Digimon Dreamers (デジモンドリーマーズ Dejimon Dorīmāzu?) is a comedy manga by Ten'ya Yabuno. It started serialization on October 4, 2021.


Digimon Dreamers was announced in Saikyō Jump's October 2021 issue. In the announcement, Ritsu Kodo resembled Hiro Amanokawa from Digimon Ghost Game. Yabuno later changed the design and confirmed Dreamers has no relation to Ghost Game.[1] He also announced it is a comedy manga with 10-page long chapters.[2] In December 2023 it was revealed that Dreamers was originally meant to be a manga adaption of Ghost Game but was turned into its own thing due to the difference in production speeds.[3] This seemingly explains why Ritsu resembled Hiro — it actually was Hiro.

On June 1, 2023, it was announced that Dreamers would cease being published in Saikyō Jump and would instead move to being published on the official Digimon website as an online Manga. After publishing 21 chapters in the magazine the series itself would go on hiatus so that they could upload the chapters one by one onto the website upon which it would continue after reaching chapter 21 for the second time.[4] This version will be translated into English and Chinese.[5][6] This version began on June 26, with the English release translated by MediBang Inc. New chapters began releasing again on December 4 (December 3 in English, due to timezones). On April 4, 2024, chapters 4-25 were removed from the official site in all languages, to facilitate an official Japaense print release. No English or Chinese releases were announced, making Dreamers no longer able to be read in those languages.

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