Digimon Adventure Original Story: 2½ Year Break
(デジモンアドベンチャーオリジナルストーリー 2年半の休暇)
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Catalog Number: NECA-30081
Format: CDA
Release Date: April 23, 2003
Price: ¥2800

Digimon Adventure Original Story: 2½ Year Break (デジモンアドベンチャーオリジナルストーリー 2年半の休暇 Digimon Adventure Original Story: 2-nen Han no Kyuuka?) focuses on the two and a half years between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. It was only released in Japan. It has separate tracks for Taichi "Tai" Kamiya (set November 1999), Joe Kido (set May 2000), Sora Takenouchi (set October 2000), Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi (set April 2001), Mimi Tachikawa (set September 2001), and Yamato "Matt" Ishida (set March 2002).

Overall, the audio drama, being set between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, serves to bridge the gap between the two seasons in terms of the changing personalities of the original DigiDestined and, especially in the case of the chapter Chat, to provide further insight into some plot holes.


November 1999/Taichi Yagami/Whistle

Tai starts to hear Kari's whistle. He wonders how that is possible, since she left it in the Digital World with Gatomon. So he begins to look for his Digivice in case the gate to the Digital World has opened. When he finds it, he discovers that the whistling sound was coming from the computer, not his Digivice. As he looks at the computer's screen, a fuzzy light is shone in the middle. And suddenly, he starts to hear Agumon and the other Digimon. Even though Agumon can't hear Tai very well, they start to communicate briefly with each other. They have short conversation that encourages Tai to play soccer again after stopping after he left the Digital World. Since then, the gate has opened many times, so both the Digimon were able to come to the Real World, while the DigiDestined were able to go to the Digital World.

May 2000/Jo Kido/Telephone

Joe's telephone starts ringing. When Joe answers it, it turns out to be Shin. They first start talking about Joe's last visit to the Digital World, in which he met with Gomamon. Then they discuss Shin's internship at a national university. After that, Joe informs Shin that Shuu is planning on being a humanitarian instead of a doctor. And that he'll be studying under Sora's father, who is an anthropology professor. Later, Joe states he has decided to be a doctor. Because he wished to do something about the suffering he saw in the Digital World, and because there are no doctors in the Digital World, he decided that he wants to be a Digimon Doctor.

October 2000/Sora Takenouchi/Letter to my Father

Sora is writing a letter to her father. She informs him that she is glad that she got to see Biyomon recently, and that she hopes that latest visit to the digital world was helpful for his research. She also tells him that she was very surprised from his last letter, which informed her that Shuu went to Kyoto to take his classes. She says that she wants to know more about what he teaches, so she'll try reading one of his books. She tell him that her mother is teaching her to play tennis. She lets her father know that her school will be going to Kyoto on a trip soon, so she'd like to see the place where her parents first met, and that she hope they'll have an opportunity to travel together as a family some day soon. She ends her letter by wishing her father a happy birthday.

April 2001/Kōshirō Izumi/Chat

Izzy is e-mailing Gennai. He tells Gennai that they haven't e-mailed each other ever since he has turned younger again. Gennai tells him the black ball embedded within him is still a mystery, which makes Izzy a little worried. He tells Gennai that it's weird that all his comrades have the same face. He asks about Tentomon. Then he tells him about his new position as the Captain of the Computer Club. He also tells him about his visit to his parents' graves for Ohigan. He also informs him that he has figured out the meaning of the term "Chosen Child". He says that since the number of Chosen Children seems to be doubling every year, having a partner Digimon isn't really that special. So what it really means that they're the children who've been chosen to fight. Izzy wonders if there might be a hundred new Chosen Children now and how long their numbers will keep growing. He concludes his chat by telling Gennai there are still many things he has to discover.

September 2001/Mimi Tachikawa/Video Mail

Now settled in New York City, Mimi describes her experiences there through a video mail. She says that she has made a lot of friends in her school. Then she starts to talk about Native American tribes, and how they had totem poles that protected them, which is similar to the shugorei in Japan. She also wonders if Digimon were actually around before the creation of the computer network, perhaps in the form of totem poles. Then, she describes her experiences with the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and that she met other DigiDestined helping to clear away the rubble to try and find survivors. She says that she was helping by carrying away the injured, also by cooking with her mother for the rescuers.

March 2002/Yamato Ishida/As I Play the Bass

In Matt's track, As I Play the Bass, Matt appears to be talking on the telephone to his father, while practicing the bass guitar. He finds out that his father used to be in a band, and also says that T.K. and his mother will be moving to Odaiba soon. Matt also mentions that the events relating the Digimon appear to have been wiped from video records.

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. "Butter-Fly" (TV Size) Kouji Wada 1:38
2. Drama: "November 1999/ Yagami Taichi/ Whistle"
(1999年11月/八神太一/ホイッスル 1999nen 11gatsu/Yagami Taichi/Whistle)
3. Drama: "May 2000/ Kido Jyou/ Telephone"
(2000年5月/城戸丈/電話 2000nen 5gatsu/Kido Jou/Denwa)
4. Drama: "October 2000/ Takenouchi Sora/ Letter to my Father"
(2000年10月/武之内空/父への手紙 2000nen 10gatsu/Takenouchi Sora/Chichi e no Tegami)
5. Drama: "April 2001/ Izumi Koushiro/ Chat"
(2001年4月/泉光子郎/チャット 2001nen 4gatsu/Izumi Koushirou/Chat)
6. Drama: "September 2001/ Tachikawa Mimi/ Video Mail"
(2001年9月/太刀川ミミ/ビデオメール 2001nen 9gatsu/Tachikawa Mimi/Video Mail)
7. Drama: "March 2002/ Ishida Yamato/ As I Play the Bass"
(2002年3月/石田ヤマト/ベースを弾きながら 2002nen 3gatsu/Ishida Yamato/Bass o Hiki Nagara)

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