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Digimon Dark Horse Comics

Digimon Dark Horse Comics is an American-style Digimon comic books which was published by American comic publisher and sold in multiple countries including America and the United Kingdom. The story was written by Daniel Horn and Ryan Hill, and illustrated by Daniel Horn and Cara L. Niece and each issue of the comnic was around 30 pages. The first comic was published in June 2000 and sold for around $2.95.

The comic series was a comic strip adaptation of the Digimon Adventure Anime which started with the first episode "And so it begins... and covers the first twelve episodes of the series.

Official blurb[]

Digimon comes to Dark Horse! The next craze to take kids by storm is here! Join the adventures of a group of children taken to the Digiworld—where they meet the fantastic digital monsters known as: Digimon! Dark Horse brings the popular animated show to printed comics with all the adventure and energy kids expect!


  • Artist: Daniel Horn
  • Letterer: Digital Chameleon
  • Colorist: Cara L. Niece
  • Editor: Dave Land
  • Designer: Amy Arendts & Darcy Hockett