Digimon Digiquizz is a series of collectable French-language CD-ROMs which were released in France in the early 2000. They were ten rectangle CD-ROMs in the collection, each one styled after one of the DigiDestined characters from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.


This CD-ROM contains: 4 activities: the Digiquiz, the official encyclopedia, access to the Digimon site, Digimon collector bonuses to print.

Play DigiQuizz, a great anime Pinball machine, and test your knowledge. 3 chances per game to reach the ultimate level and win Collector Bonuses.

Consult and print the Encyclopedia, to learn all about Digimon, their friends and master the Digimonde.

Surf and discover the Digimon's favorite universe: the net. Enter your best score and compare your collector bonuses.

Ce CD-ROM contient: 4 activites: le Digiquiz, l'encyclopédie officielle, I'access au site des Digimon, les bonis Digimon collector a imprimer.

Joue au DigiQuizz, un super Flipper anime,et teste tes connaissances.. 3 chances par partie pour acceder au niveau ultime et gagner des Bonus collector.

Consulte et imprime I'Encyclopedie, pour tout savoir des Digimon, de laurs amis et maitriser le Digimonde.

Surfe et decouvre I'univers de predilection des Digimon: le net. Inscris ton meilleur score et compare tes bonus collector.


The CD-ROMs contain the same content:

  • Digiquizz Pinball game - Standard Pinball game with a twist. When the player activates dark force by illuminating the upper passages, they get a question which causes their partner Digimon to digivolve if answered correctly. The player can submit high scores online.
  • Detailed Information about the CD-ROM's character and their partner Digimon.
  • Profiles on the other DigiDestined.
  • Surf: A link to Foxkids.fr

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