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Digimon Chronicle X

Digimon Chronicle X
デジモンクロニクルエックス (X)
(Dejimon Kuronikuru X)
Manga: Digimon Chronicle X
Original run:January 12, 2018 -
On Going
Volumes 4+

Digimon Chronicle (デジモンクロニクルエックス (X) Dejimon Kuronikuru X?) is a storyline to promote the 2019 Digital Monster X featuring X-Antibody Digimon and is uploaded online by Bandai. It is a follow up to the original Digimon Chronicle. The storyline focuses on Kentaurosmon, Craniamon and Jesmon who travel to the old Digital World that had been decimated by the X-Program set up King Drasil due to the vast amount of Digimon overpopulating the Digital World 10 years prior. To aid in this, they are give the X-Antibody by King Drasil, turning into Kentaurosmon X, Craniamon X, and Jesmon X.

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