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Digimon Fortune (デジモンフォーチュン Dejimon Fōchun?) is a PC game that was released on July 11, 2013 developed by Namco Bandai. To play, you need a user account on Yahoo! Japan. TV Asahi and Toei Animation own the rights to this game.

Art Box Fortune

It uses a similar system to Digimon Heroes! regarding battles Rating cards and systems. For letters, it uses Digimon Collectors and a series of exclusive game content.


The digital world is terrified of what is known as the Erode Phenomenon (lit: Erosion Phenomenon) caused by a virus known as the Wish Programme (lit: I program). The player's goal is to return peace to the Digital World, gathering Fortune Codes to set the Program, which will be able to counteract the Wish Programme.

The game consists of Digi-Base, where you can build facilities for various purposes, the Mission where you venture into the digital world and can buy cards, Expedition, where you can collect materials for Digi-Base and fight main villains Digimon and the Digital Arena, where battles will be held against other trainers.


Digi-Base Fortune