~?
lit. "Say, yes! ~Tomoki's Theme~")
Tomoki Himi (Kumiko Watanabe) 3:57
4. "Oreta Tsubasa de -With Broken Wings- ~Kōichi no Theme~"
(折れた翼で-With Broken Wings- ~輝一のテーマ~?
lit. "With Broken Wings -With Broken Wings- ~Kōichi's Theme~)
Kōichi Kimura (Kenichi Suzumura) 4:27
5. "in the blue ~Kōji no Theme~"
(in the blue ~輝ニのテーマ~?
lit. "in the blue ~Kōji's Theme~")
Kouji Minamoto (Hiroshi Kamiya) 3:56
6. "With The Will" Kōji Wada 4:08
7. "Spark!! ~Junpei no Theme~"
(スパーク!! ~純平のテーマ~?
lit. "Spark!! ~Junpei's Theme~")
Junpei Shibayama (Masato Amada) 4:50
8. "The last element" AYUMI 4:06
9. "Innocent ~Mujaki na Mama de~"
lit. "Innocent ~Remaining Innocent~")
Kōji Wada 4:23
10. "Kaze no Shizuku ~Izumi no Theme~"
(風のしずく ~泉のテーマ~?
lit. "Drop of Wind ~Izumi's Theme~)
Izumi Orimoto (Sawa Ishige) 4:09
11. "an Endless tale" Kōji Wada & AiM 3:44
12. "Get The Biggest Fire!!" Takuya Kanbara & Kouji Minamoto
(Junko Takeuchi & Hiroshi Kamiya)


  • In the album's cover, Koichi's D-Tector is colored with Tommy's D-Tector's colors.
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