Digimon Battle Server (デジモンバトルサーバー Dejimon Batoru Sābā?) was a multiplayer online fighting game developed by Dimps. There was a Japanese beta test that lasted from February 27 to June 13, but it never transitioned into a full game.


After choosing and logging into a server, players are sent to a lobby area where they can chat with other characters. In this lobby, players can either create or join rooms that lead to games once the room's owner deems it ready, with a number of participants ranging from 2 to 8. During the game itself, players take turns moving around and attacking each other for a set duration of time with certain limits. Players can also enhance their battle capabilities with items and digivolution. The winner is the last character standing.


Veemon Jump Animation bs-server

Agumon bs-server Gabumon bs-server Patamon bs-server Veemon bs-server Guilmon bs-server Terriermon bs-server Renamon bs-server Impmon bs-server

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